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Elon Musk on new Stephen Colbert Late Show 9-9-15 @11:35pm EST

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Elon Musk is scheduled to be on the new Late show with Stephen Colbert on September 9, 2015 @11:35pm EST, which will be his second show. I look forward to Elon's comments about the soon to be released Model X, updates on model 3 and on the gigafactory, among the other significant topics he might discuss such as Space X. I wonder if Mr Colbert will keep the same light hearted interview style he had in his last show. Just wanted to make sure everyone knew about Elon Musk's upcoming television appearance.


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    I predict that Elon will arrive on stage in a Signature Red Model X and step out of the Falcon Wing doors.

    Maybe Colbert will be driving :-)
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    Colbert is a Model S owner and (rumor making) a Founder's series X reservation holder. Perhaps take delivery on stage.
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    That would be great but that sounds a lot like an info-commercial to me, not sure the network would allow that. I hope you guys are right, it would be great to see.
  • Ken, every single guest/segment on any of these talk shows is a info-commercial. Be it an album, book, movie, etc.
  • Ken, that is what all of these talk shows are in the first place, infomercials. Back in the day, like the Johnny Carson era, guest would come on and stay on even after their time was up. They would move on down the couch. Basically it would be a few stars just sitting around BSing which was entertaining.

    Now it is come out pitch your movie, book, etc. and leave.

    I am certain that if Colbert wants his X delivered on set as part of the show, they will let him. CBS is literally banking on his show being a success, so I am sure they will be very accommodating to him and any "gimmicks" that might draw in viewers.
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    I don't think so. I think the X reveal will be a big event without any third party involvement. It wouldn't do justice to a car that people have been waiting since 3 years.
  • Elon said a number of times that there will be no "Big" event/reveal of the X, along the lines of the "D" event. The reveal will be owners receiving their Xes.

    So, Colbert getting his on TV would certainly be both an owner getting their X and a reveal.

    Again we are just speculating as to why Elon will be on Colbert, now.
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    Back at an event in January, I think, Elon said there would be a big reveal (I couldn't find the video, will look again later). Later he has said there wouldn't be... so who knows?
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    I will be among the millions of people eagerly watching his show next week. His appearance will be a win win for both Colbert and Elon / Telsa. I think his appearance is timed perfectly with the first X delievery late this month, especailly since Tesla has virtually no marketing / advertising budget. I like the idea of an X delivery on the show. I would hope folks waiting for 3 years would let Colbert go to the front of line given the national exposure Tesla will get.
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    Who needs marketing, when you have Twitter???
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    Who says SC didn't wait 3 years for his possible X?
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    Agree. Tesla has done extremely well without ads or funding marketing. Twitter and television widen the target market. Older potential buyers with means that watch Elon`s TV appearances may not use Twitter. Several different information venues are wise. Even if Colbert didn`t wait 3 yrs, no big deal, let him go to front of line. Tesla is getting free press to millions of prospective buyers. As supply of X begins to meet demand, additional appearances or PR events may be in order.
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    Does anyone know if people in The Netherlands could watch the show live? Maybe via the Internet?
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    Please do share any way we might catch the show over the net. Of is someone would be kind enough to publish a summary here.
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    @ Red Sage

    EZTV.AG ?
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    While it will not be live, it might end up on the CBS website.

    They have an on-demand viewing page for some of their shows...

    Colbert has his page as well that might post video after the fact...

    Not as good as live but if there is a reveal, and you miss the show, you may be able to
    see the next day.
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    <b>Benz:</b> Da. It used to be [...-dot- INDIA TANGO] instead.
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    OK, thanks.
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    Darn show is about an hour past my bedtime.
    I might have to make an exception.
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    @PhillyGal...they have things such as DVR's and Tivo...someone will be glad to take your spare change so you can get your rest.
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    Scarlett Johansson and Kendrick Lamar will also appear. Elon is guest #2 of the night, which generally means no more than 5-7 minutes of air time. No way he is delivering a Model X in such a rushed fashion.
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    People outside America cannot whatch it. Too bad.
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    It will be all over the nets about 2 hours after broadcast.

    My prediction is that he'll mention the X and perhaps demonstrate the snake charger. . . it was built just for Stephen.

    "what do you wish there was?"

    3:31 of video #2


    Snake Chargers

    No more plugging in. Car always find the plug or it finds you.
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    I hope he announces Autopilot(Auto lane steering) will be downloaded tomorrow. In my opinion, it would just seems wrong if in fact the Model X has this feature at the same time or before the Model S.
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