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Memphis TN

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I know Tesla is constantly opening charging station nationwide. Anyone know of any plans to open a charging station in Memphis TN anytime soon? Also, what are some of the best locations for charging in Memphis? Are the dealerships pretty fair about letting others charger at their lots?


  • There are several public charging stations in downtown Memphis, however, they are Blink stations so their reliability is often questionable. www.plugshare.com contains the best information on non-Tesla charging stations.
    I don't know about the auto dealers. I get to Memphis occasionally but never with an EV.
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    Memphis is on the plan for 2016. There are 8 L2 chargers at Shelby Farms, although they are blocked during construction. There's a L2 at each Whole Foods. There are 3 Chademos in metro Memphis, at 3 of the Nissan dealerships.

    As stated above, you can find all this on plugshare. The best place to charge is in your own garage.
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    Anyone here not on that other web site, Memphis SC is under construction.
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    Memphis SC is up and running (Kid tested, Model 3 approved)
  • I would like to know when Tesla power products will be available in Tipton County.
  • Does the Memphis SC provide loaner vehicles?
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