Installation of professional Escort laser/radar system

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I live in Atlanta and have just purchased a P85D. Given its obvious speed and acceleration, I would like to have a in-car Escort laser/radar detection system installed. Does anyone know an installer or dealer who can accomplish this installation and do it professionally in the Tesla? Please advise.


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    I'm planning on going with Cartunes of Atlanta. I've been working with Nick Mullins there and he is very knowledgeable (in fact he participates in various online forums on the subject of radar/laser protection).

    I'm going to get the Beltronix STiR Plus (same as the installed Escort system but without laser) plus the AL Priority laser diffuser system. I'm also getting a front dash cam. The cool thing is they'll disassemble my rear-view mirror and install the radar detector display inside the mirror, so the only visible pieces will be the control panel for the radar device (not sure where that will go yet, they have options they will show me), and externally you can see the laser diffusers. Check out their Facebook page and there is a Tesla on there with the laser defense installed. You'll also see that they do lots of work on high-end cars.

    They also do window tint there. Full cost for everything is almost $5k I think. I'll be getting my MS on or before Jun 30th and already have an appointment for them to do the work on Jul 1 and 2.
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    Thanks very much! That's extremely helpful. I assume you have elected the other equipment after thorough research. Glad to know that there is a place that does this for this very special car. Thanks again!
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    Well, I'm a long-time Valentine One user, but as I understand it, it won't work through the windshield. I also like the idea of an installed system so it won't ever fall off the windshield :)

    The Escort 9500ci is the same as the Beltronix STiR Plus -- e.g. same company makes both of them. Nick did convince me to add the separate laser system but with a lot of research it seems he is very correct in that being a great combination, especially with as much laser is around here.

    I'm still debating whether or not to get rear laser jammers. You can definitely see them if you know what to look for, and if I get pulled over they'll definitely notice the rear ones if they are looking. I have so far never been hit by laser from behind, but I know it does happen. In GA they are legal but not in some other states. The also double as "parking sensors" though.
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    I had the same thing as @kirk mentioned...
    CarTunes and Nick know how to make a killer install in the Model S.
    Bell STiR plus ALPriority... only way to go...
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    Thanks for the great information. I'll go with Kirk's recommendation on equipment and installer.
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    I got my 85D and June and have not had a detector in my car since had a remote one in VA cut out in 1990 or so where illegal. I like the idea of doing again and the changes in technology. Would you change anything if doing over on your combination Beltronics STiR Plus w dashcam (Blackvue 600) and an AL Priority "parking system. I did not do the P, but was right before Ludicrous came out and was trying to beat the GA Tax Credit clock. We have been talking about how dash cams seem more important to have with the crazy drivers some times. $5K, seems upgradable though, which is a positive.
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