Beep Beep! Every 3 Minutes - Why?!

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I have been driving a 2010 Roadster as a courtesy car, whilst my Model S is being serviced. I have covered several hundred miles in the roadster and have enjoyed the experience, but cannot work out why it beeps at me at regular intervals. This is a consistent "feature" of this car - it's actually the second time I've had it as a loan car, and I had the same experience the first time. I have tried asking my service centre, but they weren't able to provide an explanation.

Originally I thought this might be speed or power related - but my younger son noticed that it happens at precise 3-minute intervals: "beep beep", then another 3 minutes, then "beep beep" and so on. I presume this is not a standard feature! Does anyone have any ideas why this might be happening please?


  • I've never heard such a thing. We've been driving our Gen 1.5 Roadster for over 6 years. The only beep we hear is if it is past due for service but that is only when starting the car, not at regular intervals.
    You might check with Anthony at the Torrance, CA service center or Mark Brooks at the Costa Mesa, CA service center. They are the old guys of the Roadster that have been servicing them almost since the beginning and may know of something.
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    After further discussions with my local service centre (Heathrow, London) - this is a right-hand drive Roadster! - it appears that the beep-beep might be due to the Tracker that is installed in the car.
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