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Hello fellow Tesla owners!

I recently purchased the Model S and am wondering about car washes. I live in Issaquah and am wondering if anyone has been daring enough to use the Brown Bear Car Wash in Issaquah?? If so, what did you think? If not, where do you go to wash your Model S? I live in an apartment complex, so street washing isnt really an option.

Thank you in advance for all of your advice and user friendly tips :D


Robyn B.


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    I always hand wash, and there have been many posts against using automatic car wash facilities. You can find these forum posts using http://www.volkerize.com/
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    I get my 2013 P85 washed at Brown Bear Car Wash in Shoreline at least once a week often twice. Hand washing, of course, is best. And they recommend the car washes that have robotic arms that move around the car. But like every thing else in life we some times have to make compromises. The convenience of a nearby Brown Bear Car Wash made it possible for me to keep my Model S clean almost every day at the cost of some swirl marks. It is a compromise that works for me, but may not for all.
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    We've been using the Pro Club Auto Salon (in Bellevue) which offers hand-washing (about $30/wash), as well as the Auto Salon at Microsoft (discounted rates if you prepay for a package of 10 washes). There may be other hand-wash options in the area that would be more convenient for you, but not sure what those are.
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    If you are considering using automatic car wash, you should try Costco car wash at 4th in Seattle. Does a much better job and it's less than $9. Have been using them for all my other (silver) cars without noticing any issues. Not sure with dark color cars though
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    I've used the touchless car wash just south of Lowes on Rainier Ave S without any noticeable issues. I've had a hard time finding other touchless car washes. If anyone knows of one within a couple of miles of University Village, please let me know.
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