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My name is Sergei , i have ordered a car in stock Models s . car price 133 000 + vat with all options

My sales manager does not answer me from 8 December after 7 email i got an answer only on a few questions...

I feel , i am talking with a robot... I thought Tesla and Ellon cares for people and the do.. but i do not understand,

how such poor workers can work with sales... i am not buying a toy.. this is a car..

I really want to make a complaint for that, i have all emails and answers, i just want to know where i should write it?

I want smb to help me, Car will be ready n 6th of January. But

I do not now, has my car all options, my bank is also not contacted .. so this is all looks very funny

Jaap van den Bogaard | Delivery Experience Specialist, Europe Sales - write is his email.

Please, people from Tesla motors, assist me please:)

And Happy holidays

my order is : RN6604333


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    My experience with them is similar. I've been awaiting an answer from them regarding a trade in for months. And from Brussels store as well.

    For that matter I'm awaiting an answer from an email sent to Tesla Motors as well. Like for two months.

    And from Tilburg.

    And since no one was answering back, I commented the issue in the store from Beverly Hills, CA.

    No replies. Not one.

    So being the Model S a nice product, they manage it so poorly that I'm absolutely convinced I won't buy a Tesla again.
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    Wow, that is quite the opposite of my own experience with Tesla Sales in general and Jaap van den Bogaard in particular.
    To my recollection he was always very responsive to emails and very easily reachable by phone or would call back within one working day.

    I hope language is not an issue? (I'm Dutch)

    Either way; your car will most likely come with the options specified in your My Tesla page and you will not be disappointed upon delivery :-D ..
  • Hi

    We are also extremely happy with the sales people. We have been in contact with 2 sales people and we went to the car Shop in Brussels before we signed the contract. All of them knew who we were and talked to each other about us eg we went to the car shop in Brussels to decide on the colour and the person from the shop informed our main contact immediately. They did not push to include options but they told us which are very useful and which aren't so they did not feel like sales people but as advisors.

    We are now anxiously waiting for our delivery so we now have a delivery specialist and the communication is also very good. Our insurance agent contacted him and immediately got the answers that she needed.

    So we don't have any complaints, in fact we're very happy with our Tesla experience so far.

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    Just phone them. That works :D
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    Just phone them. That works :D
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