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Annapolis destination charger

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Sent the following to the destination team. "Are there plans to install a few destination chargers at Annapolis Mall in Annapolis, Md? There is now a sales experience location in the mall and it seems like Tesla will be using the only available charging options at the Mall which is a poorly wired 20amp 110v plug."

And got the following reply,

"We have already reached out to the Annapolis Mall with our offer to no avail. If you know any managers or property owners at the mall or destinations nearby, feel free to pass them along or make any introductions.

Thank you,

Destination Charging Team
3500 Deer Creek Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304
e [email protected] | f 510.952.4482

So if anybody knows anyone let the destination team know.


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    They could pursue the Parole Shopping Center instead, where they have done multiple demos.
    Tesla could have opened a storefront there when the Coldwater Creek store closed.
    There are multiple parking decks in that 3 block area that would benefit from charger options.
    The only thing available right now is the Whole Foods chargers.
    Those parking decks are better laid out, more spacious, and not as claustrophobic as the poorly lit, tightly packed parking spaces, with a spate of crappy drivers at the Westfield Mall.

    All that being said, I swung by a week ago when I saw at the bottom of my Tesla page that it was now my closest "showroom". Since it is in "kiosk" space a few spots down from a Solar City kiosk, it is not a huge financial commitment for Tesla. It was unmanned an hour before closing, as was the Solar City kiosk, but at least SC had brochures.

    The Tesla was a P90D with a fat price tag. It seems to me that lots of folks know that Teslas are expensive, but a lot fewer realize how affordable a base 70D can be with the Fedreal Tax Credit of $7,500 and the $3,000 MD sales tax refund if you haven't already used it on a previous vehicle. (I learned that one the hard way; but if in a relationship, the workaround is to have one in each name.) it seems to me that a kiosk "showroom" should be touting the relative affordability compared to a lot of the MB, Audi, BMW, and Cadillac product line instead of the loaded P90D. Once people start test driving, they will up sell themselves as they deem appropriate.
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    Met and spoke to the site manager for the Tesla Kiosk in the Mall over by Nordstroms. He says there will be a few chargers located on the side of Nordstroms, but they will only be 220 volt, 30 amp chargers. While better than nothing, it will mean leaving your car plugged in for 3 plus hours for any kind of a charge. That can only lead to hard feeling for Tesla drivers who can't get a plug. For me, I will leave my cell # on the dash so if someone need an emergency charge, I'll come out and move my car. Something the charge hogs at the Montgomery Mall should do.
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    Representative at Tyson VA store says there will be an Annapolis SC opening in Annapolis later this year
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    The Montgomery mall store says Owings Mills for the SC
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    @harrisjk - Owings Mills for a supercharger or a service center? A showroom or service center there makes perfect sense, but it seems like an odd location for a supercharger at this point in the build-out.

    We need new acronyms.
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    Owings mills service center according to tesla employee.
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