Hood Canal Bridge interference?

edited November -1 in Washington
Over the weekend I was driving across the bridge with TACC enabled when it turned itself off, with resultant deceleration. I brought it back up to speed and re-set TACC, but within 100 yds. it turned off again. In the past I've had the forward impact alert and braking happen on the bridge on two different occasions when there was nothing in front of me or on the road surface. I talked with a retired electrician who worked on the bridge for years and he told me that the HC bridge has unique electronic signals related to the Navy's Bangor submarine traffic, and I should not be surprised if there are interactions with my MS settings. In his opinion this should not be true of all drawbridges, only this one. Does anyone else have any experience or insights about this? Meantime, pay attention when crossing the Hood Canal Bridge.
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