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Any Rear Child Seat Air Conditioning Modifications from Tesla?

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Does anyone know if Tesla is planning on making any AC adjustments so that the rear child seat area in the back is not so hot back there? I know this may seem like a non issue for most people since they don't have the rear seats but for me on the fence of buying a Model S (have an X on order), it is rather important since my daughter would be sitting back there on occasion and I don't want her getting overheated.

Tesla, if you see this, please make an AC modification so the child seats are usable all year round! Thank you!


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    I have seen people post they connect a hose to the rear AC vents to route air to the back, and using fans.

    No modification from Tesla that I am aware of.
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    Tesla please advise on what can be done about this issue. My granchildren love to sit back there but even in mild climate San Diego it is too hot back there
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    The jump seats are one of the car's biggest failures, IMHO, and what's even more surprising is Tesla's refusal to do anything about it.
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    It's 100 degrees in the South Bay area, but I have made this issue less of a concern with the following changes:

    1) Add solar screen from Tesla parts.

    2) Do NOT drive w/ Range Mode On on really hot days, as you need to adjust AC to 10/11

    3) Point the vents up in the back seat.

    4) Keep on Fresh Air vs. Recirculating.

    5) Add a small fan (but my kids no longer ask for it.)

    I agree vents in the back would be preferred, but my children are OK now. In the meantime, I would love to see Range Mode broken into two settings (AC and Torque Sleep) so I can keep the Torque Sleep value while running AC higher than 8.
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    I'm certain that one of the priorities for the mid-season refresh of Tesla Model S will be to address the issue of jump seat ventilation.

    In the meantime, there are a couple of solutions that owners have devised. One is a floor mounted 12v fan that sits in the second row, just in front of the rear vents, aimed to redirect flow toward the rear compartment. The other, as noted above, is a third party hose that connects to those second row vents and carries cool air to the rear of the car.

    I hope this helps!
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    @RedSage - thanks.

    Mid season 2017ish redesigns will not help current owners, suggest existing owners embrace the fan, shade, setting recommendations. I doubt there will be retrofittable solutions.... (could be wrong...)
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    Wait…Torque Sleep only activates in Range Mode? Is that true? I have no access to a dual motor car, but it seems strange that it would ever need to be off, since it's reported as unnoticeable.
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    @Fishin4fun - I installed a 12V cooler fan to blast the air from rear AC vent to the trunk. Just place it under the vent and it works like a charm and it is quiet.
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    @FelixMendelog - that is my understanding. I agree, should be broken out.
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    what is Torque sleep mode?
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    <b>WestCoastP85D & FelixMendeldog:</b> I thought that torque sleep was <i>primarily</i> activated during Range Mode, but might still engage in whatever situation the car felt was best.

    <b>patrickpetengill:</b> Read this...

    <a href=""><b>BLOG: <i>Driving Range for the Model S Family</i> by JB Straubel</b></a>
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    @RedSage: Thanks for sharing this. The Tesla sales rep told me this was the way to make Torque Sleep improved efficiency.... but the blog makes me believe it might happen all the time.
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    I live in the south bay, and have two kids in the trunk every day. I bought a 10" battery powered fan that lives in the side pocket of the trunk. They can pull it out and have it blow right in their faces. Sometimes the kids forget to turn off the fan, which kills the battery. In those cases, I drive with all the windows down and the pano roof open, and that keeps the kids cool.
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    @SevenOfNine - I used to have the same 10" battery powered fan but the D batteries costs too much to replace every month. So I use the 12V cooler fan to blow cold air into the back seats instead.

    Have you enable the child lock feature so they can't randomly open the trunk when you're on the road?
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