Trusted Mobile Hand Washing in Alpharetta

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Anyone have any positive experience with any mobile hand washing companies in the Alpharetta or Cumming areas?


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    I'm looking forward to hearing a response here as well. I recently moved to the area.
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    Welcome to the area! I might have found someone. Will let you know how it goes.
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    Thanks Skatz! Look forward to it.
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    If you love your Model S as much as I do, call Brad Crane at Phantom Auto Shield. He is in Acworth, works out of his house. Get him to Opti-Coat your finish. Nothing sticks to it!

    Then wash it yourself. A bucket of water with 1/4 ounce of optimum soap. Throw 8 microfiber clothes in the bucket. Fold each cloth into squares and wipe over car in one direction. Start a new square each time. No hose required, except wheels & tires must be washed old fashion way. He will teach you how to do all this, how to wash your car as well as application of a spray that will maintain a brilliant paint job.

    My P85D is 8 months removed from his garage and the paint is flawless!!! Not a mark.

    Hand this task off to someone else, you will get swirl marks on your paint, your choice.
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    Thanks for the info Semilam. What were his rates for opti coating your S? I assume it'll be a hair more for my X.
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    Thanks for the info. I will reach out to him.
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    It's been awhile. I think it was $600 but I had a front clear bra applied as well that put me up to $1100 I think and got a small discount since we both work for Delta. Opti-Coat raised their price shortly after he did mine.

    Brad's full time job is a quality control inspector in the big hanger between runways. He oversees Maintenance on the jets. He's very meticulous when it comes to working on cars and he's done a lot. He has a facebook page with many pics. My S turned out perfect. Not a single mark or swirl on the paint.

    The stuff is amazing. Hardly any road dirt sticks to car. Very easy to wash indoors as described.

    There were a couple more in ATL who Opti-Coat but their prices were much higher, probably the overhead of having a business.

    Brad's # 404 725 4125
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    I have driven 400 miles since I last washed it 2 weeks ago. 2 trips to airport in heavy rain. The car looks liked it was just washed. Clean every where except where rear doors flare out.

    I also had the rims Opti Coated on car. Brad sprayed them with an airbrush. He has a price for on car or removing wheels. Didn't see the need for full wheel protection.
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