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Tesla X vs Tesla P X

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The X will already have a lower range (assuming the same battery) due to it's greater weight and poorer aerodynamics than the S.
I would like to have a performance X but am worried that the range hit for the performance model may not be worth the performance gain since either X will be slower than its S sibling.

Can the range decrease be mitigated by careful driving on the long distance trips so that I can enjoy the increased performance when used around town?

I am hoping that this will be clearer when we get more info from Tesla but it will still be a quandary. Is anyone else thinking about this and what are you deciding?


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    I have a P85S. I have the need for speed out of my system. Will get the standard X for more range.

    I have recently driven the P85D and it has much more acceleration than needed or that I care for. This has helped me decide on the standard X. With dual motors I expect the performance version of the X to be near that of the P85D.

    For me more range is much more important that more quickness.

    As for getting the same range in the PX as the X that is somewhat unknown. Initially Tesla hailed the P85D with 270 range but then backed down from that number. The S 85D has more range than the S P85D. I expect that to be the same for the X.

    HOWEVER, Tesla continues to tweak the software controlling the drive train and that may change.

    Finally there is some speculation that the X may come with a larger battery than heretofore seen. If so you may get your cake and eat it too.

    We will know soon. Tesla soon.
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    I've got a P85D. I use and enjoy the performance of the car every day, every bit of it. I would really miss that aspect of the car.
    I use the full range of the battery one day a week. If I am moderately careful with my driving I have done the rated range-and skipped the Supercharger, getting to my destination with about 25 miles left.
    However, most of the time I just have fun driving the car FAASST and then supercharge a nice low battery for only 20 minutes to get back 100 miles before I head home. Use Valet mode on yourself and you can actually do better than the rated range.
    I would never give up the performance that I enjoy all of the time for the small difference in range that in theory may affect me some of the time, but in practice affects me none of the time.
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    Not much of a compromise now, eh? ;-)

    OK, we won't know for sure until the X is officially relesed but Elon thinks it will be about .5 second slower (2.8 vs. his estimated 3.3) between the SP and the XP. Sounds pretty great to me!
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    Well, boys and girls, looks like the X will start out with a little battery boost as many have posited. I have steadfastly resisted that idea. It looks like I will be proven wrong again. I don't mind.
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    @ <b>Gzr</b> (July 16, 2015)

    << .... it's greater weight .... >>

    .... <b>ITS</b> greater weight ....
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    @ <b>Gzr</b> (July 16, 2015)

    << .... the range hit for the performance model may not be worth the performance gain. >>

    Especially if you also consider the probable price difference.

    For MS, the upgrade from 90D to P90D will relieve you of some $30K, beside the relatively minor (about 30 miles) range penalty.
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