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Window tint and paint protection Sac area

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Hello, we just had Mike at Appearance Solutions window tint, opti coat and expel on our MS and he did a great job. Would highly recommend his shop which is off Power Inn and 50.


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    Which Xpel package did you go with? Full wrap? TIA
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    I don't remember the package but it was $2385. for the wrap, opti coat and window tinting.
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    I can second, I had Mike do my car too. Window tint, Xpel and opticoat. Xpel on hood, nose, bumpers, mirrors. It's doing it's job, I have to get the nose and hood parts replaced but they have protected the car underneath.
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    We had our window tinted at Marvelous Tint Solutions in Folsom on Greenback. Did a great job. Would recommend getting their ceramic tint on the pano. Dramatic difference in the heat penetration. Nearly 3 years later - still looks fantastic.
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    Appearance Solutions did a great job for me. Highly recommended.
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    I also used Mike @ Appearance Solutions for an Xpel wrap, Opticoat and Window tint. He did a great job. The car is very easy to keep clean with the Xpel wrap - dirt is less prone to adhering and comes off very easy in a wash. Once he's worked on your car, he'll also let you bring the car back to him for hand washes, which IMHO is much safer than taking it to a touchless car wash - I don't want to worry about an inexperienced person driving the car or the 21" rims get scratched on the roller that pulls the car through the car wash.

    I also had him apply the HOV stickers. If you are worried about damage to the paint if you wanted to remove them in the future, here's what he did. Mike had already applied an Xpel wrap on my rear umber. He then applied 3 additional customized X-pel pieces in the shape of the HOV stickers on top of the rear bumper Xpels wrap. The HOV stickers were then applied to the 3 customized HOV shaped X-pel wraps. If/when the car is sold, the 3 customized HOV Xpel wraps can be steamed off along with the stickers. The underlying X-pel bumper wrap and paint finish remain intact.
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    Mike did a great job on our S85 Oct '14 with Opti on body and wheels, Xpel on key areas and ceramic tint.

    Still looks brand new after 20k miles. Highly recommend Appearance Solutions.
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    Mike did a great job on our 2017 Model 3. Highly recommend Mike and his team at Appearance Solutions.
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    Another recommendation for Mike. He did my Model 3 last month (Xpel + tint), and it's fabulous.
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