Tesla working on teleporting back in the 1890's

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I am reading ‘The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla’; it is believed Tesla had the knowledge as far back as 1890’s on teleporting. I say that because he was talking about ‘cosmic radiation’ which is called today ZPR; frequencies much higher than what we use and because of it short wavelengths do not react or resonate with matter. This radiation would be needed if one was going to create matter from a ‘smart source’ outside our 3 dimensions coming through Einstein’s 4th dimension about the size of a Planck Length of 10-36 of meter. A scientific discussion on this length was inserted in the patent:

“Physicists primarily use the Planck length to talk about things that are ridiculously tiny. Specifically; too tiny to matter. By the time you get to (anywhere near) the Planck length it stops making much sense to talk about the difference between two points in any reasonable situation. Think of anything at all: that’s way, way, way bigger. A hydrogen atom is about 10 trillion trillion Planck lengths across (which, in the pantheon of worldly facts, ranks among the most useless).”

In the past; prior to WWII, which changed science in a big way, two sciences existed, the European science and American science. A big difference was basically the aether (Tesla), which today some term it ‘quantum field’. Science went underground for military secrecy, the Americans went with Relativity and quantum mechanics, and Germany went with both sciences, however, put more resources with Tesla’s ideas than Einstein’s. One major reason, they did not have the technology to deliver a bomb to America, but if they could get Tesla’s technology to work (they and Russia believed Tesla did Tunguska) they could deliver 10 – 100 times more destruction to any area within America over and above any believed nuclear apparatus.

So what does this have to do with teleporting? Tesla and German scientists were working on a transmission system that would go through the earth, not around the earth. The word ‘teleport’ comes from ‘tele’ Greek meaning distance and ‘port’ meaning a portal. So in effect it is a ‘distance portal’ something like ‘wormhole’ except, not the kind science proposes from relativity. The project proposes, a portal which is an ‘imaginary portal’ that resides either inside or outside out 3 dimensions. Instead of moving an object through the portal, it transfers it to the end of the portal. Moving it would require energy, momentum, and time, which are requirements to satisfy our proven science. Transferring it instantaneously either inside or outside our dimension would not violate any of scientific proven laws.

A good analog being the cut/paste in the actual transfer of objects on our technology screens. In teleportation, we need to select an object and de-materialize (cut) it; then have a destination with technology to re-materialize (paste) it. It is needed to establish the ‘imaginary portal’ for the ‘external smart source’ to ascertain where that destination resides, that is done by starting the object down a heading to it – it could be just inches. Three key issues in the patent, ‘external smart source’, ‘de-materialize technology’ and ‘re-materialize technology. The patent uses the internet to setup the transfer, it is critical the destination be free of other matter, teleporting will embed matter, as in tornadoes. Accurate GPS information to set the object’s heading. The portal, if not outside our 3 dimensions, will be through the interior of the earth in almost all cases, this could be ensured by placing the teleporter below sea level. All the object’s information is transferred, the whole enchilada. Objects and their information is never altered, moved, or exposed to any environment here within our three dimensions, plus it is proposed to be happening instantaneously (maybe almost).
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