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Can all doors be opened mechanically? What happens to FWD if power is lost?

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As a matter of safety, I would like to know if the FWD and rear hatch can be opened without power from the battery pack. Do the latches have a mechanical release? How heavy are the FWDx and how much muscle will be needed to overcome both the weight and friction/inertia of the door motors? Will the FWD stay open if power is lost?

Going to ask my TM rep to explain all, but thought I would also ask here.


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    The rear doors can be opened manually. All of the doors have a mechanical release. The doors should stay open if power is lost, unless you use the mechanical system that disengages the motors. I got this info from one of the questions asked by a reporter during an interview/test drive. I do not remember which one so you will have to find it yourself it you want to see it.
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    Thanks. I will go look for that report.
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    Here is an <a href="">edmunds</a&gt; article that mentions it too.
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