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Changing the title holder's name

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I inadvertently left the default title owner as my name. All of our other cars are titled, registered, insured, etc. in my wife's name. Has anyone figured out how to change this? I re-enter the Design Studio, and can change any number of things, but not the title.

Any ideas? I emailed Tesla, but from what I understand they're backed up.


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    Let me ask this differently. Do you think it's okay to commit to my confuration and change the title name to my wife's name later? I mailed, but I think this should be easier when I have a DS assigned to me.
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    I would suggest you contact Tesla. Here in Georgia, registration is up to the buyer, as the car is sold in California, and delivered in Georgia. Tesla here does not actually collect taxes, or even title the car. They provide the bill of sale, and Manufacturer's Certificate (for initial title). So you may not have an issue -- but would contact either Tesla Hq, or your local Delivery Center to understand the process.
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    I switched out things a week before delivery to my wife when I discovered that I would be travelling. They cringed a little, but did it. Let your DS know right know earlier than I did so they don't do the paperwork twice.
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    Thanks @reeler. The minute I get assigned a DS, I will let them know.
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