TESLA: Tidal or Spotify Support Please

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Kindly enable Tidal, or even Spotify Play in Tesla.


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    The rumor I heard is they wanted Pandora, but that company wasn't interested in working with Tesla. I suspect they signed an exclusive multi-year deal with Slacker that prevents them from integrating other similar services at this time. Such contracts would likely be confidential. It is a frequently requested feature, and the answer for now is to tether your phone, which isn't optimal.
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    Enabling many apps directly on the Tesla computers risk opening up more ports, enabling a wider door for susceptibility and other security risks. It's the same reason why they don't allow you to screen project directly from phones. Safety and security is their top priority.
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    I would like Tidal HI-fi in particular because it offers MQA . MQA sounds vastly superior to Slacker radios lesser quality fidelity.

    I don't care so much that MQA is full enabled to do the 24bit 192kHz unpacking . The 24 bit 96kHz would be fine. either way the stream is no more data dense than a CD.

    I do have a 256GB iPhone but safety wise not having to fiddle with an iPhone is a good idea.
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    I would like XM radio software capability. I did not get the upgraded audio package ($2500 for better speakers is a little overpriced). Even if one had to supply their own credentials, there is a lot of unique content on XM which is not available anywhere else.

    Right now, I have to use my phone which as @johngilmour points out is not safe or optimal.
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    I'm still hoping for Pandora someday.
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    Spotify has been available for Tesla in Europe for a long while now. The US Spotify site has a Tesla page since 2015. No idea what's holding it up. By most accounts Spotify is still the one to beat.

    Here is a recent electrek article about Spotify is coming to US. It usually has a pretty accurate info.
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    After 35,000 miles in Model S and Model X (both my own Model X 75d and 90d and Model S loaners)I can say I am frustrated with the sound quality of Bluetooth via Iphone even when using the best possible full file CD quality streams using Tidal Hi-Fi.

    If I need to dictate via Siri I find myself constantly trying to disable bluetooth on the iPhone for dictation (because Siri is about 3 times more inaccurate using the Tesla microphone) resulting in error correction being so labor intensive that it is easier to manually type than trying to dictate and having to manually correct and having bluetooth off is convenient UNTIL you get phone call and then you have to pick up your phone to reactivate bluetooth for the call, answering the call then mid call having to reconnect via bluetooth losing audio for a second or two and apologizing to every caller.

    Music Sound quality via bluetooth is terrible, compared to even a rental full size Cadillac with CarPlay using Tidal. And admittedly even to these discerning ears the Caddy with CarPlay is very very good using Tidal, as I did a drive from Newport Beach to Aspen quite happy the entire way singing along with the music (no one in the car).

    The sound quality in my 2017 MX 75d way WAY superior to my 2017 MX 90d and both have the $2500 stereo upgrade option. I am assuming the 90d is a later build as it doesn't have the shiny seat backs for the front seats but still has Alcantara on the dash. I have had several other Model X loaners and all with the high fidelity systems were superior to my Model X. There is tremendous variability from one Model X to another in sound quality and all the EQ settings end up being Very different despite the interiors being identical and systems being the same. There is huge variability in SQ from car to car.

    Better sound can be had by using a USB stick and 16 bit 44.1khz Redbook CD quality files.

    Franky Slacker SUCKS the emotion right out of the music and is barely listenable so I find myself listening to talk radio and podcasts instead of music...ugh.

    Bluetooth via the iPhone using Tidal Hifi with Redbook 16bit 44.1khz files (bluetooth significantly strips music quality) is about a 15% improvement over slackers awful compression , and USB is about a HUGE improvement .

    Tesla using Spotify or Pandora is a sideways move in Sound quality. Tidal would be huge leap forward, and TESA COULD BE AN INDUSTRY LEADER in INCAR SOUND QUALITY if they were to use its interface to allow for Tidal MQA MASTERS which is 24 bit 192kHz. Currently MQA does not support iOS so iPhones and iPads would only get 16 bit 44.1kHz using an iPad or iPhone. However MQA does support a partial unfolding of their files to 24 bit 96kHz using either a PC or Mac OS. I do not know what sort of OS is used by Tesla.

    if they would allow for people to change out the speakers in Model X that would help. Having a 3.5" midrange doesn't allow for many affordable high quality substitutes . Micro precision would possibly be good for a 3.5" but is expensive. Audiofrog which is run by Andy Wehmeyer formerly known for his JBL MS-8 processor makes a 2.5" midrange driver which although good for a 2.5" drive suffers compared to a 3.5" driver. Its a shame Model X selected a 3.5" driver because it has to be crossed over so high , and I believe the drivers are made in house. A real shame since the Scan Speak 12M is so superior and reasonably priced for a high end midrange. Considering autopilots ability to free you up a bit to fiddle with your audio selection your attention to sound quality is more focused

    But fitting a Scan Speak 12M would require extensive dash reworking according to Sound in Motion in Milpitas , CA and Audio Studio in Sunnyvale.

    Apparently removing the panels is a nightmare as Bing from Simplicity in Sound says in model S the panel clips they use in the Tesla factory are derived from the Pontiac Vibe and prone to breaking. Installers tend to love the Honda clips and panels which are easier to work with and do not break easily.

    Changing the dash speakers requires a full dash disassembly about 3-5 hours of labor just to take it apart. Not including a driver refit and reassembly.

    Bing further said any aftermarket wire may result inTesla voiding its warranty service until the wires are uninstalled and put back to the way it was . Something that seems extreme. I have never heard of this in the car industry.

    I tune systems for high end audio shows at CES, RMAF, T.H.E. Show Newport Beach and Gavin Fish formally of Light Harmonic might let me know what he and Larry Ho of Light Harmonic experience has been with Tesla Service as they make some aftermarket "drop in upgrades" to the Tesla Model S stock system when they developed their products for Light Harmonic . Gavin Left Light Harmonic to go to Audio Engine which makes products at the furthest opposite end of high fidelity sound quality and budget as compared to M.I.T. or Light Harmonic. Which is a loss because it was great that someone in High End was showing an interest in Tesla .

    Tesla is one of the few companies , I feel, that if they out their talents toward it , could get high end audio correct in the car. Their cars have the lowest noise floors, huge battery reserves, and most talented fabrication in the industry...

    and ...with some extra sound deadening to the car interior panels , better speakers, better DAC , and tuning by someone who was not raised on MP3 files and earbuds could easily make an unbeatable world class product.

    The white Seats in Model X (non performance models have the best sitting plush seats) , are so INCREDIBLY comfortable that I prefer them even to the 2017 BMW M5 seats- which in terms of adjustability are flat out amazing but still don't sit as well as Model X front seats). And Tesla seats and electric car performance have continually why not the audio in their premium cars? Frankly Model 3 has the best sound system of the lot (partially because the dash is so symmetrical). IMHO The $35,000 entry level Tesla car should not beat the Tesla Luxury cars that costs twice or three times as much.

    I could blow the stock system out of the water in sound quality at the same sound level in a Tesla, and produce a system which could also play louder . Ironically making a system play with both more musicality and detail results in people playing it happily even at much lower levels making both conversation and musical enjoyment not mutually exclusive. What I find most frustrating is that I can not get musical enjoyment out of the Tesla at low levels, and I don't care to always have to turn it loud to enjoy music as I think it distracts the driver from hearing other cars horns and is fatiguing on longer drives.

    All that is missing to the Tesla compelling equation of the electric car is great sound. There will always be people who are satisfied with average or even sub par sound in their cars just as there are those who enjoy box wine and fast food everyday, and yet there are even more people who are thrilled everyday by superior sound in their cars.

    One last point..

    So far I have not found a way to stream an entire album side on slacker, which for say Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, or any album that flows from song to song is disruptive to say nothing about how destructive this is for opera or concertos.
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    I dont see Tidal being around for much longer, just my opinion.

    Pandora would be great.
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    @ johngilmour - There is one way to stream a single album in order. You need to subscribe to the premium Slacker package, and then you can create playlists. You create a playlists with the songs on the album in order. The you can select that playlist, and hear the album in order.

    The negative though is that even though the songs will be played in the correct order, there is still a small gap between the songs.
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    @adamortner I agree. I want the option to have Pandora and will pay Tesla extra money for it if I can stream at high quality and get my playlists.
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    I want to have access to these via the center panel:
    1. Access to the Premium version of TuneIn if I'm paying for it
    2. Access to SiriusXM via streaming (I don't have the sunroof)
    3. Spotify
    4. Apple Music
    5. iHeart Radio auto app (just about everything that's missing from TuneIn)
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    @leesmith: You can already use your own premium TuneIn account. From the manual: “By default, TuneIn uses a Tesla account that has been set up for you. To sign in to a different TuneIn account, scroll to the bottom of the TuneIn source, touch Sign In, and enter your log in information.”

    For the rest, you’ll have to stream from your phone via Bluetooth.
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    If you'd like to play Tidal music in Tesla, you can make it possible with the assistance of AudFree Tidal Music Downloader, which can not only download Tidal music and playlists offline with zero quality lossless but also convert Tidal music to FLAC, MP3, etc. for being compatible with Tesla.
    So you can try to install AudFree Tidal converter and transfer Tidal music to your Tesla for playback without problem.
    For the detailed information about AudFree Tidal Music Converter, please visit its official website:
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    Already have a Tidal account for the house, just let me log on through LTE and I'll be happy. Streaming music through the phone is crippling data usage and Canada's carriers have usurious rates!
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    Thx Annie - will check that out
  • I prefer to listen to Spotify Music in Tesla, as I can find lots of my favorite songs and artists from Spotify. I usually download Spotify music to USB via TunesKit Spotify Music Converter so that I can listen to offline Spotify songs even though I don't have a good network connection.
  • Tidal would be great, it is smoother and has more depth than Spotify. It would need to be able to stream lossless, though, or be able to store lossless tracks which would require a high bit rate.
  • > @JuJoo said:
    > Enabling many apps directly on the Tesla computers risk opening up more ports, enabling a wider door for susceptibility and other security risks. It's the same reason why they don't allow you to screen project directly from phones. Safety and security is their top priority.

    Unless the MCU supports VMs or other mechanism for isolating apps. The android and IOS sandbox model hasn't worked well. The MCU2 is x86_64 based (Intel Atom E8000) with Linux so VMs or at least running chroot should help. Linux lacks a container with a kernel enforced security isolation like BSD jails that is much lighter weight than VMs. The processor supports VT-x so VMs are possible but a heavy weight container solution.
  • As a big fan of Spotify, I often listen to music on Spotify. Once I was a premium user on Spotify for downloading Spotify music, but I found those downloaded files cannot be played out of Spotify. Then I google how to control music downloaded from Spotify and how to play them out of Spotify. Later, I installed Tunelf Spotify Music Converter on my pc. Now, I could convert Spotify to mp3 through that Spotify music downloader and play them on any device and player anytime.
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