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I'd like your suggestions for a "Top threads" segment that could be searchable and linkable. There are a number of threads which people have found, read, and thought were really helpful. They can be informative, entertaining, or ideally both. Threads that describe a topic which keep popping up as new threads are particularly good candidates.

Please past/post your recommendations with 1) the topic the thread covers 2) one sentence on why it is helpful, and 3) the link itself. For example:

"Thread on Tesla acceleration and the velocity of an unladen swallow
This describes how fast a Tesla is in comparison to the average swallow"

If someone posts a link that you like as well, please say so! Your vote counts. Ideally, this entire thread becomes the "Best of" list.
And, you get a bonus point (first awarded to @hammer) if you identify the movie reference in my example and post your favorite thread (too easy, though...)

Please also feel free to inject liberal amounts of humor... but you do that anyway, don't you?
Here are some from the thread with the comments from the posters (NOTE - sometimes links are not being recognized as links, so let me know if I need to fix something)

If you didn't find this thread from here, you should read this one for lots of useful information on the car.

This can help newbies into the fold, by trying to answer some common questions (and with a dose of humor) that get posted on the Forum many times over.

Thread for Bjorn Nyland's classic Tesla videos
[The link works, but routes via google because of issues rendering the URL]
Here's his YouTube channel

Supercharger etiquette
Introduces an issue of Supercharger etiquette--one that is still referenced today

Excellent writing and Tesla roadtripping

Rules of thumb for planning a Supercharger trip
A number of good suggestions on budgeting power and time for a long trip using Superchargers

What does your forum name say about you?
Get to know many of your fellow Forum posters:

What is your car's name?

Adventures of the first Tesla Superhero.

Reaction to Tesla Acceleration

How to remove makeup on headliner. (just plain funny!)

How did Tesla get it so right?
A 2013 post about how impressive the early MS was... and the same sentiments play out now.

Suggested Solutions for FeatureGate
A remarkable discussion/analysis of negative responses to Tesla's rapid introduction of new features. This thread had some well-thought and well presented ideas, stayed on topic, and was insult free.

(@Bighorn: “I'm partial to this one out of modesty...”)

If you want to know about Mclary…

Funny story of an owner's dog having an "accident" in the car and the aftermath
(“It's freakin' hilarious”)

Story of crazy bystander calling police because she saw someone "putting kids in the trunk" (rear facing jump seats).
It's mostly entertaining in itself, but also the comment thread brought out some other stories of weird reactions to the jump seats

John Glenney and his daughter detail the first cross-country trip with a Model S in January 2014, before even Musk or an official Tesla team did it.
It was a part of history and exhilarating to see it happen when the first Supercharger route connected from coast to coast of the U.S.

Tesla psychosis
A thoughtful post about the human condition and ownership, with a very personal touch. Be sure to read the posts that follow.

Before The Nod, there was The Wink.
(The original Tesla Wave)

You Might Be a Tesla Owner If...
A fun post about Tesla ownership with funny follow-on posts:
[The link works, but routes via google because of issues rendering the URL]

Evolution of an Owner
A new owner? A seasoned owner? Then here's funny look at what's coming or where you've been

A hilarious post about the merits of the Cadillac Cimarron over the Model S

"Another useless but funny"

Link to satirical piece on ICE test drive
Click through to the article embedded in the thread... worth the effort!

From exclusive to commonplace
It tells of the celebrity status the early owners often felt

"Way too many people moaning and groaning [about which features are standard]"
A take on standard features.

"Nozzie" and other entertaining videos
Check out the videos in this thread.
BONUS: here's the link to "Again! Again!" referred to in a number of threads:

"Warning... very strong language"
For those who haven't seen this one, there is some very strong language in the embedded YouTube video for this thread
It is a link to a Louis CK performance talking about what would be said about how people have "messed up" the Earth

Songs about Teslas... and pants?
Page 2 of this thread has some classic lyrics and one odd video...

"Your first car"
Great car stories and great cars as posted by Forum members. Worth a read, IMHO.

"If Tesla advertised"
Clever observations and how other brands' ads could be turned into Tesla slogans.

"Thoughts after a year of Model S ownership"
One person's details on their first year with the MS, includes cost information and others. Worth a read for prospective owners.

"Why you shouldn't wait to buy a Tesla"
Poignant, moving, and demonstrates some of the best of this Forum's community.

"Warning - He wants to know why?"
A clever and funny encapsulation of the path taken to buy one's first Tesla

"My Husky Pooped My Center Console"
No explanation necessary!


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