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Adapter Co-Op

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I came across a situation this week where I"m taking a trip and there was a CHAdeMO station at the perfect spot for charging. I, of course, don't have one of the $450 adapters. It got me to thinking.

Would there be appetite for an adapter "co-op" where through some electronic means, we pool our various adapters and arrange a loan borrow setup. As an example, I've purchased 2 third party dryer plug adapters in my mere 3 months of owning a tesla. This is in addition to a 50amp extension cord. most of the time, these adapters and cord sit in my trunk or on the side of the house. It would seem like a quick google site to match up requests with available adapters would work.



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    That's an interesting idea, Mark. I was actually thinking more of a true co-op. In other words, maybe four or five of us from inside the Beltway could pool our resources and buy one CHAdeMO adapter to share. The downside, of course, is the inevitable "Mark needs it this weekend but Josh took it on a road trip." Or one person ends up being a deadbeat and you can't get in touch with him to pick it up before your trip.

    Your idea is better - more of a "give and take" but everyone owns their own stuff. I'd participate. Even if someone charged me a few dollars to rent their CHAdeMO adapter for a weekend I could do that a whole bunch of times without eclipsing the cost of buying my own.
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    I'd interested in that. I have A CHAdeMO adaptor btw.
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    I also have a CHAdeMO adaptor and live in Arlington. I've used it maybe 2 x, once in Florida and once in Winchester, Va. Would certainly be interested in sharing with other local TESLA owners.
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    Ditto here - I also have a CHAdeMO adaptor and live in Fairfax. Have not used the adapter yet!
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    I'd be interested... I have a CHAdeMO and live in downtown DC. I've used it a few times and it works pretty well.

    The Rockville SC said that your car needs to be programmed to be able to use the firmware on it though. Better check to see if they can just enable it, or if its adapter specific.
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