EV Charging cable Mennekes Type 2 / Roadster for public chargers in Netherlands/ Belgium for sale

Lenght 4.5 metres
Mennekes produced charging cable for up to 32 Amps charging at any public charger in NL / BE
Used to charge Tesla Roadster VIN 269
Check picture and details on
Offer any reasonable price and you have the convenience of a reliable long charging cable


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    Hi Koen,

    I'm interested as my roadster just arrived without much charging infra. Don't really know how much they should be though. How much to buy/post to UK?

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    I have the same cable which I will also resell. This cable is perfect for charging stations that do not have a cable attached.

    I'm getting instead a straight Mennekes type 2 cable and separate Roadster adapter instead, so I can charge at stations with or without a cable.
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    Where can I buy this cable to charge a tesla roadster from a Roadside charger (mennekes connector)
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