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Eugene - Crater Lake - Grants Pass --- Successful Trip

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Hello Tesla Owners,
Just wanted to share my recent experience of driving in my 70D from Eugene, OR to Crater Lake OR to Grants Pass OR.

Last week, when I was planning the trip I read through all the forums to see the details on this trip. I got enough information to feel good about this trip, though most information was available to travel from Grants Pass to Crater Lake and back.

But we wanted to go from Eugene OR. So I went to evtripplanner.com and put in all the options to see if we can make it back without charging. It did say that we might just make it back after using up about 232 rated miles. So there was hope for this trip.

I charged my 70D to full (239 rated miles) at Springfield Supercharger and started on my trip. My cousin who has a similar 70D was with me as well, so we had two Tesla 70Ds on this expedition. Crater Lake is at 7000 ft elevation, so to my surprise by the time I reached Crater Lake I had 50 rated miles available on my 70D. I tried to find places up there to charge my car but none were to be found.

So I started driving back knowing that the closest charging station was about 89 miles away (did not want to go to Crater Lake Resort as they have only one charger and we had two Tesla 70Ds). Our car started warning us on the way down that we are no where close to a charger and we don't have enough rated miles on the car. It was as if it was telling us that you are screwed.

But then the magic happened. Since we had gone up 7000 ft, it was our turn come down that elevation. For the next 38 miles, we went all down hill and our cars did not use any rated miles. Rather we gained rated miles coming down the hill. Now we were in the range to reach Grants Pass Supercharger. But we did not want to take the risk. So we stopped at Crater Lake RV Park and the wonderful people there let us charge our cars. We charged to get to 75 rated miles and started driving to Grants Pass Supercharger.

We reached Grants Pass Supercharger with about 39 rated miles remaining (which means that we did not have to charge at Crater Lake RV Park). Throughout the time, the car was providing us messages to drive slow to increase the chances of us reaching our destination. It was amazing to see it cover miles and miles without using any rated miles.

It was a great experience driving this car.


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    Thanks for sharing! Love the car's engineering...and intelligence.
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    Thanks for the sharing summary of your successful trip. I certainly know about the range anxiety issue. My wife and I did an 8009 mile cross country trip last Fall and were challenged getting across Montana due to a lack of SC's (only one at the time in Billings), forcing us to visit 2 RV parks and one kind Tesla owner in Bozeman, who let us charge on his NEMA 14-50 for three hours. Going downhill watching the range increase is very satisfying. This is one great automobile.
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