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Getting solar...forecasting the X's consumption

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I am getting solar and trying to assess how much kwh I will need with the X.

Here are my assumptions:

-Fully charged 90 kwh battery for 257 miles
-If 25% charging efficiency, that's really 112.5 kwh for every 257 miles.
-If I drive 15K miles/year, that's 6566 kwh/year.

Are these good assumptions to use or are there other factors that I miss?


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    Or just divide your annual miles by three and that gives a quick estimate.
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    If you only charge at home bump it up a bit.

    If it's cold and you heat batteries then bump it up.

    If you drive fast a lot bump it up a bit.

    If you city drive slow a lot maybe bump it down.

    Lots of variables based on how, when and where you operate.

    Dividing miles by three is fast and easy and gives an estimate.
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