19 inch wheels for sale

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I just upgraded to the 21 inch cyclone wheels. Anyone interested in buying the factory 19 inch wheels. Practically brand new. Had the wheels since January 2015 and about 8,000 miles. No scratches. Tires have barely any wear.


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    How much are you asking for them. I might be interested in a spare set
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    Don't know what the going rate is, but online most are selling for $750-$1000 without tires. What are you looking at spending? You can shoot me an email at [email protected]
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    how do you like the 21? I was struggling with choosing 19 or 21 when placing the order. I was told 21 will be worn much faster than 19 plus less efficient. Can you share some of your experience?
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    liangyip: i've own both, 19" no air and 21" with air suspension. I'll get shot for saying this, but there is much of a difference in your day to day driving. In my opinion, the #1 reason for the 21", is how awesome they look...
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    21 inch rims give a rougher ride. The 19's were definitly smoother. But you can't beat the look of the 21's.
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    @patelc1986 have you sold your 19"'s yet?
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    What are you asking for the wheels I'm looking for a set.
    Mike 770-367-5162 IM in Lilburn, GA 30047
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