Model X Reservation Holders in GA

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Hello all. I noted there are multiple Model X Reservation Holders in Georgia, with a number in the Atlanta Metro Area.

Thought, for those who would like to Identify each other so we may send private messages.

Reservation type - Production
Reservation Location: Lawrenceville GA
Forum Name: aljjr2

Hopefully as time goes by, we can support one another and show our vehicles to those still waiting. Signature holders to the front of the line to help us Production Holders. Thanks.


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    Reservation type - Production
    Reservation Location: Atlanta, soon to be Johns Creek
    Forum Name: pjjava34

    I'm hoping to take delivery by early Spring (if all goes smoothly on TMs part).

    Res # in mid 16,000s
  • West midtown. Sig X with every option except ludicrous . Res # 650's
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    cool... ordered today. P85D, all options except ludicrous and winter package.

    Suareeanddavid... you are in the "cat-bird" seat. SOON
  • Just got call the other day that vehicle is done and being shipped now. I get back from Thailand end of the month and expect it to be ready then. Pretty excited. BTW, I think my reservation # was actually 609

    Other details:

    - midnight silver
    - tow package
    - winter package
    - 22" wheels
    - 7 seater

    I want the charcoal 22" turbine rims, but they weren't available when i ordered the Sig version so if anyone is ordering one who wants sliver but can order the charcoal instead (or simply changed their mind), i've love to trade you! and throw in some kind of kicker of course :)
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    Very nice! What color seats did you go with? Really curious to see if the bugs are mostly worked out as they make it to your number. We went with 20's as we plan on driving a lot from the get go and wanted to maximize on tire life.
  • Went all black on the interior - wanted to stay a little sporty as I'll be trading in my Audi S4. My close second choice was to do black leather seats and the tan headliner.

    i came close to going with the 20" wheels as well since I have a boat. Given I only need to pull it out of the water 1-2x a year and my neighbor has a truck, i figured I'd stick with 22". Still a toss-up decision for me.
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    Reservation type - Production
    Reservation Location: Snellville, GA
    Forum Name: fge203175

    Model X P90D
    Exterior : Pearl White Multi-Coat Paint , 22" Onyx Black Wheels
    Interior : Ultra White Seats , Dark Ash Wood Décor , Black Headliner Included Seven Seat Interior
    Performance : Active Spoiler, Tesla Red Brake Calipers
    Options: Autopilot Convenience Features, Premium Upgrades Package, Smart Air Suspension, Included Ultra High Fidelity Sound , Subzero Weather Package , Accessory Hitch.
    Confirmed the order on 01/18/2016. No vin as of yet, I believe because of Black onyx wheels. So yesterday made couple of changes to the configuration. Changed 7 seat to 6 seat and wheels to 22 inch silver. Don't want to wait till September and will be trading my 2013 Modes S p85.
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    Model x 90d
    Pearl white with ultra white 7 seats
    Location: Johns Creek
    Options: Autopilot, premium upgrades, smart suspension, subzero, 20" silver wheels
    Taking delivery around June 23
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