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Tesla in joint venture with Lexus

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You read about the Lexus Hoverboard? As in Back to the Future, Lexus have created a genuine hoverboard.

Elon Musk says this was necessary to precede the release of Model X, as a joint venture between Tesla and Lexus will see Model X drones with the ability to both hover and fly, by utilising the Falcon Wing doors after first executing vertical take off and hold in hover mode.

Operation will be by remote control from i-Phone apps, as no human will be permitted to fly in them until regulations permit.

Currently the project falls within DRONE legislation, so maximum height is pre-programmed at 123 feet.

Musk says this is the way of the future, and by being in partnership with Lexus, Tesla Motors TSLA +30.9%, will open all Lexus patents for free use by serious developers.


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    How Does This Hoverboard Work?

    <A HREF="
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    Ross, it's not April 1st yet.
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    It's basically a prototype version of the proof-of-concept hovering magnets using superconductors. Downsides are it needs to stay really cold (though it adds a neat smoke effect to the board from the nitrogen boiling off), and it has to stay on its special magnetic track.

    It's basically a mini maglev train, but they replaced the electromagnet with a superconducting magnet. You have to keep it cold though. In 1985, you can probably walk into any corner drugstore and pick up some liquid nitrogen, but here in 1955, it's a little hard to come by.

    Both a pro and a con, is without the electromagnet there's no thrust. If you want it to move on it's own, you have to find some other way to move it, but if you just want to push it around, you can do that too. Remember the saying, "Hey Bojo! Those boards don't work on water, unless you've got <a href=" Looks like it would make a great toy, which is exactly how they're building it, it seems.
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    The costs of this thing sounds like it would be really high. I'm thinking the track will be expensive, but the high temperature super-conducting magnets can't be cheap (or easy to come by) either.
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    I wonder why Toyota and Tesla ended like this too. They had a partnership agreement in 2010. Toyota had nearly 2.3 million shares in Tesla (March 2016 news from ).
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    Because Toyota believes in hydrogen Fool Cells.
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    I think HFC will remain a niche technology mostly serving localized usage such as Airport operations vehicles, City buses, School buses, city dump trucks etc. At the end of the day, it still uses the IC engine technology with a lot of intricate moving parts. It will never afford the simplicity and efficiency of an electric motor.
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    @Teslapalooza - I think the reason most of us believe HFC is foolish in all applications, is it does little to reduce pollution (although it does move it to the Hydrogen manufacturing point). Production costs still look to be many times that of an ICE or EV. Fueling costs are similar, if not more, than that of gasoline. Extreme limited availability of fueling stations is the final nail in the coffin of HFC. Makes so little sense on so many levels.
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    Plus, who wants a drivable Hydrogen Bomb?
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    Bad people who want to harm us
  • I would not refuse to buy such hoverboard - this is something from the future and this is just very cool. But as far as I understand now, in june 2019, the project is still not implemented and there are no similar devices for sale. Would be quite cool to have such device supplied with mobile charging as in Tesla - such as It is clear that they will not be allowed to fly in cities, but it would be cool to fly somewhere in the countryside.
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    I like Tesla cars. why because, Fast, Safe, Smart, and about every month it gets Smarter or better in some way. Thanks Team :
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    Hmm. Had to look for an April 1 date, too, and found I was the OP!
    So, Ive been in this 5 years.
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