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Selling 21" Grey Turbine Wheels

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Trading in my MS for MX within the month and have a set of 21" grey turbine wheels. They are in good condition, no damage/rash. Tires may need to be replaced. Selling for $2000.


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    If you have pics or can take pics, can you pm me? [email protected]
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    Hk, you might want to wait to see if they will fit on your new X.
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    Hk, just got a note back from Tesla and they said "The difference between the grey/silver wheel and tires packages based on the VIN are due to the difference in Tire Pressure Sensors. The Model S wheel and tires are not compatible with the Model X."

    I kept my Model S snow tires would work with my new X.

    Sorry to have mislead you, hope above info is helpful. Now I'll have to sell mine too.
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    thanks for the info. That definitely does help. After the last message I was thinking you had a great idea! Thanks for following up
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