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roof racks, chargers in Maine

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will the X have roof racks?
are there plans for superchargers along I-95 as far north as Bangor, Maine?
When and where will Xs be on display for potential buyers to inspect them ? We already have an S model and have reserved an X. Final delivery will depend on how comfortable the front seats are for a 6'5" driver. [the S is fine in that regard for my 5'2" wife but not for me]


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    <li>When the FWD are open the meet in the middle. No rack or its contents would fit in there. There was some speculation about turning off one of the doors so it would not open but this looks doubtful. Note they talk about requiring the trailer option for hauling skiis and bikes</li>
    <li>Looks like no SC in Maine planned from this site</li&gt;
    <li>Probably no demo's until mid next year at earliest unless you want to go to Freemont. They have not announced it yet but people who have asked said they are using all the cars to deliver to reservation holders first</li>
    <li>Tall drivers and easy of ingress/egress seem to be at the top of many list of potential MX buyers. We won't know any of this until the cars are revealed on the 29th and a few people get the signature cars hopefully in October.</li></ol>
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    No roof rack option, but there is a standard 2" trailer hitch included for bike/ski/other carriers. There is an additional towing package for $750 that allows towing. up to 5000 lbs. The towing package is not required for bike/ski carriers.
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    There are SC's planned for Maine for this year and next. If you look at the SC map on this site and move the slider forward you will see them.

    Don't know where you got the info about no demos until mid-2016 but that has not been substantiated. It's likely that there will not be showroom demos this year, but many of us expect them early next year, and there may very well be demo events.
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    gfb107 | SEPTEMBER 7, 2015, I think that you are incorrect as it relates to the 2" trailer hitch being included. I talked to Tesla last week and was told that unless I ordered the tow package, thre was not going to be a 2" receiver on my Signature Series MX. They will offer a bike and ski rack that can be used but it will not be a 2" receiver. I need a 2" receiver to use my bike rack so I will order the tow package at an additional $750. That info cam directly from Tesla corporate after the rep talked to his supervisor.
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    Maybe they will be providing a common 1 1/4" hitch for mounting bikes etc.

    If your current bike rack required a 2" socket, you will either need to get a different rack mount, or an adapter like this

    You cannot pull heavy items with the smaller hitch mount, but for lightweight items it could be most convenient.
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