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Apple Car Play?

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Obviously most Tesla Model X owners will use Apple products.
I am wondering if there is a chance for Elon Musk to get over his ego and actually allow us to install Car Play (At least on our own).

I am aware that Tim and Elon not getting along very well but still.

I want car play so badly!


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    Car Play solves a problem that Tesla does not have. Other car infotainment systems are just terrible, and they are years out of date when they are brand new. By offloading the interface to Car Play, it can stay updated without the car manufacturers becoming UX design experts. It uses your phone to update the software.

    Tesla's infotainment, on the other hand, is pretty damn nice. It auto updates on its own, gives you huge maps, and will play your phone's songs wirelessly. Car Play requires you to physically plug in your iPhone to work.

    "<em>Obviously most Tesla Model X owners will use Apple products.</em>" [<a href="#">Citation Needed</a>]
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    As others have pointed out repeatedly, Apple CarPlay is designed for small screens.
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    @Red Saga ca us I would like to have car play in Tesla Model X even if that means to need to be just on part of screen. What ever size I don't care just to have car play in car.

    Car Play is MUST for Tesla Model X for me.
    Also it would be nice to have like separate place for LTE sim card (or no sim at all). Since I would like to pay separate account with verizon just for my car.
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    The Model X (and S) gets its own internet. You don't have to pay anyone anything extra.

    So what exactly makes Car Play a must have? (I assume you aren't being literal. There's a near-zero chance Telsa's going to hand over their screen to a different company)

    Every features I've seen with Car Play, Tesla already does as well as or better. Or is it more about the branding than anything from a Pros/Cons list.
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    I just want Apple product in my car as other brands. Regardless if is like good/bad or whatever.
    No particular reason for it. I just like Apple products same as Tesla Cars :)
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    Well, it's more than likely not going to happen, but you'll at least be able to bluetooth connect your iPhone seven ways till Sunday.
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    Apple is rumoured to be working on an electric car. It's going to have carplay for sure.
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    And I for one won't be using an iPhone.
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    I guess Apple could make an App for the Tesla (I don't see that happening). Actually, that makes me quite nervous that Tesla originally promised 3rd-app developers, but I don't see/hear much in that department.
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    The point is that Apple must make the effort to customize their CarPlay application to work in an optimized fashion on Tesla Motors systems. It is highly unlikely that Apple would yield a direct license for Tesla Motors to adapt CarPlay to TeslaOS on their own. But the number of installed users of Tesla Motors products is too small for Apple to bother with themselves at this time. So, it is a chicken and egg situation. Also, Apple, Microsoft, and Google may not be interested in adapting their respective automotive solutions to Tesla products precisely because TeslaOS would allow any of them to work. They would rather work with an automobile manufacturer that gives them full control in an exclusive branding manner and with a much larger fleet.
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    None of the car companies are exclusive to one phone OS company. From what I've read, all of them that support Car Play also support Android Auto. It would incredibly naive for them to offer a features to only half of their customers.

    No one's going to switch phones to use a car's infotainment system, and certainly no one's going to switch cars to match their phone. That means that if they only supported one, then it's a feature that half their customers just can't use.

    In short, all manufacturers will allow all of them to work, and none of the phone os providers have a compelling reason for them to be exclusive.
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    The compelling reason is market share. Apple would love to have high end cars to themselves. Microsoft would love to be the default for everything. Google would gladly show them both how to do it right.

    <a href=""><b>Ford, Microsoft mark five-year partnership with 5-millionth SYNC-equipped vehicle</b></a>

    <IMG SRC=""&gt;

    <IMG SRC=""&gt;
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    I mean, what would the car manufacturers get out of an exclusive deal?

    Obviously Google, Apple, and Microsoft all want to be the sole provider of car/phone interfaces just like Pepsi would like to be the sole provider of all the world's soda.

    It makes no sense to add a feature that only iPhones can use while not also adding the more-or-less-the-same-thing feature that Androids use. They both essentially work the same way. The phone takes over the rendering of the car's infotainment interface so that it'll never be out of date.

    Microsoft sync is a bit of a different animal, as the OS is built into the infotainment system and works with both iOS and Android. Since it relies on the car's hardware, it'll eventually get out of date.

    <a href="">Ford drops Microsoft's Windows Embedded, enabling support for Apple's CarPlay, Android Auto</a>

    The article title is a bit misleading (though I chose it anyway because it's directly contrary to your article) because Ford isn't dropping Sync, but they are certainly adding both Carplay and Android Auto.
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    Simplicity, and the benefit of volume discounts. That's what pencil pushers at traditional automobile manufacturers prefer. When you buy a Microsoft Surface it still runs Chrome as a web browser and iTunes for a media manager.
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    I'm not actually sure automakers pay anything for Android Auto, so they probably don't have to pay anything for CarPlay either. It's a system that benefits everyone. Google wins because people use android more often (and without <a href="">dying</a>). Automakers win because they get a modern interface that they don't have to do diddly squat to keep updated.

    As for simplicity, both work the same way for the automaker. Hand the screen and speakers over to the phone. Phone does the heavy lifting.

    If I'm wrong though, whatever benefits automakers might have by being exclusive to Apple or Google are clearly outweighed. Every automaker that supports any, supports both. Exception being BMW. They apparently only support CarPlay.
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    I think Elon and Tim are in bad relationship right now. Because of Elon's EGO we can't have Apple Car Play. For me Apple Car play is must. I can't believe that I have to pay 80-100k for car without even having chance to have car pay.

    All Chevrolet Cars (2015 and up) are with Car Play including volt. Many other manifactures moving to car play as well.

    I would pay 5k extra just for option to have car play.

    We need petition for this.
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    Please dont pass a judgement on any person because they might have a different opinion than yours. We dont even know that carplay wont be on Tesla, talks might be going on. Elon certainly seems close to Google because both Elon & Google owners have a vision for humanity that they want to achieve through their companies.
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    Actually, you're all wrong. ;)

    Seriously though, both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are a thin layer on a <a href="">QNX real-time sub-system</a>, which is now owned by BlackBerry (formerly known as RIM). <a href="">Most cars</a> have implemented the QNX sub-system, making it easy for Apple/Google to build a small interface layer over-top.

    I don't think Tesla implemented the QNX sub-system and I believe they chose to build their own custom solution from scratch (with Linux), thereby making it more difficult to have Apple/Google interface to their vehicles. BTW, <a href="">Ford decided to switch from Microsoft Auto to QNX</a> last year, opening the door to Apple/Google connectivity.

    There are so few Teslas out there, that it wouldn't be in Google's interest to do the interfacing work to this custom Linux solution. If this work was done, it would have to be done for marketing reasons and/or prestige.

    Therefore, while Elon probably does think that his interface is much better than anything Apple/Google can do, it might be more about Apple/Google not wanting to put in the effort to port their interface to a small player like Tesla.
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    For your consideration, CarPlay on Tesla:

    <img src="; />

    Really though, they'd probably only allow the half screen thing. That means there's going to be a lot of redundancy. Since they both do the same thing, you'd have competing navigation, media, phone dialers, etc.

    <img src="; />

    It doesn't look bad, actually. There's just so little value-add that I can't possibly see it being implemented. What do you get from this? A map that doesn't route though superchargers, a media player that won't update the information console (or whatever you call the area with the speedometer), and the ability to navigate to two places at once.
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    +1 <i>@grant10k&lt;/i>. I agree and I too don't see much benefit to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. I guess it's more a matter of comfort and familiarity for people demanding it. It would the equivalent of travelling half-way around the world and dining at something familiar like McDonalds.

    One point I should have made earlier is that both QNX and Linux are both Unix derivatives, so porting CarPlay or Android Auto could be easy unless QNX has introduced a lot of new custom APIs. I haven't seen the APIs, so I can't say if thats the case.
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    Elon would never build on top of QNX or other related framework. IMO this doesn't bode well for Apple CarPlay.
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    For me, to get to Play with the Car is a LOT more important than CarPlay. :)

    Seriously, in the scope of all that Tesla has to get right in producing the X, Apple CarPlay is insignificant.
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    I can appreciate Tesla not wanting to rely on another manufacturer. However, I do want to point out that QNX is a real-time operating system with guaranteed performance limits. Linux does not have that and to retrofit Linux into a real-time operating system is not trivial. Building on QNX can produce a more robust and better product.

    I'm not sure if Tesla has implemented two different systems (one for infotainment and another for critical vehicle management), but I'd hope that the management side has some robust, real-time properties.
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    Guess I am the only one here not enthralled with the giant screen and "infotainment". Good grief. About as safe as a voice activated beer tube and a pop-up .45 auto.
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    <i>@carlgo2&lt;/i>, if you don't want the voice-activated beer tube or pop-up .45, then don't get the Tech Package. ;)

    Otherwise, the Model-S already has this giant screen and I haven't heard of a lot of issues with it. But maybe thats why Tesla is coming out with Auto-Pilot? But, this is the way things are going (bigger screens) which may be safer than small screens because it might be physically more difficult to interact with a small cramped screen than a larger spaced-out screen.

    I think we just need to be responsible and sensible drivers. Don't play with the controls when its not safe to do so. Driving should always be the primary goal and your attention should always be on the road.
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