Rate Tesla is selling its EVs...

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Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on how many vehicles Tesla has sold so far? I was thinking about buying the Model 3, and I want to know if the Federal tax credit of $7,500 could still be avaliable by the time I place my reservation in March, or receive it in 2017?


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    Do not rely on the Federal Tax credit. Budget as if you will pay full price.
    If the credit is extended to cover the Model 3 when you buy it, great, get a couple of extra options. I expect the credit to expire and am planning accordingly.
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    Tesla is closing in, if not passing, the 100,000 mark for Model S.
    Factor in Roadster @ 2,500 and, well, you can do the math. I *think* each mfgr is alloted tax credit for 200,000 vehicles.
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    The 200,000 vehicles is for new vehicles licensed in the U.S. I would guess that with the roaster the current count is 40 - 45k. The MX will take up quiet a few more. If the M≡ comes out "on time" there should be credits available for several thousand/tens of thousands of M≡.

    After the 200,000 is reached there is a partial credit for two more quarters.
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    Several people have run the projections on this, and I recall it coming out about as @ghillair said. It will probably still be available for a short while on the Model 3. However, since it will be for a small number of those vehicles, it makes a lot of sense why Musk has been saying the expected price of Model 3 without including the tax credit, because it won't be there for much of the Model 3.

    In contrast, GM always says the price of the Bolt with the tax credit subtracted, probably because they won't have sold as many electric vehicles, so the Bolt would have tax credits for quite a while. Also, they just want to be able to say a number that sounds less than Musk's quote for the Model 3, even if they are playing with the numbers to do so.
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