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Ten feet autopilot needed?

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The parking demo by Elon was striking, but valid were also the remarks that the driver also needed to get in or out through the front doors.
Could the parking assistance be set up to include a front parking option whereby the car could all by itself advance only some ten feet after being roughly positioned? This would allow the driver to get out of the car with ease. I recognize that falcon wings would also become less needed.


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    I like Your approach on this issue.
    Like in a robot, there could be a Teach function. Park the vehicle in correct position. Initialise Teach sequence; reverse straight out of parking spot, so far as needed to be able to open drivers door; when door opened, press "relocate"; egress (leave vehicle); close the drivers door; then the vehicle goes back to the spot, where Teach sequence was initialised.

    When back to vehicle, press 4 times on roof button; vehicler reverses to the spot, where the drivers door was closed.
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    BMW offers unoccupied self-parking with a remote control keyfob. Very simple compared to the functionality promised by Tesla "real soon now," but still, it's already to market.
    BMW also has laser headlights.
    Mercedes has lane-keeping "freeway" adaptive cruise control, cameras to monitor the road and adapt the suspension to potholes, etc.
    Honda has LED headlights for a couple of years now.
    It seems to me the Model X is "decontented" on things like weight-saving composite materials (it's heavy enough to be depreciated as a commercial truck ...) or a heads-up-display (HUD) or each the items listed above. Perhaps these arrive incrementally as "late availability" options.
    I'm not sure I'd wait-and-see for any particular option except autopilot.
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    The point of the doors is to allow easy access for strapping in children or getting to the third row, avoiding leaning between the wheel and the door, contorting yourself, especially where space is limited. The car will be able to park itself. There is no question about that. It is just a matter of time.
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    I want to say the Model X uses no gas or oil... ever. How's that going for other 'luxury' brands? thought so.
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    I think so. BMW has been harping on the new 7-Series being able to do this at a garage. It probably would work at a head in parking space as well.
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    I don't think you'd have to pre-park/teach it; it would use its sensors to determine where to park after you get out.
    This is explicitly in the plan (at least on 'private property' aka CYA legal talk): your Tesla will be able to park itself.
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