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    iPod mode doesn’t just mean iPods. I plugged my phone into my mum’s 3 year old Renault Megane, I instantly got album art and decent control over my phone just as a USB device.

    And it charges my phone at the same time. If you have the songs downloaded in your phone all your other points are invalid.

    The Tesla is great, but stop with the endless confirmation bias. It is missing basic features all the other cars have. It’s okay to want things and to be a critical consumer.
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    "Using a USB stick solves a lot of the issues, but I don't have time or inclination to sit there copying files onto a stick like it's 1995."

    Loved that comment.
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    They had USB in 1995?????
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    Having a Apple Music App from Tesla / Apple or via a free SDK tp provide Apps in the upcoming Software version 9 would in fact be great for the user experience of a otherwise great car. Music experience should be seamless, and that means whatever (major) music streaming service is used from the owner should ideally be supported, spotify and Apple Music definitely belong to the first candidates, Amazon Music voluntarily, too.
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    The spammers love this thread...
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    Goodness why all this crazy spam in this thread?
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    They had USB in 1995 That Is Really Amazing <a href="">PPSSPP Gold</a>
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    @mdintajali99, wtf are you saying?
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    Once the word "Apple" appears in a thread the bots/spammers are all over it. Big clue is when the link has zero to do with Tesla, the username ends in digits. Flag away!
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    Here's a workaround - Now that they've added the Web browser you can go to this website to play Apple music - You can use it from any web browser supposedly. I haven't actually tried it since I don't own a Tesla yet, but plan on getting one this year. If anyone tries it please let me know if it works.
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    @jjb1701 - Thank you for the link! I did not know that it existed as its own web page and you could log into your account. Anyone try this in your vehicles yet??? Curious!

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    The Porsche Taycan will have CarPlay, and native Apple Music support. Just saying.
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    Flag, flag, flag! Jerks.
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    necrothread flagged
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    I don't know if the link provided by jjb1701 on January 9, 2019 ( works in other countries, but in Spain currently not.
    The only link available to play Apple Music online with a web browser, at least in Spain, is through its beta site:
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    Very worm to listen by Apple music.
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