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Window Tint > 3M Crystalline

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I recently joined the Tesla family - picked up "White Dragon" this past Saturday. She's absolutely beautiful.

I'm hoping to beautify her by getting the windows tinted. Did a bit of research...I'm leaning towards 3M Crystalline.

I found a number of potential shops to visit - such as:
- Metropolitan Detail
- Emerald City
- Midnight Window Tint
- and others

Would love to hear from others in the forum as to your own experience(s). Or, insight as to which shop provides the best service, quality of work and value for the money.

Thanks in advance.


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    I picked up my 85D Pearl White today and will be dropping the car off tomorrow at Midnight Window Tint in Shoreline to get full Xpel wrap of front hood and fenders, etc. and window tinting. Haven't decided on which tint option yet. I had my 2012 Pearl White tinted and it really looked beautiful with tinted windows, not to mention the effect on heat build up in the car. I think I did 25% on rear and back windows, and 50% for front windows, which was my Tesla service rep in Seattle recommended based on other owners history.
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    Thanks Tesla-David - Mind if I ask "generally" how much should I expect to spend on tinting?
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    Between $250 and $500. I spent around $250 for my previous tinting job arranged by Danny at Seattle SC and it was beautiful.
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    Emerald City Tinting gave me the following quote:
    -- Sides and the rear = $569 (plus tax)
    -- Windshield = $300 (plus tax)
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    I did 2 teslas, 2 lexus, and 2 vw's at Bellevue Auto Tint. Jim, the owner knows what he's doing when it comes to tint. I did 35% front, 20% back, has worked great for me for years. MS cost from what I remember is $329 for sides and back.
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    Just dropped my S85D off at Midnight Window Tint in Shoreline. I was told they have done a lot of Tesla's with a lot of satisfied customers. I am going with 25% for side windows and rear window, and will be doing 55% on front windshield and I am going with the Huper Optik ($499.99 + tax). I will pick it up tomorrow afternoon. They are also doing a full Xpel Ultra wrap on hood and fenders, mirrors, and doors ($1400).
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    @Tesla-David...I would love to see it. I am just down the street from you...i.e. on 164th. Would buy you lunch! Those prices seem to be in line. My first quote was for the "full meal deal" inside and out. A little more than my budget. I got my quote from Northwest Auto Spa.
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    @Tesla-David - Why Huber Optic over the other options (e.g. 3M and SunTek)?
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    @Tesla-David - Does the $500 include tinting all the windows (e.g. windshield, sides and rear)?
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    @michael.o.mcgrath. The Huber Optic is their top of the line tinting option with 10 year guarantee. Picked car up Thursday afternoon, and it looks absolutely beautiful. Cost for wrap and tinting with tax was $2300, but I feel better knowing car is fully protected now. The window tinting was $700, which included the front windshield as well as side windows and back windshield.

    @ernie, would be happy to show you car anytime. We live near Lake Ballanger off of the interurban trail (74th Ave West). You can contact me through my email to arrange a time that mutually works for you (@[email protected].com).
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    Sounds good TD...I like those prices. I was looking to do everything inside and out...overkill as my name is not Gates. Have garage all ready for new occupant.
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    Highly recommend Midnight Window Tint for both Xpel wrap and Huber Optic tint. Just picked up my Titanium 85D today and it looks amazing. Brett in Bellevue was super attentive and responsive to our schedule. Totally satisfied!
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