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Taking delivery of my Model S in a few days but still don't have my NEMA plugs in the garage. Can someone in the Atlanta area suggest the electrician you used to do this for you. I can't seem to get the electricians I called to keep an appointment or return a call. My home is near the Atlanta airport.


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    I used Lightning Bug Electric, and was happy with them. They only seem to have offices around north Atlanta, but it might be worth giving them a call and see if they'll travel that far.
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    I ended up using Lightning Bug as well, a lot of differing opinions from different people on what to do. Garage was on the meter side of the house, and panel basement opposite side. Live in Rosewell and pool people had already tapped into my main meter location with a clamp connection. Basement panel was full as well. While I doubt w LEDs now I would peak out above the 200amp service to the house, with the pool pumps in winter, they tend to kick on at night for freeze protection and didn't want a spike and trip of the breaker.
    So ended up spending all my GA Tax rebate on 400Amp upgrade w new 200 AMP panel in my garage and cleaned up everything in basement as well with a sub panel since was loaded up.
    If it was just an outlet, there are a number of people that could do, but having to replace Meter has to be permitted and coordinated etc.
    As long as torn up, put in extra outlet so can charge in any of my 3 bays.
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    I went with Arc Angel. They were great. Showed up RIGHT on time.. did great work.. followed up to make sure everything was ok.

    I am not sure what part of town you live in, but if it northern Atlanta, I would highly recommend them.
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    I used Gus Whitaker, Whitaker Electric 678.612.1692 ([email protected]). He was great. Came right out, his quote was much cheaper than Arc Angel, and he finished the job on time. I would recommend him highly!
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