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    He put them on then followed her down the stairs towards the back of the house where the spa was set up.

    The room was dimmed and several burning candles cast erratic shadows all over the warm wood walls. The spa was bubbling and steam rose off it like hot coffee. None of the other young women were here yet and Will breathed a sigh of relief. Now he could get comfortable before they arrived .

    "Mmm, looks good." Shivani's towel dropped to the floor and she stepped up the small stairway all the way to the lip of the bath showing off plenty of sole as she went. She pointed her green toes and dipped them into the hot water gently.

    "Oh, feels amazing." She put them in again then swung her other leg over the edge until the water engulfed her shapely ass, then her ample breasts, until only her head was showing. "Come on in Will."

    Will threw his towel down and got into the spa as fast as he could. His cock was already trying to get hard and he needed to hide it quickly. The hot water felt great against his skin and he felt himself relax. "Hmm, it's good..." He put his head back against the side and closed his eyes.
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