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Where do wrecked Teslas go, is there a Model S heaven?

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Just wondering. Great start for a custom rod.

Can you buy one and onsell the battery?


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    I tell others that a wrecked Model S is like being an organ donor - the battery can power your house.
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    There are lots of them out there. Search on "Tesla salvage". Many look to be in repairable condition, but the insurance company wrote them off. But seriously, would you buy a salvage battery from a stranger who has no way of testing it and no warranty?
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    The big concern is how long the salage unit was sitting uncharged (presuming the battery is undamaged). The general thought is if it is over 2 months without charging, it has some risk it might be bricked (i.e. unusable). It all depends on how much charge the battery had before it was no longer being charged.

    Of course if the price is right, maybe it's worth the chance. There have been several projects using a salvaged S with another body. Here's one just project:

    Be aware that Tesla may elect not to sell you parts for the wreck either. I suspect most of this is concern of liability. If you fix a wreck to be somewhat drivable, but safety systems are compromised, Tesla doesn't want this mess on the road. The PR mess from a possible crash in an unsafe vehicle is not worth it to Tesla.
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    I never thought of the battery issues, TeslaTap. But the mothership knows the last time you charged, correct? They could check your VIN and if they can get to the carcass in a week or so, they would have a usable "used" battery pack, yes?
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    There was one owner who bought a wrecked MS as salvage, did the repairs himself, then got into a dispute with Tesla Motors because Tesla deactivated the car and would not allow it to move until they did an inspection (initially for a fee, eventually offered at no charge), which the owner was refusing. As last reported here, it was not resolved (might have missed it).
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    I have a 2016 Model S. My car did not come with a rear cargo cover. I am aware that the newer models do. Where can I purchase a cargo cover?
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    My 2016 S came with one. Did you buy used? It was a $250 option in the very early days 2012-2013. The parts department can likely fix you up with a new one - I think they are cheaper now than the old $250 price. They are also made better than the 2013 version.
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    Both my 2016 and 2018 Model S’s, purchased new, came with cargo covers.
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