Spare Tire and Wheel Recommendations?

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I am looking for a good buy for a spare tire to carry when on a road trip. I'm content to use Roadside Assistance when in the metropolitan areas, but I'm worried about getting caught with a flat in the middle of nowhere when on a road trip. My plan is to have a fully mounted and inflated tire in a zippered tire bag in the back, so that it can be swapped with the flat if needed. I'm not planning to do the swap myself, so not worried about having a jack or cracking the nuts myself.

I have stock rims with Michelin Primacy MXM4 245/45R19 98W. I have Air Suspension if that matters. Since it will be a spare, it doesn't have to be a perfect match to the other tires, although I don't want driving on the spare for a while to do any damage either.

Any/all recommendations welcome. I'm located in Seattle/Issaquah area if anyone has a local recommendation. I'm not adverse at all to purchasing online.

2015 Model S 70D (VIN 90890)


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    We live in eastern Washington and have long distances to go "anywhere." Our solution is to carry a can of flat repair/inflation. This will work for anything except severe tire damage according to the guys at our local Les Schawb tire store. I also have a scissors style jack in the Fronk just in case we need a new tire, We can take the wheel off and the tow truck can haul it to the nearest place of replacement.
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    Yes, that works, but it isn't what I'm looking for. I want to have the tire with me. I'm looking for a tire/wheel combo that doesn't cost an arm/leg.
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