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Dad with male teenage son stressing about getting the Performance X version versus Standard X

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So I've been stressing over this for a year and would appreciate feedback. I've an S85 now and of course love it... But I'll be selling it to get the X. Got a low X reservation and need to decide soon about getting the PX or the standard X. I've got a teenage son who will be coming of driving age soon and who of course wants me to get the PX. I want to get the PX myself altho worried about my own speeding tickets, etc. But what I'm really worried about is that my son will kill himself (or others) with ludicrous speed. He is a very responsible kid, but a risk taker, nonetheless (like his Dad). My teenage daughter (older than my son) thinks I would be an idiot and a bad parent to get the PX - She rightfully points out that even our standard S85 (Tessie) is crazy fast and that her brother would be tempted to use the PX power in dangerous ways. She also thinks spending $30K for more power is just stupid, stupid, stupid. She however, is not a car aficionado like my son or myself. Have any of you other Dad's wrestled with this dilemma??? One friend suggested I just keep it in valet mode when I'm not driving, but I don't think that's practical or very respectful. I really am torn up about this... He will be driving the new X sometimes.


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    Mark, we don't have all the info to make a decision yet. Will the X be safer than the S? Will the X, being higher, be more prone to rollovers? Will ludicrous even be available on the X? How much more will the PX be than the X? What exactly do you get for all that more money? I am hoping to find out the answers to these questions soon. Yours is truly a good question.
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    I really don't think the performance version would be all that practical, I mean, where would you use it?

    Furthermore just having the 'ludicrous' option would just beg 'hey, try me out!!!'.

    My advice would be just go with the standard which will provide all the power you'll ever need.
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    @ <b>Mark</b> (July 18, 2015)

    << My teenage daughter (older than my son) thinks I would be an idiot and a bad parent to get the PX - She rightfully points out that even our standard S85 (Tessie) is crazy fast and that her brother would be tempted to use the PX power in dangerous ways. >>

    I'm on your daughter's side. It's better to err in that direction than in the riskier one. Besides, teenagers (I have one of those in my own household), even if responsible, do not, generally, have either the experience, or the maturity, or the reaction times necessary to respond effectively to unexpected traffic contingencies.

    Furthermore, the Performance option adds about $30k to the cost of a Range Extended (90 kWh battery) MS. And for what? 1.1 seconds reduction of the 0-60 mph time? Even Porsche 911 advertizes 4.6 seconds, while the 90 kWh MS lists 4.2. Even that might be too low for prudent driving!

    I would also recommend against distracting options, such as Pano roof, or Ultra Hi-Fi, as well as against any and all use of cell phones, while driving (not just against texting).

    The fun of driving should come from prudent and life sparing driving, not from anything else.
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    Disclaimer- I am a 26 year old man. I have no idea about kids.
    My opinion would be if you can afford PX easily, you should go for that. If you would be stretching your budget, go for X. Save that money for your kids education or other important stuff. Streching budget too much causes unnecessary stress, I have seen it again and again. PX is going to be fast and your teenage son will definitely use its power as all young kids do. But maybe you can buy him a cheap car. Model 3? Let him earn his way to a high end Tesla. You shouldn't avoid what you like too. If you have money and you appreciate power, dont worry about judgements of others.
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    @ <b>Mark</b> (July 18, 2015)

    Naturally, because we don't have data on the MX, I've made the assumption that they would be roughly similar to the MS data.
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    Make sure you get the X P90D-L.

    When your son would drive it, just put it in Valet mode.

    Problem solved I hope. Enjoy life, enjoy the ride and enjoy kids growing older. One day you'll wish you were them....
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    I say get the Ludicrous P!

    If your son is going to drive it no matter what and you're not going to lock it in valet for him a 1 or 2 second slower vehicle isn't any more safe necessarily than the quickest version. I would only opt for the less expensive version if you're seriously stetching the budget as that might cause tension in your marriage.

    Disclaimer: No children here either but I know young men have died driving much less capable vehicles.
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    You have a very bright daughter. :)
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    You guys have been great... lots of helpful food for thought!! Haven't made a final decision yet but it'll be a better one for your input... and I have decided to go only with Valet if/when my son takes it alone. thanks!!
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    Like the Valet response. Now I am waffling. @George...etc. Since we are in the same generation do I go with standard, Insane or Ludicrous? Anyone else over 65 can chime in. I have no teenage son...just a teenage grandson who MIGHT get to drive it with me in it on Valet on open road. Where is an open road though?

    Just this a.m. 15 miles north of my house on I-5 there was a shooting where two people were killed in their car precipitating a 10 mile backup. A semi loaded at 80,000 lbs. came across the median and took out 23 cars. Have not heard final count yet, but a number are in critical condition. This is a quiet county.
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    ernie | JULY 18, 2015, since we are in the same generation as George, I say that you should go with the one that will make you most happy. I will probably go with the Insane, don't think I need Ludicrous, but I might change my mind. Go with the gusto, if that will make you happy. However, the larger battery is the one for me. That's my two cents.
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    @ernie: yikes! Talk about sitting ducks. What a horror story. It is amazing that a bunch of people weren't killed instantly.

    Launching the Model S once in a while is a lot of fun but I'm not up for paying for ludicrous. All three of my sons had accidents in their first year or two of driving, despite driver's education and the old man's post graduate course in defensive driving, skid control in snow and starting on an incline with a stick shift. Thankfully all the accidents were minor with no injuries. Any kind of Tesla would be the car I would put a kid in today for their safety. I would lobby real hard for a more conservative valet mode for the safety of others...
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    Don't be silly get the performance.

    Tesla is the safest car for teenagers to have.

    The regen breaking stops almost as fast as a Ferrari 60-0

    The 21" wheels with all wheel drive keep the car planted on dry streets when making emergency maneuvers

    Performance version will aid/teach your son to get away from large vehicles or dangerous drivers.

    TACC on the highway will slow your son to focus on acceration when required not breaking. It will also warn of side collisions.
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    With my high reservation number, I think I should wait until the next announcement of a 10% increase in speed before I configure my car. 2.5 seconds to 60 MPH is what I really need in stop and go traffic. I can't wait!

    I like the 90 KWH battery, though. ;-)
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    A couple of points that I would like to add:

    1.) They may do away with "Insane" mode and only have "Ludicrous" with the Performance version and nothing with the regular X.

    2.) The Performance version may have less range (like with the Model-S) so you are sacrificing range for performance.

    If everything else were equal, I would say get the Performance version. However, because you have to sacrifice range, I would go with the non-performance version in order to maximize range.

    Only people <b>really</b> into performance driving should get the P-version, but then I would recommend getting the Model-S instead. Most people wanting an SUV would use it for road trips and hauling people around, where range is more important than performance.
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    There's a difference between how quickly one <b>can<b> accelerate, and how quickly one <b>does<b> accelerate. Consider the economics:

    Adult - Only a half dozen or so full throttle accelerations over the life of the car (typically shortly after purchase, to impress his or her buddies), he pays a $33,000 premium to shave 1.4 seconds off of his 0-60 times. >$5,000 per thrill may or may not be a good value, depending on the owner's financial situation.

    Teenage Boy - Considering that nearly every acceleration from a stop will be at full throttle, only 18 per day for 5 years brings the cost down to $1 per thrill. Pretty good value.
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    Check out the <a href="">Tips & Tricks</a> for searching, posting pictures, and other useful tidbits like moving a post to a different section of the forum (or "deleting" it by moving it to limbo).

    +1 Valet Mode

    Also w/ OTA Updates (or hackery) you might get a better version of Valet Mode/loaner mode.
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    The few P85D owners I have talked to normally operate their Model S in "Sport" mode. They found the "Insane" mode to be "scary" for normal driving. Will that keep me from ordering "Ludicrous" mode? Absolutely not! When occasionally demonstrating the torque of Model S to friends, I love giving them the experience of feeling all the power the car can provide. In addition, when driving on a two lane country road the faster acceleration can help passing quickly; that feature will be greatly appreciated.
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    "Performance version will aid/teach your son to get away from large vehicles or dangerous drivers."

    That's not really accurate. If you look at the splits, the majority of the benefit of the P versions is in the 0-30 time. So unless your child needs to suddenly accelerate from a stop to a go in order to get out of the way of an oncoming car, it's not going to help all that much. As far as changing speed while in motion, both the P and Standard are about equal.
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    @speyerj - That may be true of the P and PD versions but that is also where the ludicrous upgrade deifferentiates itself. Go back and reread the specs on the blog post by Elon. 0-60 time decreased by 10% while 0-155 decreased by 20%.
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    Also, that is a myth. There is a very long thread over at discussing this and P and PD is quicker even in the midrange.
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