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SCE and Net Surplus compensation

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Question for those with solar and Net Metering with SCE. Has anyone been able to get a check from SCE after your 12 month relevant period is over?

I currently have a credit after 10 months on Net Metering TOU plan. SCE told me that I will not get a check at the end of the 12 month period although I currently have a negative balance. They said I have to generate more than I consume in order to get compensated for the excess. So far I'm consuming more than I generate (total kWh generated is less than total kWh consumed).


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    I have been trying and its like pulling teeth. I am still waiting ... and that even after calling ...talking and telling me what to do ... for the 3rd time mind you.
  • Yes, a negative credit of $ goes to zero. A negative kWhr balance (making more energy than you use) pays at wholesale price (~$0.04/kWhr).
    You are likely to have to call a few times to get them to send you a check though. it took us about 7 months and about 5 phone calls the first time. After that, it came about 2 months after the relevant period was over.
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    I got a check without asking (within a month of my relevant period).
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    Wait, if you're not generating more than you're using, how do you have a negative balance?

    I'm planning on overbuilding a bit on our solar PV system to cover my Model S not for the $0.04/kWh but because of the tax credits. Still, I'd like to get the $0.04 if I have it coming!
  • If you're on time of use (TOU), and you generate mostly during the (peak price) daytime rates but consume mostly at night at low nighttime rates, you'll end up with a negative $ balance but you could still have a significant positive energy balance (used more energy than you produced).
    SCE will call your balance zero in this case.
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    Not SCE, but APS in Arizona credits $ on your account at the end of the year if you have excess kWh credits. It's based on the lowest grid wholesale rate, but it is useful to cover the fees and taxes that net metering doesn't cover. It's meant a $0 bill for us every month so far this year. If we hadn't expanded our system before the regulator allowed APS to add a $5 monthly charge for solar, we would have exhausted the $ credits by now.
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