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Deep creek lake

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Does anyone take their Tesla there regularly? If so where do you charge? I am hoping to get Wisp to agree to a supercharger installation!


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    Bob.Calvo | SEPTEMBER 6, 2015 (originally posted on your general forum query.)

    I used to go up there a lot, until I moved towards Annapolis and sold my vacation place up there a couple of years ago. Plugshare doesn't show much in the area yet, but there is now one listed HPWC shown on the Tesla site as a destination charger. You can stay there and validate that they made a wise investment in improving their infrastructure.

    If you're renting a house for a summer week or ski weekend, you should be able to work out acces to a 120 volt plug while parked. Don't underestimate the benefit of 3 to 4 miles an hour over a 24 hour period. 8 amps gets you 3 and 12 amps gets you 4. You can add nearly 75 to 100 miles a day.

    If you regularly use one of the rental agencies, talk to them about 240 volt charging capability being a desirable rental option. They were always bugging me about ways that I should spend money to make my place more attractive to renters.

    Finally, and depending on where you're coming from (I'm assuming the Baltimore-Washington area), you could hit Somerset, PA on 219 affter Hagerstown, MD on the way out or back to make the round trip with margin. If I didn't have anything locally lined up, I'd hit it on the way out and back if needed because of using up margin during local driving.

    Hopefully, more options will exist in the future.
    Good luck.

    Me? I sold the vacation home and bought the Tesla ;-)
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    Thanks for this - it was super helpful. Its getting more real now, since i got my config email for my X this week!
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    Bob.Calvo's suggestions are all good.

    I would add that if you don't have a 10-30 adapter, make one, and consider buying a 50 amp extension cord. If you are renting a house, look for one where the dryer outlet can be reached, which gets you 24 amps and 16 MPH. If it is cold, charging from 110 slows because of the need to heat the battery. If you are staying at a motel or condo, consider getting the 20 amp adapter from Tesla - you can probably find a 20 amp circuit outside and get about 30 - 45% better charge than a 15 amp circuit.
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    @phaeton that sounds good...but I am not 100% sure what you are talking about! I have a house up there, so what I was going to do was get a dryer outlet installed outside. I have a hot tub outside which I think runs on the same type of outlet but its far from the driveway, so I was going to get it wired near the driveway - would that be ok? Can I charge outside in that weather? We do not have covered parking...
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    @drainer If you are getting a dryer outlet (there are two common types, but the NEMA 15-50 is the most modern) put outside, you should be fine if you use a licensed electrician. They will put in the correct type if you tell them you need the outlet to support the TESLA. The should read the TESLA requirements. Just make sure they do not wire it for an RV.
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    Ok thanks!!
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    If you are piggy-backing on the dryer circuit you want to use a 14-30 or 10-30 receptacle. Using either one will require an adapter for your UMC connector. Read through this to find out about adapters:

    http://cosmacelf.net/Home Made Adapters.pdf

    If you use a 14-50 receptacle you will need to put it on a 50 amp or smaller breaker and probably will need a new, separate circuit in your electrical box.

    Good Luck!
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    Or get this https://www.evseadapters.com/tesla/tesla-extension-cord

    which will plug into a 14-50 or 14-30 (the newer dryer plug) and is also a 20 ft extension.

    And old dryer outlet uses 10-30 for which you need this https://www.evseadapters.com/tesla/tesla-to-10-30-adapter
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    Thank you all!!
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    I have taken my Model S to Wisp a couple of times. I did stop at Hagerstown supercharger, which was great to pick up some quick miles. At the resort, each of the Light Posts in the parking lot have a 20 amp normal household outlet. You can plug in there (with the adapter) to pick up about 15 miles per night. It is enough for little quick trips, or if you are there for a couple days of skiing, enough to put on 30-45 extra margin for the return. It isn't awesome, but it gives you the peace of mind to take your S (or X) out to Wisp. Each time I go there I ask them about EV parking... so keep asking.
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    thanks gtj! I have tried to link their GM with the destination charging folks at Tesla - the Tesla folks are amazing, but the Wisp people are ....not. (so far!)
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