Spotify and Explicit songs

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Since spotify has replaced rdio the problem of explicit songs has become a bit of a problem. I can't listen to recommended playlists without coming across explicit songs, and spotify dose not have a filter like other services such as Google Play, iTunes and Pandora.

It is a well know problem in spotify since 2012 but spotify has still not responded. Perhaps Tesla can help persuade Spotify to implement an explicit filter as it is a huge problem listening to Spotify in the car with children.

below is a link to spotify community forum detailing the issue


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    An alternative option is just to let Spotify decides what kind of public they want to reach. Instead of imposing their standard to everybody, parents wishing their children be kept in a clean bubble, could do their duty of educating themselves their children, rather than asking others to do it. These parents wouln't use Spotify, or if they cannot resist to the temptation, when explicit songs would occur they would take the opportunity to explain to their children why these songs are not worth listening.
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    I agree with Matt, Spotify need to be responsible and provide an easy option to provide only clean versions of songs. Obviously having young kids in the car is issue and I personally think it's a no brainer for any responsible music company to have an option for clean versions. Yes education can and should be done, but it should be at a time and age that is up to the parent.
    Aside from the kids, I generally dislike having to listen to Explicit songs and think it detracts from the music, personally I would nearly always prefer clean versions and have the option to select explicit if you feel it adds to the song.
    Tesla should try and help if possible, but think they've got other fish to fry.
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    Slacker even does this to some extent. I was listening to one of my favorited "stations" the other day, which in the past has been pretty clean, and a song came on with PG13 (or even R if you're prudish) lyrics. It was just me in the car and it was easy enough to skip, but I still found it annoying. It would be nice to have a checkbox to filter out songs with explicit lyrics.
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    >>> Spotify need to be responsible and provide an easy option to provide only clean versions of songs.
    Disagree. Please define for me what you mean by "clean" - and make sure that your definition is acceptable to others. You don't like explicit words for various sexual acts? How about synonyms using "clean" words? Is "fricking" an acceptable substitute? Why? Is Mick Jagger singing "I can't get no satisfaction" or "I can't get no girl reaction" clean enough for you? Perhaps olde english words for body parts are what you find unacceptable? Are "butt", "fanny", "derrière" acceptable to you, but not "ass"? How about references to religious figures and themes? Is an unflattering reference to your political leaders acceptable?

    IMHO as a parent, if you're delegating the decision about what's OK for your children to hear to some company, you're doing it wrong. Tesla has other options for listening to music, take advantage of them. Sure, curating songs and creating a Flash drive takes work and puts the responsibility for choosing kid-friendly songs on your shoulders, but if "bad words" are such a crisis for your kids, you should be willing to put in the effort.
  • I use this workaround to fix the problem. First, download Spotify music by using the DRmare Spotify Playlist Downloader( Then move the downloaded audios to my phone. At last, play these local Spotify songs in the car by the BlueTooth connection.
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    Is their a Disney station on our radios? If so just switch to that or a local radio station that filters stuff out. However if I hear Do you want to build a Snowman one more time then I will probably say some explicit language.
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    Saving Spotify on players is a good idea. I did it. The AudFree Spotify Songs Converter( helps me. Lossless songs with ID3 tags are what I need. The AudFree website gives you more detail about the tool.
  • To play Spotify in my car, I use this alternative way. First, use TunesKit Spotify Converter to download Spotify songs as MP3 and save in my USB flash drive and then listen to them when I'm driving. The quality is 100% retained and I can also transfer them to any device I want.
    For more:
  • Just create a special playlist that doesn't contain explicit songs. Then download it as a local playlist by using the AudKit Spotify Music Downloader. Next, sync this special playlist to the car play via inserting a USB drive or connecting to the BlueTooth. That is how I figure out this issue.
    Reference Tool:
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