Washington DC

Mystery Check

I just received a check from Tesla for $125. Mailed from California. No documentation or explanation. Any ideas?


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    They may have charged you too much for taxes or tags and have corrected for it. It's nice to see when companies do the right thing, although some notation or explanation would be helpful.
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    ANY notation would be helpful. I just traded in my S and got a check in the mail with NO explanation. I figured it was for the unused service and extended "warranty" that I purchased at the sane time as my S.
  • Hmmm... ...so I guess it's their usual M.O. Weird.
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    Be careful of depositing checks when you don't know why you received them. There are scam artists out there who snare victims with these kinds of schemes. Confirm from Tesla HQ that these checks were actually sent by them and what they are for before you deposit or cash them.
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