$29 K Upgrade or buy a Prius: Upgrade fails @ 400 mile range & Roadster charging @ Super Charger Sta

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With all the hype about supercharging stations being installed nation wide for the Model S, there are no plans to include a charging outlet( HP 70A or Nema 14-50A ) for the Tesla Roadster owners at the supercharging stations.
In Texas I understand there will be supercharging stations installed between Austin,Dallas and Houston for the Model S.
I presently will have to rely on the Level 2 or Level 1 stations installed by Blinks,Chargepoint and others, which will make any travel experience unpredictable.

Elon and Tesla should continue to support the Roadster owners who supported Tesla from the beginning.

At the present all the attention is on the Model S.

In the beginnig Tesla installed chargers along the west coast for Roasters with the promise of more to come, that has now taken a back seat to the Model S rollout

The cost to include charging outlets for Roadsters at the supercharging stations nationwide would be a minimal amount to Tesla but a huge statement as to Tesla's intention to support its customer base and the charging needs of all the Tesla owner family members.



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    Hear, hear!
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    Well said. Installing charge ability for roadsters at Tesla Supercharging stations should have been planned in from the start. Its a relatively cheap PR bonus indicating that Tesla has not forgotten the early adopters who helped make the Model S possible. I'd also accept a Roadster upgrade that allows DC charging as an acceptable substitute!
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    Rewiring the car with heavy cables? Um, ...
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    Amen to that!
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    Can't the Roadster simply be charged with an adapter at the new charging stations?
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    No. The DC power would have to be inverted (turned to AC) and cut down in voltage by a factor of 8. That's the "hottest" the Roadster can handle.
  • Mr. Musk,

    What's wrong with this picture? As a Roadster owner, I want to show the world that my Roadster can go anywhere, anytime. If the SuperCharger network is 'off limits' to my Roadster, it's hard to explain to potential buyers just how viable owning a Tesla vehicle is.... There must be a simple solution that will cater to the Roadster owners who want to charge up at a Supercharger site.

    Don't leave us out of the picture... Roadster owners love their cars...... I am buying a model S, but I do want to take my Roadster on the same trips I can take the model S on....

    What about an upgrade battery/ charging system that is compatible with the supercharges?


    Roadster #769, Sydney, Australia.......
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    UR R correct, Bernie, in expecting Tesla to step up to the plate on the promise made in the beginning to Roadster buyers of being able to drive the USA, unrestricted by the needs of re-charging the batteries, in order entice us into buying a Roadster. Tesla and Mr. Elon Musk should plan ahead with charging systems which include the Roadster.

    After the Model S and Model X, Tesla will once again build the Roadster as part of the overall Tesla brand.

    The Tesla owners of the future will guage Elon and Tesla's commitment to all the drivers of Tesla vehicles, who wish to explore the highways of the world just as he explores OUTER SPACE with SPACE X.

    Do not LIMIT our Ability & Driving Range as we explore our world !

    In the beginning when there was only the Roadster, Tesla explained to the media how there would be no limits to traveling the country.
    Tesla began introducing charging stations along the highways of California, west coast, and instilled in the mind of future owners the coming of other charging stations for the Roadster owners around the US to travel without limits.

    This was all before the Model S became Reality !

    What will happen when the Model X rolls out ?

    The Model S already has perks not offered to the Roadster owners,
    Ex., No longer needs to maintain annual service and a free No-Fault life time warranty on Tesla Battery Pack.

    Elon Musk,Tesla engineers and managers need to make good on at least the origional Promise & Idea of a Tesla Roadster owner being able to drive across the country on a Battery Powered Tesla Roadster without the worry of ones next charging station availability.

    R. Thompson # 1125
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    Adjunct HPCs would be as good as it gets. Battery replacement isn't enough. Wiring and electronics would have to be replaced too. Don't ask or expect the impossible.
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    It should be no problem do pass DC through the PEM. Maybe not with 120kW but with 20-30kW. The SC can be tuned to deliver any voltage an current wanted. Ok, this needs new software for he pem-controller.

    in europ i would love to use a B6-bridge to rectify my 3-phases to DC an let the PEM do the job to smooth the current for charging.


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    I think Tesla needs to have at least one or two 70 amp HPC's at the supercharger sites. I have a Roadster and a Model S, and I prefer the Roadster for most road trips. An HPC at each Supercharger would not be expensive, it would be a PR boost as mentioned in a previous post, and a fulfillment of the vision sold to early adopters. I've been to the RV parks they're okay but I would rather have the option to travel the Supercharger network with my Roadster.
    And while I'm ranting how about a Model S HPWC to Roadster plug adapter. There already is a Roadster HPC to Model S adapter.
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    I too am saddened by Tesla's decision to exclude Roadsters from their charging network. Without the success of the Roadster, there would be no Model S (or any other Tesla). I think the least they could do would be to include one or two 70 amp charging ports at these locations. It wouldn't even have to be free charging - I just want a place to plug in.
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    Can I add my voice to the complaints about Roadster charging? I bought my Roadster late, it was one of the last to be sold in the UK, a year ago next week, so maybe I cannot moan too loudly as my qualification as an 'early adopter' is a bit thin, but I do a lot of soft PR for Tesla through my political and other connections.

    I have had some enjoyable trips in my roadster, but unless one has access to the 70A charging stations, if you want to travel more that 160 miles the mid-range 32A chargers are not very practical. It would help if there was some consistency of charging device, BLueCommando/Menekes II etc, but when I took delivery, the only adaptor available was the BlueCommando Universal Connector, which I bought as part of my package.

    I have only been able to use it twice, possibly three times. Last week I turned up in Bristol at Cribbs Causeway Mall confidently expecting to be able to recharge whilst I attended a Green conference a few miles away. Except the Blue Commando connector on offer was DIFFERENT to the normal one, and I had to cut short my attendance at the conference and shoot across the Severn Bridge to use the 70A HPC at Celtic Manor. Fortunately I had enough charge to get there, but it added 50 miles to my total journey!

    I therefore made enquiries of Tesla UK about a Mennekes II connector, which was not available last year at all. There are dozens of these charge points now, especially since Ecotricity started expanding their network, and Tesla were pleased to provide me with a quote: Only £930!!! How much??

    That is almost 40% of the cost of an HPC and seems totally excessive to me. I suggested a trade in of my (next to useless) 'Universal' Connector, but they turned that down too.

    So much for low cost charging!
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    A continued effort by all Tesla Roadster owners who have been left out of the Freedom to Travel(Supercharger Stations), promotions advertized by Tesla to promote the sell of the Tesla Model S,
    we need to use the social media tools,such as Facebook,Twitter and even U-Tube to make our point to Tesla Motors.

    Imagine if U will a U-Tube video of a Tesla Roadster pulling up to a Supercharger station, owner standing outside of his/her Roadster with charging cord in hand and no recepticle to plug into, calling for a tow truck through the Tesla roadside service help number.
    We need our charging needs( once promised by Tesla to Roadster buyers) to go viral to the media and public in order to get Tesla's attention.
    Complaining on this Tesla limited web site will not prompt Tesla to provide a relativity cheap solution to this Freedom of Charging problem.
    Tesla monitors our forums knowing that in most cases the complaints never go anywhere and eventually ends without Tesla having to act !
    Tesla responded very quickly when a negitive report surfaced through the media concerning the Model S falling short on its journey and being towed to next charging station.
    Tesla was right to respond to the misleading report and so are we, the Roadster owners.
    Consider all the news stories picked up by ABC,NBC,CBS and CNN which originated through a U-Tube video.

    So let us unite in our efforts to right this wrong.I live south of Houston,Texas, is anyone up for the task.
    We can share ideas through personnal e-mails if necessary.
    [email protected]

    Richard Thompson
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    Since the Roadster can't use DC power to charge in the first place, exactly what are you demanding?
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    Hello Brian H.,
    Recently I made a trip to Austin,Tx. from League City,Tx.(south Of Houston Tx, Total miles approx.200.
    I drove in our (gasoline) Lexus, not sure of access to any charging stations of 50amps or more. There were a couple of Chargepoint Level 2, 30amps along the way, but time was a factor, so I could not take the Roadster.
    But, while I was in Austin, I paid a visit to the Austin Tesla Service Center with the question of; In the future could a Tesla Roadster owner use the 70 amp or 50 amp Nema 14-50 receptacle to charge a Roadster during shop hours was entertained and discussed.
    The manager of the service was very helpful and understands our charging concerns on the open highways between Austin to Houston/ Dallas or Houston to Dallas/Austin and the fact that most hotels do not have charging stations in their parking garages.

    Suprisingly the service center had their hp 70 amp & 50 amp removed from the location and re-located to the Domain shoping center parking garage on the second floor with 24 hour access to all Tesla owners.
    Any Tesla owner Roadster or Model S can now charge 24/7 at the Domain with access to a Nema 14-50amp , 70 amp or Model S charging connector.A total of three receptacles, one Nema 14-50 for Roadsters, one 70amp for Roadster and with proper pigtail converts to Model S and one connector Model S only.
    So therefore what solution I am asking for is basicily the same approach for the Supercharge stations nation-wide.
    The area is marked for Tesla only midway on 2nd. floor.

    This is the same approch Tesla could incorporate at all Supercharger Stations nationwide,not a costly improvement.

    Its a workable solution Brian , proven in Austin ,Texas.
    Richard Thompson
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    That's excellent. FWIW, I agree that every SC station should have a Roadster HPC setup "on the side".
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    Thanks to each of U who responded by personnal e-mails.
    We are now in the process of creating our first authenic Roadster video showing a Tesla Roadster owner, with connector in hand and unable to charge at a Tesla Supercharging Station. Simply because there is no HP 70 AMP or Nema 14-50 recepticle available to connect to: Tesla's Model S charging only.

    Updates on UTube video availibility comming soon !
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    Good luck. I agree it would be relatively inexpensive and great PR to add a 70 amp plug to supercharging stations. Or even 80 amps so J-1772 so a Roadster or a Model S can use it. I agree it would be difficult to add fast DC charging to a Roadster but please do not leave us totally out of the picture.
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    Elon promised a nice surprise for Roadster owners in the new year (2014). Wait for it.
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    OK Brian H.,
    What info do U base that comment on?
    I, as with most Roadster owners are only wanting the FREEDOM 2 CHARGE equal to Model S owners and as stated in the early years of Tesla to Roadster owners.
    We are willing to wait, but do not leave us out & stranded without charging rights.
    I have not picked up on any headlines indicating a surprise in the works for Roadster owners.
    Do U have a link to that news article ?
    Thanks for replying and UR ideas.
    Willing to wait !
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    As Brian H said, Elon did promise a nice surprise for Roadster owners in 2014 when he was at the Teslive conference put on by the Tesla Motors Club.
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    Go down to the video with Elon on the front. First Leilani speaks, then Elon.

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    I can only echo the desire to charge my roadster at the stations. As a very early owner (102), I did expect a better solution after the S became successful. We already had to live through the plug issues.
    I don't want to have to get rid of my roadster for an S.
    Maybe there will be an electronics upgrade in the future??
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