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How about a hat?

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It's been a long wait, and there is still a long wait ahead before I will be able to order my Model X. Meanwhile Tesla has had an interest-free loan of $5,000....

How about a little love for the patiently waiting fans?

I'd take a nice T-shirt over a hat, but either one would be free advertising and would sooth my restless soul.


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    If you can afford a model x you can afgord to buy your own hat.
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    Hopefully the majority of Model X Signature buyers will get a nice, neat, Tesla Swag Bundle in appreciation.
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    My wife was the only person I saw at the reveal event with a Model X shirt on. Many people kept asking her questions thinking she was a Tesla employee. :-)
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    Last year we got a lovely Christmas card. Maybe we will all get another one this year!
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    There is a 15 or 20% discount when a reservation holder buys clothing or accessories in the Tesla gallery or service centers.

    I bought a hat, shirt, and license plate holder (on my Cayenne with a label that says "Waiting for my X" which nobody can read).

    Plus reservations holders get a free tour of the factory...

    And you get special access to private forum threads...

    Don't forget you get an advanced degree in developing your "Patiently Waiting" skills

    So amazing benefits in return for giving Tesla that interest free loan....Such A Deal !!!

    I don't get why more don't sign up for this....
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    @e-randy - Some of us have had a lot more than $5k for a lot longer than you probably. (TM for my first $5k years before the MS went into production. As soon as MX was announced, I switched my deposit to the MX. And then ponied up for a Sig reservation.)

    BTW, read your contract. Your $5k is not an interest-free loan.

    As others have pointed out, you already have benefits that the general public do not get. So stop the wah-wah-wah. :-)
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    I've been patiently waiting through all of the hate and negativity surrounding multiple delays, seat-gate, bashing of Falcon WD, etc. And I had the *EXACT* same thought as e-randy. I'd like a free hat for all of my trouble. It isn't too much to ask for.

    This has nothing to do with how much he (or anyone else) put down. $5K or $40K held for (in my case 3 years) with very little communication or tangible return is a big deal. I am waiting patiently, and (unlike some on these forums) will not bash Tesla since I accept that this is the price of being first in line.

    But I do not think it unreasonable to hope for a free hat. I get one every year from Porsche, and I don't buy a car from them every year.

    @Mark35: How is e-randy's $5K not an interest-free loan? What DOES the contract say you get in return for giving Tesla your hard-earned cash for 3 years?
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    e-randy - Idiot!

    You will get your car and that is it!!!
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    As with everyone else who put down the Sig deposit I can afford my own swag, but it would be a nice gesture by Tesla after the long wait. Funny story. Mentioned to my daughter, who is Germany for the year, that I will have my X before I see her again in January, and she said "Wow that was fast". I think she meant since I had just told her I placed the order 2 weeks ago, but still it was weird to hear that in relation to this whole adventure. ;-)
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    Two Sigs and one regular on deposit for a long looong time. Maybe one stock share of each month waiting.

    Actually just getting some cars would be fine.

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    mclary=bad Santa
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    It is not a loan because they dont pay it back.

    It is a deposit against purchase price.
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    I'm not a hater, nor trying to whine.
    1) We live in Michigan and I don't get to see many of the cars on the road and have never had a "dealer" experience.
    2) Tesla has had my deposit for years. I understand the legal difference between a "deposit" and a "Loan". After this length of time, that deposit is a de facto loan.
    3) Yes, I can afford to buy my own hat. That is not the point. Thanks, though, to whomever reminded me of the discount at the Company Store.
    4) Communication from Tesla has been terrible. Throughout the MX reveal process I had one, maybe two emails from them. And I still have no information from Tesla on expected production date, design center, etc. Again, not a complaint, just an observation of a perceived deficiency.
    5) Swag can make me feel good about a brand. BMW sent a very nice pen a couple of years ago- and I still feel good about the brand whenever I have time to think about it and am using the pen. That was good marketing. We also have a nice BMW travel mug given to us by the dealership.

    I guess it comes down to the fact that I am beginning to see storm clouds on the horizon of my world of Tesla enthusiasm and would like Tesla to do something to refresh my enthusiasm.
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    I agree with everything e-randy said 100% (except for the living in Michigan part).

    The hat would mean miniscule expenditure for Tesla (especially in comparison to the expense of the Model X launch), but would go miles and miles in terms of good will.
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    Hat is coming!

    Down the chimney St. Musk came with a bound.
    He was dressed all in Tesla gear from the shop,
    From his head to his foot, and on his topknot
    A cap for me and T-shirt for missus,
    And his clothes were gifts for kids who wash dishes.
    A bundle of toys he had flung on his back,
    And he looked like a pedaller opening his back pack.
    An analog clock and customisable dash,
    Things we just dreamed of: Things of our lust;
    iPhone compatible and forum thread list,......................

    From my poem thread Twas the Night Before X-Mass
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    Typical cheapskate.

    Purchase a expensive vehicle, then expect free stuff.

    Got your block of cheese, free cell phone, section Eight housing, social security you Never contributed, food stamps, and you free healthcare?

    Good for you.

    Stand Proud
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    Actually check out WiFi access in hotels. If you take a brand like Hilton who have a wide variety of property types of different classes, you get free WiFi at the cheapest properties but have to pay at the most expensive.

    The reason: The guests at the more expensive properties generally don't concern themselves about cost while those at the least expensive expect a free TV with movies, breakfast, WiFi and other 'freebies'. Its well known in the hospitality industry.
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    Actually, if you dig just a little deeper: Higher-end hotels tend to have most of their business from business travelers. Whatever spending culture each business has (from frugal to lavish) they will pay the rates and pay for the add-ons like WiFi. Some of those hotels even have tiered speeds on WiFi.

    Then the businesses treat the costs of travel as a deductible expense. That means that the cost is partially subsidized by the tax deductions.
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