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Google Drive link to this document
US locations are listed by State, followed by Canada and Europe Use ctrl + F (Windows) or Command +F (Mac) in your browser to search for a state or location name.
To do the "search on page" for IPad and iPhone, type what you are looking for in the URL/search bar, but don't hit return. In the suggestions list that appears below the bar, at the bottom is "On This Page". If items show up there, you can click on them and it will highlight the first occurrence on the page. Search navigation is on the bottom of the screen. If "On This Page" shows no matches, click outside the list to cancel/return to viewing the page.(1BadNerd)
Please share helpful information specific to each Supercharger location. Imagine what you would want to know when planning a visit to an unfamiliar SC – are facilities as described?, confusing directions using NAV, malfunctioning chargers, nearby businesses, tips to help find the chargers, times when it may be crowded, recurring events nearby, etc. Think of travel review sites like TripAdvisor. Examples:
“The bakery on the corner has free wifi and great cookies.”
“Every Saturday morning there is a Green Market in the plaza.”
“No restrooms available after 8:00 pm”
“This location can get congested at peak travel times”

I may weed out some of the general information that is already on the official Supercharger pages to reduce bloat. This thread is more about reviews, tips and recommendations – all the extra stuff. Each location is listed as a link to its official page on that lists common information such as address, number of stalls and directions.
Feel free to post any tips or reviews about Supercharger locations to this thread and I will update the original post and bump to keep it sticky.

In addition, a “general” section has been added for non-specific Supercharger tips (i.e. etiquette, stall selection when multiple cars are charging, etc.) and I have added links to other threads discussing long routes with information about the Superchargers they encountered and the travels between Superchargers.

Please submit any relevant info that may help other Tesla owners in the comments area. Thank you for your contributions and suggestions.

Thanks goes to:
tes-s for the first review
l.j.noordsij for the first European entry
J.T. for many helpful suggestions and for starting the FAQ thread. This thread will be maintained in a similar manner (I hope).

General Tips and Resources

Supercharger stalls are paired by number. Avoid using the second SC in a pair when another car is already charging or the charge rate will be slower until the first car has completed charging. (pbendo 3/7/14)
-If the Supercharger pods are NOT labeled, then to ensure you get the best possible charging experience use this chart...
If you see a car icon in a particular slot, do NOT use the slots colored red on the same row.
e.g., if there are cars in 1, 3 and 7 then slot 6 is the only one that should guarantee you get a dedicated charger. (nickjhowe, author of OWNING MODEL S 7/23/14)

-If you are the second person to start charging in an A/B stall we all know you will get a slower charge. However, when the first person leaves your charge level will increase some. I have noticed if you unplug, then replug in after waiting a minute that your charge rate will increase significantly once the mirror car has left.(AIMc 8/8/14)

-If you will be away from your car while charging, leave contact information visible through the windshield so new arrivals can reach you if your car needs to be moved. Please do not use SuperchargerQR (by LithionSD) exclusively since only iPhone users would be able to contact you.

-Make it a point to let nearby businesses know that you are there to charge your Tesla.(PBEndo)
- My two cents, especially for the ladies, is to wear or bring comfortable and weather appropriate shoes. Chances are you will have to walk across a parking lot (or further) to make use of nearby amenities. Sunday I ended up trudging through snow and ice (in a locale ill-equipped to deal with snow and ice) in nice leather boots because I didn't think about this.
I was too busy thinking about which shoes I would need on the vacation itself and trying to pack as little as possible. But it's a road trip with a car, so packing isn't nearly as restrictive as a plane trip. (Note to self: re-learn how to pack.)(PhillyGal 2/25/15)

- An interactive map started by Blueshift is a very useful for planning your route between Superchargers.

USA by State

Auburn:Located in a parking lot of a large indoor mall. Easy to find by Tesla navigation.(sperrysburg 9/14/15)

Birmingham: In a gated lot. Sign says to get validated at a "nearby amenity." Everything is closed during my charge, but there's a security detail by the entrance that will let you out for free.(Bighorn 6/26/17)

Greenville:2 Greenville exits. Will be the first one if going south and the 2nd one going north on I-65... If going north from Mobile will take 2nd exit and left back over interstate. 1st right on Interstate drive. About 3/8 mile on left in Hampton Inn parking lot. 6 chargers, on empty side of parking lot; well marked. Someone would have to be very dumb to ICE you. Cracker Barrel right across a grassy knoll. Nice looking Oyster House restaurant about a block away with an array of fast food at the entrance to the street. Secure neighborhood. Welcome to Alabama my Tesla friends....(flash29 3/21/15)

Mobile:Located in back parking lot of a mall with a Target as the nearest store. Restrooms in Target located conveniently just left at main entrance (M-Sat 8-10, Sun 8-9). Free wifi in Target and the mall but not reachable at the superchargers. Also, there is an enormous shoe store right next to superchargers. (sperrysburg 9/14/15)
- in the lot of Alabama's Largest Shoe Store!
And what kind of area are you in such that you can call security to escort you 100' to the mall?!?!
(NKYTA 6/3/16)

Buckeye:On west side of Watson Rd, south of I-10. Right next to Carl's Jr. and there is also a Cracker Barrel in the same parking lot. There are several more places across Watson Rd. When leaving, had to turn south then make U-turn to get back on I-10. (Mireille & Conan 3/22/14)
-Secret Spot: Goodwill across the 2 pair of Brand new Lucky Jeans for $26.00!!! Antique outman for $14.50. Good place to kill an hour! (Search and Rescue 5/10/14)

Casa Grande : Avoid Casa Grande SC during lunch period. Local pickup trucks have taken a liking to our SC spots. Had 4 of 6 spots ICE'd yesterday, and the ICE's parking essentially eliminated another. I squeezed into the last spot.(William9 2/16/15)
-No other cars charging Tuesday Dec 1, 2015 at 8 am.
Restrooms at Walgreens, open 8 am, Cane's chicken, open 9 am, furniture store and Culver's restaurant (just in front of charging stanchions), open 10 am (varies).
McDonald's and Olive Garden across wide street to north.(sbeggs 12/1/15)

Cordes Lakes : The chargers are at a Shell/Subway/Truck station. A large stop area with a little food court (Subway, Pizza and Mexican food). Currently (10-16-2014) the restrooms are under construction so they have port-a-pottys outside. If you walk across the parking lot there is a sit down 50's Diner restaurant that was good for breakfast.(Tom M 12/21/14)

Flagstaff: Freddy's has good burgers (across Beulah Blvd from SC)(Mireille & Conan 2/14/14)
-The supercharger is in the lower parking lot of a nice Courtyard by Marriott. There is a shopping mall across a busy street with restaurants.(jmatson 4/29/14)

Gila Bend:Located in Carl's Jr parking lot. Half of the chargers are pull-in, the other half back-in style. In addition to Carl's Jr (which has wifi) there is also a Taco Bell, McDonalds and a Love's gas station/convenience store. There was one other MS charging when we arrived. (Mireille & Conan 5/27/14)

Holbrook:The supercharger is in a Burger King parking lot about a mile off the interstate. Since Flagstaff and Gallop are in motel parking lots this is a chance to get something to eat. The Burger King staff appreciates Tesla customers.(jmatson 4/29/14)
-4 stalls, new blue charging on 1a, we took 2b (NKYTA 5/29/16)

Kingman: Right off the freeway. In the parking lot of the Carl's Jr. Very easy to find. Charged at a peak of 225mph. Ate at the Calico Restaurant which is about 300 yards down the street. Adequate but not great.(golftoday 4/18/14)
-For east bound traffic, there is a serious uphill climb into town. Since it is a long trip from Barstow watch your range carefully. A gentlemen in a neighboring business said he has seen a number of Teslas arrive on a flatbed.(jmatson 4/29/14)
- 2 Blocks south is a Thai Restaurant with good food...if your not in the mood for Carl's Jr.
Secret Spot: Mattina's Ristorante excellent Italian Food blocks away....dinner only reservations needed (928) 753-7504. (Search and Rescue 5/10/14)

Page:At the Courtyard Marriott, 8 stalls. Quiet. Bar and food in the hotel. Pretty far removed from everything else in walking distance. Just up from the Glen Canyon Dam Visitor Center, which closes at 5pm. Your guess if that is UT time or AZ time during DST.
Might be one of the first that has sensors to tell occupancy of ICE vehicles, or might just be broken. It showed two stalls "in use" when I arrived. Two ICERs, no Teslas.
WiFi in Page AZ sucks pretty badly, FYI. (NKYTA 4/47/47)

Quartzsite:Literally in the middle of nowhere. The chargers are in the rear of the parking lot at the Carl’s Jr. If you rely on Nav in the Tesla, it will have you drive past, so just turn into Carl's Jr., which possibly has some of AZ's filthiest restrooms. They claim they are going to refurbish them, but that doesn't mean they can't clean them in the interim. There are other fast food choices which appear to be a five minute walk.(Gadfly 2/17/14)
- Behind Carl's Jr restaurant, just off I-10 on the north side. Easy on/off the I-10- watch at the 3 way stop, though, people are not sure about a blinking red light....(huzz1970 2/23/14)
-there is not much available for eating other than fast food, and the navigator mislocates the superchargers across the road from Carls Jr instead of the back of their lot.(sonofomar 12/8/14)
-Carl's Jr. Restrooms still dirty, food terrible. No other cars charging. Additional fast food on other side of exit ramp from I-10 , Right across exit access road to SC is Burger King. McDonalds a bit further east, and Subway near that. On south side is Love's Travel Stop. Owned by @Mathew98? (sbeggs 11/17/15)
- Located at the back of a fast food restaurant that looks closed but is actually open. With the worst restroom in memory. And there are tumbleweeds. (TaoJones 6/5/16)

Tucson Supercharger went live today. 10 stalls.Bill_75D | October 15, 2017

Wickenburg: In the government building/police dept. parking lot. You can go inside to use the bathrooms. Several restaurant options close by but they would not be 24/7 possibilities.
- Nice stop in an interesting town. I recommend Bedoian's Bakery and Bistro two blocks away from the chargers. We had lunch there. The name almost put us off because we thought it was more like a bakery, but they have a full menu and great coffee.(sonofomar 12/8/14)
-Nana's Sandwich Saloon (actual name :-) is located directly across the street from the Superchargers. Incredibly clean and the food is top notch! Besides sandwiches they serve excellent pies, cookies, etc. The Coconut Cream pie tasted better than it looked, and it looked great! Plenty of seating and comfortable, welcoming patio in the back (thegooners 4/28/15)
-No other cars charging at the 6 stalls.
We headed down the hill behind the quaint town’s municipal building across Wickenburg’s main street to Bedouian’s Bakery and Bistro, where we ordered shish kebab, salad, spinach and feta quiche and an amazing fresh fruit bowl.
Oriental rugs hung on the wall and we were told Victor Bedouian had a shop next door. At the shop and saw a small but select collection, not too pricey. It’s right behind the restaurant down the slope.
Wickenburg restaurants:
Nana's Sandwich Saloon, diagonally across street from SC up on Tegner.
On Wickenburg Street (main street): La Cabana Bar, Mecca Sports Bar and Grill, Twin Wheels Café, Ike's Cook Shack, Horseshoe Café (next to Bedouians), and behind Twin Wheels, there is a Mexican restaurant called Anita's Cocina. From there you can walk back behind the Municipal Building with its immaculate shiny restrooms to the Superchargers. (sbeggs 11/17/15)

Yuma:Located next to a series of parks and trails along the river. Don't be shy about walking down to the river parks. Nice walking trails and playgrounds for the kids. Public bathrooms also available in the river walk park area. I usually do a three to five mile walk thru the wetlands trails while charging at Yuma. Great place to get a little walking in. Not much close by for food.(Roamer 4/19/14)
-Excellent Mexican food located .04 miles walk at 1st Street and 4th Ave. Funky looking but really good and really inexpensive. Took me a few minutes to walk to 4th Ave turned left 1/2 block past "Jack in the Box" and it is across from "Yuma Landing" motel. Food comes out quick also.
Charger empty at noon on Tuesday the 30th of September went from 90 rated to 266 in 82 minutes!
Made it to La Jolla with 50 miles to spare driving 70 mph! (SolpowrAZ 10/1/14)

Little Rock: In the Outlets at Little Rock. It is quite a ways past where the NAV dumps you. Stay on the final road and zoom out the map to see where the pin is. (Bighorn 6/26/17)

Atascadero: Video approach from Northbound 101:
7 back in stalls and 1 pull in around the corner. Never seen more than 2 other cars there. Nearest restroom is at Dennys, others a short walk away. (wildcatzoo 2/14/14)
-The Cold Stone Creamery has been closed but there are lots of stores around. I recommend the Sylvester's Burger near the city hall greens. Cross the street from the superchargers, turn left, walk about a block. I had their black and blue (cheese) with bacon last weekend, yummy. (portia 2/14/14)
-Do not miss Sylvester's Burgers! Looking forward to Thursday lunch.(inverts, 2/18/14)
- if you head the opposite direction from Sylvesters, there is a mini-mall with a Starbucks, RiteAid, a Vons grocery, Carl's junior and some others.(NKYTA 4/8/14)
-Atascadero has Elephant Thai. MMMMMMM (SamO 4/8/14)
-A few people recommended Sylvesters, which has excellent burgers and is a great place to come with kids, we've been there the last 3 times we stopped to charge there. However today we decided to look around a bit and my wife and I went around the corner on Traffic Way to Fig Good Food. They have amazing locally sourced food and you can get a super meal for $7-$15 there, highly recommended if you aren't in the mood for Burgers. I had the Cuban pork (Keffir lime and Cumin) sandwich, with an excellent side salad.(MrB 5/26/14)
- Wanted to try Fig Good Food but it is closed on Sunday's
We found the Street Side Ale House and Eatery excellent. Great service and very friendly. Huge portions. It is just down the street from Sylvester's.(Bonlaw 7/10/16)
-Plug in and walk past the Denny's. Go past 3 or 4 storefronts. Past the creek. Next business is Tent City Beer Company. $6 for a full pint of local pilsner, ESB, Pale Ale, IPA, Red, or FIrestone Nitro Milk Stout.We would have had a flight, but we left because of the smoking and the barking dog.(vp09 6/28/17)

Bakersfield: 10 stalls. IHOP near by (Mike83 10/19/16)
-10 superchargers located in Chevron gas station parking lot toward front near entry street, Very easy to access right off I-5. Restaurants include Subway, IHOP and Jack in the Box. Watch out for California Highway Patrol HQ next door to the east! No one else charging in Bakersfield SC's 10 stalls. Just before 3 p.m. on a Monday.(sbeggs 5/1/17)

Barstow: Video approach from Northbound I-15:
Busy during LA to Vegas prime time. Next to Chilis, walking distance to Dennys, Arco, and many more things a bit further. (wildcatzoo 2/14/14)
-The Chili's doesn't open until 10:00am but there's a Denny's (always order breakfast even if you feel like eggplant parmigiana and it's on the menu) 500 yards away.(golftoday 3/30/14)
-On Sunday, 4/6/14, arrived from Las Vegas en route to SoCal just after 1:00 p.m. with 99 rated miles. All 4 stalls were occupied, with two cars waiting and another arriving after me. At one point while I was there, 8 cars were either charging or in wait. I added about 40 miles (15 minutes?) as a cushion to get home, and departed after being there nearly two hours. Others had similar wait times. (Lengthy supercharger wait times should be added to the "Total Cost of Ownership" equation!) In addition, the charge cables on the 2 leftmost stalls were problematic in that they had to be removed, re-inserted, pushed, tugged and otherwise jiggled to get a connection (green light) with the cars. The furthest leftmost cable was particularly stubborn. Together with friends who arrived over an hour before us, consensus was that Barstow is seriously underequipped to meet demand. At least two more stalls would be helpful, and the charge cables need to be inspected. On a positive note, my wife was very pleased to find a Starbucks within walking distance of a block or 2.(ev4good 4/10/14)
- It can be tricky to find the first time. Study the map and information here: If lost, try zooming your car’s nav map to see the street details better, or you might try programming the nav to find Chili’s restaurant. The SC is behind Chili’s.(ev4good 4/13/14)
-Barstow seemed to me to be one of the pioneer stations based on a few facts--only 90 kW, very short charging cables and only 4 stations on a busy route. There were two other cars there when I showed up at dinner time. Sometimes it's not obvious which driver you're sharing power with, so it pays to mind your charging rate in kWs and move if necessary. Of the dozen or so other stations I've visited, none seemed so potentially inadequate. Fremont and Hawthorne can have a wait though because of their particular circumstances.(Bighorn 4/12/14)
- On Wednesday morning we were the only ones there. On Sunday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. there was one other model S when we arrived. It left and another model S arrived. We walked to a fast food restaurant and when we returned there were three model S's charging with one stall open. The surrounding businesses were absolutely mobbed with Las Vegas traffic.( jmatson 4/29/14)
- Some of the problems with Barstow are discussed in this thread. In summary, it is often crowded and the chargers are slow and often broken. Rumor is stalls will be added in July (PBEndo 4/19/14)
-***UPDATE***Barstow now has 8 stalls, delivering 135kW each.
-Restaurants: Chili's, Pollo Loco (nice bowls), Denny's, Subway, Panda Express in easy reach. Hotel with breakfast right beyond Chili's.
5 cars charging 10 am on Thursday. Two stalls at far left seemed disabled with orange cones, or maybe simply blocked off.(sbeggs 5/15/17)

Buellton: Video approach from Northbound 101:
In the parking lot of Marriot, bathroom in lobby, restaurant open during day. Walk to adjacent parking lot for McDonalds. Not much else in walking distance. ICEing likely despite plenty of regular parking spots. (wildcatzoo 2/14/14)
-Starbucks in Hotel lobby is a scale down operation, just coffee, but no treats. Hotel lobby has comfortable seating area to check the Tesla app for charge status.(inverts, 2/18/14)
- Just a five minute walk down the street from the Marriott is the Firestone Brewery and Restaurant. Excellent food and brew, and you can watch your Tesla charge on your phone while watching the game at the bar or in the restaurant. I've used that SC a few times, though once I had one malfunctioning and only charging at 30 amps. Had to move over and walk back to the restaurant for more calamari. ;-) ([email protected] 2/18/14)
- Correction on Buellton: The McDonald's next door does NOT know how to work their soda machines, so all sodas will come out over- or under-flavored and/or carbonated.(GettingOldFast 3/21/2014)
-Starting Gate restaurant at the Marriott was decent with a soup/salad bar. And you can patronize the place housing the SC.(golftoday 3/30/14)
- "special spot" is the outdoor fire ring at the rear of the Marriot. Grab a Starbucks in the lobby and lounge around the outdoor fireplace.(Team Search and…4/30/14)
-We plugged into the first supercharger, the only drive-forward one, last night. We went into the Marriot. The nice young man opened the door for us. We told him we were charging our Teslas. He smiled and seemed to like that. There was a Bobcat making a lot of noise BEEP BEEP BEEP backing up 8 or 10 superchargers away. We saw that he was moving a big box with "Tesla" stenciled on it. Another supercharging station!
We walked to Pea Soup Andersen's. Walk to 246, then right, then walk past the 101, and there you are at Pea Soup Andersen's. It's not really that far. Do it. (vp09 6/28/17)

Buena Park: 8 stalls located in the front of the SvC. From South (going N on 5) exit Auto Center drive, make a hard right and proceed maybe ?? 100 yds (SvC on your left, can't miss it). Coming from North, exit 5 at Beach Blvd, left onto Beach, right onto Auto Center Drive, about 1/4-1/2 mile to SvC. Nothing to eat anywhere within walking distance but SvC has snacks in lounge in back.(miyamky 9/20/16)
-very easy off ramp and on-ramp access to 5 North. Tesla Service Center closed on Sunday. No 7 of 8 stalls occupied 8 am Sunday. Food convenience store one block north at Stanton.(sbeggs 4/30/17)

Burbank:make sure to turn left at Alameda and left again at S. San Fernando to Service Center. All 6 Superchargers occupied 9 am Sunday. There is at least one HPWC at handicapped space. Nice restrooms were open due to event. Not too far off freeway, and easy access to I-5N. Trader Joe's and convenience restaurants within a few blocks.(sbeggs 4/30/17)
Burbank-North Third Street:New 20 stall Supercharger is now open! It's *not* at the Burbank Tesla Service Center. It is located at 495 N. 3rd St., Burbank, CA 91502 Top level of the Burbank Town Center parking garage.rpez021 | September 19, 2017

Buttonwillow: 10 back in Superchargers located just behind Subway and Starbucks. Only 2 charging when I was there midday.(kwoo4424 3/25/16)
-Very easy access off I-5 making right turns. Food choices within walking distance include not only Subway and Starbucks right in front of supercharger, but Taste of India to right down street, Denny’s next door, Minit truck stop across street with Popeye's and Taco Bell. Willow Ranch BBQ sign is across street, not sure if in business. Also McDonald's to left (north). Today at 3 p.m. we were the only ones charging, received 60 kW. Two cars arrived after we went for a walk.(sbeggs 5/1/17)

Cabazon: the Cabazon station is just off I-10 adjacent to the Morongo Indian reservation. It's about 20 miles west of Palm Springs. As stated on the site there are 10 superchargers available 24/7. Before I bought my MS 90D I drove through there a couple of times to see what the status was. The area is very dark at night, and a little isolated. There is a McDonalds nearby to the east and a 24 hr service station further down, to the east, but this location is no place for a solo driver after the McDonalds closes. On one of my surveys I saw a lone man walking on the sidewalk above in the middle of the night with no obvious origination or destination point. On my four or five visits I've never seen another Tesla charging there. It is a short walk to the western most entrance to Desert Hills Premium Outlets, so during business hours there is plenty to do and see, with restrooms, food courts and tons of shopping. About a half mile east is the Morongo casino, with a hotel, casino, food court and multiple charging options on the fourth floor of their parking garage.(eztider 9/20/16)
-Beware of the sap at Cabazon. Pine trees shade the superchargers.(lilbean 10/9/16)
-now has 16 supercharger stalls, pull in. All but 2 full at 1 pm Friday. Number 6B was taped off, not working, as it had signs of being pulled off its anchor pad.sbeggs | November 3, 2017

Corning: Video approach from Northbound I-5:
Just off the interstate, near Starbucks, Best Western and various food sources. (NKYTA 2/14/14)
- In the parking lot of a Rabobank. When I was there, the bank was closed. In addition to the Taco Bell, Subway, and Burger King chains, there is an Olive Pit family-owned store nearby.(d_kaufman 2/17/14)
- Back-in stall 3A took 1.5 hours to add 220 miles from 47 to 267 on S85. Restrooms at Chevron station. Cross the street diagonally from Chevron to the Olive Pit. Note: when facing out, if you circle right, around the Rabobank, hoping to turn left back to the freeway, it is forbidden. Better to dogleg left to the north of Rabobank parking lot and turn left at the Best Western sign. Only one other Model S charged, at noon on Thursday this past week when we were there.(sbeggs 5/10/14)
-Three of the Telsa Charging signs have been knocked down. People need to use the rear view camera. I know some people do; when I was there all three cars charging were the same distance from the curb. Or maybe it was Vandals.(dglauz 5/30/14)
-If needed, there's a gentle touch-free carwash just down the street in the Shell station at the NE corner of Hwy 99W/Edith Ave and Corning Rd/Solano St. Turn left out of the Supercharger onto Hwy 99W. It's on the righthand side just past the light at the intersection.(mathwhiz 2/25/16)

Dublin: 8 pull forward stalls + 2 back in stalls opened today 10/16/15. Located in front of the Dublin Service Center. open til 6 pm .(kwoo4424 10/16/15)
- Tesla Service Center closed Sundays normally.
Restrooms open at 9:30 at Big 5 sporting goods store across street caddy corner to Tesla location. Coco's across Dublin Street, Safeway also. (sbeggs 5/23/16)

El Centro:No one else charging Tuesday, December 1, 2015 at 1 p.m., pull in bays located outside Imperial Mall's Macy's store.
Restaurants within 5-10 minute walk, including those in mall:
24 hour Denny's, Chili's, Carino's, Famous Dave's BBQ, Dogwood Sports Bar/Grill, Jack in the Box and Subway, Starbucks, Fortune Garden, Sombrero Mexican (north end of mall).
Restrooms in mall, also in Denny's.
close to Fairfield Inn/Suites and Marriott Towneplace Suites (where we stayed).(sbeggs 12/1/15)

Eureka: At the Bayshore Mall. Right off US 101. 8 stalls. During mall business hours the bathrooms and food court are about a 200yd walk across the parking lot. Didn't see any facilities within walking distance that would be available after business hours. Lodging at Best Western Bayshore 1/3 mile south. 24/7 bathrooms at Shell and Pacific Pride fueling station south on US 101, 10 min walk and across busy 4 lane street. (Muddy wa us 11/1/16)

Folsom: On a Sunday and Tuesday mornings back in September there were 4 stalls w/ 3 in use on Sunday and only 2 on Tuesday. There are restrooms, fast food, and outlet shops.(hnashif 2/16/14)
-Highly recommend the Larkspur Landing hotel across the street from the SC.(wildcatzoo 10/15/14)

Folsom-Palladio Parkway: 10 stalls on ground level of indoor parking to the left of the mall. To the left of the entry.(Bighorn 8/16/16)

Fountain Valley: uperchargers easily accessed from 405 freeway. Just before pet store. Restrooms at Taco Bell, McDonalds or Souplantation. Locals charging! Costco just at other side of lot. (sbeggs 2/12/16)
-Stay away from the fountain valley supercharger. The last time I was at the costco, I saw all 8 stalls occupied and 6 teslas waiting. Tesla has even contracted with a parking company to help organize charging.(tranhv68 3/25/16)
-Fountain Valley now has 16 supercharger stalls; last time I was there, there was no waiting.(eddyline | December 16, 2017)

Fremont: Video approach from Northbound 880:
Factory SC is rarely completely full. There is a nice showroom next to it open til 6 with bathroom and coffee. Also Tesla brand items to buy. Owners get a free factory tour but prob should call to schedule. Wifi is weak to SC. "TESLA GUEST" Wifi password is abcd123456 (kwoo4424 2/14/14)
-Enter SC from Kato Rd, go past the waving guard at the TM Guard station to 8 back-in stalls. Unfortunately no food concessions nearby but visit the TESLA store open til 6pm daily. (kwoo4424 3/10/14)
-Two cars present and when I left, all spaces taken; probably tour people (mantin @ix 3/3/14)
-If all chargers are occupied, staff in store will arrange to have a company car moved to accommodate an owner's car. (At least they did for me yesterday)(AmyOo 5/19/14)
-Fremont has expanded to 12 stalls, all with nightlights. (kwoo4424 2/14/15)

Fresno: 10 stalls, back-in type. One other car charging Tuesday 9 am. ATM adjacent. Restrooms McDonalds, 5:30am to 10 p.m., 24 hour drive-though. Also on that shopping center wing, Panda Express, Jamba Juice, Subway, open 10 a.m. Other wing closer to Superchargers, Olive Garden (coming soon), Chronic Tacos (soon), Jersey Mike's Subs, Pieology pizza. Target and many other stores inside main mall area. (sbeggs 5/10/17)

Gilroy: Located at the Gilroy Outlets between In-and-Out Burger and the Abercrombie & Fitch store. Public bathrooms are in the food court, where the sign outside is Eric's Deli. Many other restaurant and fast food choices in easy walking distance. Usually a few cars, but fairly busy Friday nights and Sunday Nights. ( 2/14/14)
- These are older, one of the first SC stations according to Tesla so they might charge a little slower. They plan to be upgraded in the future. There's also restrooms in the Sak's 5th Ave store.([email protected] 3/12/14)
-In-N-Out and Starbucks are not visible from the superchargers. Walk past the Motel and 76 station, and you'll see them across the street.(TFMethane 4/19/14)
-Additions for the California-Gilroy SC station:
1. Saw just a liitle while aago (10/26/2014) that the number of slots are going to be doubled. There are 8? (I didn't count) new ones right next to the existing slots under construction. Actually, they look ready to go, but still had yellow tape blocking them off.
2. If you walk across the street (W) and down a few blocks (N) past the Gap and Bose outlets, there are two very good places to eat worth mentioning. Ginger Cafe is EXCELLENT mostly Chinese food/little Asian fusion. Dim sum and great lunch specials. Full bar too. Had a fantastic lunch for $12. Right next door is an all you can eat salad bar/soup/light fare place called Fresh Choice. They're all over Northern California. Great for lunch with families. Soup, salad, bakery items, dessert all for $9-14 depending on lunch or dinner. Easy atmosphere to have a little salad and work on your laptop for a while too. (prvnbabu 11/13/14)

7 stalls in the county parking lot, located off Highway 120 on Ponderosa Lane. Only seen a couple of cars after charging here numerous times. No cell phone signal (at least no AT&T) in this lot.(CEYA GAS | July 24, 2017)

Gustine: Easy access from I-5. Restrooms at Pea Soup Andersen, delicious split pea soup, and scrumptious samples of Danish baked goods. Also, the clerk indicated there is also Love's, Del Taco, Popeye's, McDonald's, and In N Out Burger. 116 kW, full power.(sbeggs 5/4/17)

Harris Ranch: 7 stalls - One Between the Shell pumps and the Subway Sandwich shop, and the other 6 in the corner of the Harris Ranch restaurant. Bathrooms in both places and are clean. Rarely full. Harris ranch has good food, but expensive. The Subway single Supercharger is 90 kW, others are 120 kW. ( 2/14/14)
Great Prime Rib dinner. Two cars present on arrival, and they were gone when we left ([email protected] 3/3/14)
- Xlnt steak dinner. Better meat than The Palm or Ruth Chris for much less money. And the veggies couldn't have been fresher. Only place I'd have a main meal going from LA to the Bay Area on I-5.(golftoday 3/30/14)
- Some of the problems with Harris Ranch are discussed in this thread. In summary, it is often crowded and often multiple chargers are broken. Rumor is an expansion is planned (PBEndo 4/20/14)
-The Harris Ranch Supercharger now has 10 stalls instead of 6.(Chunky Jr. 11/2/15)
-Harris Ranch now has 13 stalls. (CEYA GAS 3/7/17)
-116 kW on 7A, 8 am Wednesday. 24 hour restrooms. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner including steak and eggs and very nice Country Store open 8 am. (sbeggs 5/4/17)
-They're adding five stalls, which will bring the total here to 18! (CEYA GAS 5/19/17)

Indio:Supercharger is accessed via the Jackson exit off I-10. It is located in a new shopping mall, the first right hand turn into the mall off Jackson , north of I-10. After turning right, then you will turn left to the superchargers. There are 2 pull-forward charging units next to the equipment fence on the left, then 6 back-in Superchargers to the right.
Number 4A was delivering 275 amps and 373 volts at 301 miles per hour charged. We started with 110 miles and charged almost full to 261. Met an Arizonan from Phoenix, with his black P85+. There was one white Tesla parked but not hooked up, and one Buick ICEing another stall.
In the area (spread out widely) are: Starbucks, IHOP (no Wi-Fi, can’t check charging status), Charli Marrone’s Italian, la Casita Mexican Grill, Panda Express, Subway, and Waba Grill. There may be others that weren’t visible (like McDonalds). The Superchargers are a short stroll from the irresistible Home Depot.(sbeggs 11/13/14)
-Nice stop, ate at the Casita for lunch and IHOP for breakfast on the way home. (sonofomar 12/8/14)
-the Jack in the Box drive-thru window just to the south of the charging stalls is open late. As of 5/30/17 beware of low charge rate on 4B.(eztider 5/30/17)
-DiVino Trattoria is a short walk from the super charger. Great Italian food at reasonable prices. Open for lunch and dinner. I - 10 and the Jackson exit in the Home Depot parking lot. (robert.s.bjekich | August 20, 2017)

Inyokern: 4 stalls, no one else charging. Gas station not open before 6 am. (sbeggs 6/7/16)

Lone Pine: at the south end of town, behind the film museum. The town has a number of local shops and restaurants within walking distance. (jmatson 4/11/15)
- 4 units. No one else charging, two portable toilets with hand washing station. Yay! This is what all Superchargers should have. in town further north, restaurants at a good walking distance:
Lone Pine Smoke House
The Grill
Pizza Factory
Alabama Hills Cafe
Totem Cafe
Lone Star Bistro
Bonanza Mexican (sbeggs 6/6/16)

Los Angeles (Hawthorne): Video approach from Westbound 105:
The Los Angeles superchargers are really in Hawthorne (a different city, and yes, Tesla shows this as Los Angeles). This site has a canopy, which is great when it's hot out. The navigation will guide you from Crenshaw to Rocket Road that does not have access to the Superchargers as the gate is usually locked. Instead from Crenshaw, go past Rocket Road and take the next right at Jack Northrope Ave. Go about 100 yards and make the first right into the back of Space X. Go about a 70 yards and you'll hopefully see the sign to go to the Tesla Design Center/Superchargers. For food, you have to walk back the way you came in. There are a number of restaurants and a Starbucks at the corner of Crenshaw and 120th (an 8 minute walk), along with some shops. There are also some food vending machines if you walk behind Space X towards Rocket Road (2 minute walk). You can often peek into Space X through one of the windows, but no tours are available. Restrooms are in the Tesla Design center during office hours (M-F 9-6?). Otherwise, hike over to the shopping center.( 2/16/14)
- Coming out of Jack Northrop Ave making left on Crenshaw towards the 105. Large pothole on right side lane between Jack Northrop and W 120th St heading north. Please be careful and avoid right lane. Destroyed both right front and rear tires and severe damage both my 21 wheels.(brycelisah 4/12/14)
-Was at the Hawthorne, CA supercharger site on 1 Nov 2014, and specifically looked for wheel-destroying potholes in the right lane just after making the left turn from Northrop to Crenshaw, as mentioned in the comment by (brycelisah 4/12/14). No potholes were seen, but I did notice a squarish patch of repaved asphalt at that spot, so it looks like this got fixed (thecloud 11/5/14)
-If driving Model X equipped with Tesla bike rack, raise suspension when exiting driveway to turn left on Jack Northrop to avoid scraping the rack.(lilbean 12/7/16)
-While there is reduced power sitewide, pedestals 4A and 6A are supposed to be the best at this time.
Tower 3 is bad (3A, 3B) and not in the usual reduced charging way. 3A will charge for some random number of minutes and then just quit completely. Given the current delays in the Tesla app push notifications, this can be problematic. (TaoJones 9/2/17)
-Vending machines inside of the Hawthorne supercharger visitor lounge only take exact change (SamO 9/3/17)

Mammoth Lakes:8 back to back pull in units.
In walking distance Good Life Café (breakfast and lunch only), Rafters Restaurant, McDonalds restrooms, Roberto's Mexican, Red Lantern Chinese, Giovanni's pizza near Von's. Schat's Bakery (on 203). (sbeggs 6/4/16)

Manteca: Located in the Orchard Valley Mall. This mall has many vacant buildings. During business hours restrooms and a snack bar are located in the Bass Pro store. Couldn't find any 24/7 facilities in this mall.Bass Pro open til 9 M-Sat. Til 7 on Sunday.(Muddy wa us 11/10/16)
-Nav requires you to go around the mall making several lefts before heading for roundabout, then exiting at the 12 o'clock. 8 stalls, delivering 106 kW . Restaurants include Red Robin, Matsu Sushi, Subway, Pete's Brewhouse. Restrooms at Bass Pro, at far right rear, behind kayaks.(sbeggs 5/4/17)

Mojave: In a shopping center with a Stater Brothers grocery store. Stater Brothers has restrooms and is a good place to pick up groceries for your trip. There is not much else at the center or within walking distance. (jmatson 4/11/15)
-I had a quick lunch at the hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant at Mojave. They cooked up a carnitas quesadilla in 10 minutes - inhaled it in 5 and was on my way to Lebec (15 minute stop). Hitting this SC from Barstow cut my Barstow stop to less than 20 minutes, so am glad they added it to the route. What i am interested in trying now that Mojave is open - will go direct Harris Ranch to Mojave and cut Lebec out. Previously HR-Barstow a bit longer than comfortable without a nearly full charge, but that is no longer the case with Mojave.(jjaeger 4/18/15)

Monterey:at Del Monte Shopping Center:
California Pizza Kitchen, Starbucks, P.F. Chang's, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Islands Restaurant, Pizza My Heart, Lalla Grill and more stuff. Great Places to eat. 10 Stalls. (Mike 83 8/11/17)

Monterey-Seaside: Gusto- across and down the street (east). Great Italian food open for lunch and dinner 11:30-9pm. Large selection of wine (for the passengers only). (dannyp2313 10/17/15)
-Fantastic service staff-- while waiting for an open spot, I asked a worker if he could look at a plastic strip hanging down from the undercarriage behind the right front wheel. He got the service manager, Matt or Jed, and within minutes the car was up on the lift, with a charging cord in it. They replaced the damaged part, checked the tires, inspected the undercarriage, all for free, then moved one of the cars they were charging and hooked us up to a SC. Amazing service experience.(vp09 6/18/17)

Mt. Shasta: Video approach from Northbound I-5:

Just off interstate, in Best Western parking lot. Food within walking distance. (NKYTA 2/14/14)
-I'd recommend the Black Bear Diner nearby. If the weather is crappy, might be better to drop passengers off before charging at the Best Western. The side street is easy to miss, once you turn in, there is a tiny Tesla sign to tell you what driveway to pull into. (ir 2/15/14)
-The Best Western hotel, in whose parking lot the chargers reside, has free WiFi in the lobby, not even a password. Also this is great place to bring a picnic. Just beyond the chargers (behind) is a meadow of sorts. One can sit in the shade of a pine or use the picnic table in the sun. There is a small stream running through, quite pleasant. Bring a blanket or tarp to sit on the ground.(dglauz 5/30/14)

Mountain View: -12 stalls
-Starbucks across the street has wifi, and bathrooms if you purchase a beverage.
-There's also a tasty Italian place called Cucina Venti, but it's relatively expensive.
-You will almost definitely be approaching on N. Shoreline Blvd from the south going north. God help you if you miss the turn onto Pear Avenue. It took me almost 15 minutes to find a place to U-turn and get back to the supercharger. Drive slowly after you get off US101 and DO NOT MISS THE TURN!
-This supercharger is very busy 80% of the time. I have yet to see a line for the stalls, but there are rarely more than 2/12 spots available when I pull in. (alex 9/10/15)
-Weekday evenings after 7PM - SC is frequently full. It is not uncommon to encounter a short line of cars waiting to charge. The wait can be up to 20 minutes for an open stall.
Monday to Thursday before 5PM - less busy, open stalls available.
Fridays are busy in general with constant queues. There is an attendant here on Fridays to manage the traffic. Sunday afternoons are also very busy, with queues frequent.)siliconhammer 9/16/16)

Needles:4 stalls in two pairs separated by a part of the building. Located at Westside Shell (although Google Maps insists it is Westside Texaco). Stall 1A is signed for Tesla charging, 30 minutes general parking and handicap parking. Who knows how that is supposed to work? Subway and Dairy Queen inside the station. Juicy's famous River Cafe is a short walk across the big rig parking area. Reasonable food in trucker size portions. (RichardKJ 5/27/16)
-The driveway closest to the SC's dips deeply, this caused my rear chrome trim to break one of the connector tabs, but I was lucky that it did not come completely off. I was able to push it back on as soon as I noticed it when at Kingman, AZ.
For newer cars, the trim is gone, but there may still be an issue entering/exiting this driveway. My suggestion is to enter the driveway farther away from the superchargers.(TSLA X1 12/1/16)

Oxnard: Video approach from Northbound 101:
Supercharger is in the parking lot of a new outdoor mall. It's backed up against the freeway. Follow the Nav system. The mall has a ton of food choices from Five Guys to Yardhouse and most things in between. And lots of shopping, including a Whole Food market.(golftoday 10/7/14)
Oxnard is the hardest supercharger to find thus far. I zoomed my map all the way and I think that caused the charger icon to go missing, off the screen. Ended up inquiring--it's by the H&M in the back. (Bighorn 11/24/14)
-The Whole Foods near the SC is nice and big and has a good sized bakery and prepared food section. Also the Lazy Dog Café is a dog-friendly place so your four-pawed family members can stretch their legs while you eat and recharge.( JeffreyR 6/1/15)
-10 days ago had workmen digging up the ground behind our SC. Adding about 10 new SCs.
Back your car in, hook up, then walk about 150 meters straight ahead and turn left and check out Larsen's Restaurant. On the corner, next to a women's clothing store. This is a first-class hotel type restaurant, but we split a French Dip for $15 and both were full and took leftovers with us. Great find.
(vp09 6/18/17)

Petaluma:Food tips: the Starbucks inside the target is the closest and has bathrooms. The other Starbucks nearby will require somewhat sketchy walks.(KL 3/22/15)
- In a mini mall. Closest food is Buffalo Wild Wings, pizza joint, cheesesteak joint, Panera, Chipoltle,
Dicks Sporting Goods, pet store, Sprouts natural food market, all within easy walking distance.
Drive thru bays, 5 and 4. Will be pretty hot in the summer time.(NKYTA 9/27/15)
- Bev Mo, Home Goods, Target, Subway, Sports Clips, PetSmart, Verizon, Sleep Train, Petaluma Dentistry, Chase, Ultra. Lots to do.
10 stalls, please pull head in.(trixiew 9/27/15)
-they have added 2 more chargers, now total 12. They look portable with the cables laid on the pavement covered by a safety strip. (trixiew 5/25/17)
-I think the best business to visit while charging is Sprouts Family Market, which is clearly visible from the chargers and just a 200 foot walk. They have a wide variety of healthy tasty food and drink as well as good restrooms. I do NOT see Sprouts listed under amenities on the official Supercharger site (Wilber | April 15, 2018)

Rancho Cucamonga: New site, great stop with lots of choices of restaurants and shops including an Apple Store where we got two iPhone 6's(sonofomar 12/8/14)
-At Rancho Cucamonga charging now- really nice setup. In parking lot of a gigantic mall with everything you could want! (goehring9 12/19/14)
-before 10am the nearby restaurants are NOT open. Therefore, it is a hike to restrooms and they are difficult to locate (Greenee 8/3/15)
- This was my first stop at a Supercharger.
There are 12, in two rows of 6. Also 4 public charging stations, not Tesla.
It is easy to find, and easy to enter and exit. It is near what must be the largest shopping centers on the planet. Across the street is the Bass Pro Superstore.
When I backed in, there were 3 other Model Ss there, and at the other 4, one Volt and two BMWs.
One of the other Model Ss had the driver in it. I went over and chatted with him. He had a 2014 Model S 60. Said he'd had it 3 years and loved it.
I went from 48% to 83% charge while we were looking at each other's cars.(vp09 6/8/16)
- We were at Rancho Cucamonga yesterday 8:45 am. Restrooms only open at nine, so we went to Coffee Bean and Tea company at other end of mall. (sbeggs 6/8/16)

Redondo Beach: It's at the front of the two-hotel parking lot (Hilton in front, Marriott in back) near the corner of Hotel Drive and Marine Avenue. The adjacent Hilton property has restrooms, available wifi, a restaurant and a small bar, the latter of which is open until 10pm, so they say. If local, the SC is directly across from the Tomboy's restaurant and the back way/road to Costco. It is almost underneath the elevated terminus of the Metro (light rail) Green Line, as well as almost underneath the 405 freeway overpass.(TaoJones 1/29/15)
- Located just off the 405, this density SC is a favorite of commuters, travelers, and livery alike. The host property has an excellent menu (try the spinach salad) but there can be a tendency to let vehicles linger after the charge is complete. This causes unnecessary congestion. (TaoJones 6/5/16)
-Temporary FYI for the Redondo Beach SC (cross posted from Southern California forum:
Sooooo most (all but one) of the pedestals at the Redondo Beach SC are charging 20% more slowly than normal.This is not a Tesla problem. It is not related to any conspiracy theory, entertaining or otherwise. Ye olde power company is the culprit, they are aware, and it could be awhile before they get around to repairs up the line. They've been a bit distracted lately in the South Bay if you've been following the news.Consider this a PSA in case you can easily divert to SpaceX (Hawthorne) or another SC that's on the way.The point is not the 20% of, for example, ~40 minutes that's at issue so much as that when cars are waiting, the problem just cascades. Hence the PSA for those with time constraints.(TaoJones 10/20/16)

Roseville:Located at the Westfield Galleria by a rug store. 7 Stalls. Short walk to the Galleria where there lots of high end shops and a food court. Easy to find with the MS Nav.(NKYTA 6/10/14)
- Also of note there are two large strip centers across the street from the Galleria mall and easily reachable by foot (despite the fact that in California, no one walks anywhere) One strip mall has a Best Buy, Starbucks, restaurants, etc. The other has Whole Foods, Peets, Noodles & Co, West Elm (if you're feeling the need for a $600 table) and so on. 330 miles/hr at today's session... amazing. (byrenz 6/13/14)
- Mimi's Cafe across Galleria parkway, past jewelry store on corner of Roseville parkway, has killer breakfasts! Farmhouse tacos, come with hickory-smoked bacon, sausage, roasted potatoes, eggs in corn tortillas, cheddar cheese, tomato, pico de gallo, fresh guacamole/salsa. Bacon avocado omelette, delicious! Garlic roasted potatoes with lavender have subtle flavor. French influence, quiche florentine, crepes, Meyer Lemon mussels/frites, meatloaf and mash, salads, and huge muffins. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Restrooms! (sbeggs 5/27/16)
- Located just off the 405, this density SC is a favorite of commuters, travelers, and livery alike. The host property has an excellent menu (try the spinach salad) but there can be a tendency to let vehicles linger after the charge is complete. This causes unnecessary congestion. (TaoJones 6/5/16)

Sacramento-Rocklin:Solar panels power units and shade cars.
McDonalds, Chipotle and stores a ten minute walk away. Sales gallery opens Sunday noon, restrooms. 5/29/16) (sbeggs 5/30/16)

San Carlos:19 stalls. Not an easy on/easy off SC solution. Join the queue on The 101 NB or SB on Industrial Ave, and prepare to wait. NB you are getting off at Whipple, navigating lights and coming to a crashing halt trying to get into the BestBuy/HomeGoods/PetSomething/some food/some coffee turn in.
SB 101 get off at Holly/Brittan, keep going and take the Brittan exit off the frontage-ish road, right on Brittan, left on Industrial, wait for the the light, wait a long time for left on light into BB etc. Find new SC by the fence. (NKYTA 7/23/18)

San Diego:In Qualcomm parking lot. 12 stalls. A mile from any freeway, in an area that is desolate evenings and weekends. Very little option for eating or even restrooms - Try Armando's Taco Shop across the street in the strip mall, listed as 24/7 but I found it closed on a Sunday. (rxlawdude 5/23/16)

San Diego-A street: Downtown, with left turn into garage opening from left lane of one way A Street. Superchargers are bearing right up ramp, angled to back in. Central lane clearance is tight. 72 kW urban Superchargers. Also saw two HPWCs at bottom of ramp. $8/hr parking fee. Garage door now reportedly open 24/7 (sbeggs | July 27, 2018)

San Juan Capistrano:Do not exit at 74 / Ortega Hwy... at least until construction is done. This on / off ramp is a nightmare. You can easily wait 10 minutes in a line of cars trying to get through the first signal. Instead... use Camino Capistrano, and then drive a few blocks north in no traffic. This is probably even more important trying to get back on the 5 hwy.(SoCal Buzz 5/7/14)
-Restaurants within a block or two...
California: Sundried Tomato
Mexican: Ricardo's Place or El Adobe.
Coffee: Starbucks.
American: Ruby's
Local color: Swallows Bar (live Country/Rock music)
If you've got 30 minutes to spare (yes, you do), check out Los Rios historic district, which is behind the train station, or the San Juan Mission. Both are an easy walk from the charging station. You can also get an ice cream cone next to the movie theater. (ScottM 5/7/14)
- 5 Model S charging at 7:30 Sunday a.m. today - restrooms at Mexican bakery el Campeon across parking lot. Thanks for tip accessing Superchargers via Camino Capistrano and avoiding mess of construction on Ortega Highway. Easy peasy! (sbeggs 6/22/14)

San Mateo -Bridgepointe Pkwy Supercharger: San Mateo Bridgepoint (basically Foster City to,the locals ;-) ), is apparently a ten stall setup, just adjacent to the parking lot of the Target. It is a sprawling outside mall. Food wise there is Armadillo Willy’s, BJs Brewery, Red Robin, Mimi’s Cafe, easy walking distance.
Home Depot is a trek, but plenty of other store diversions. You can get your Hallmark on, even.
NKYTA | November 3, 2017

San Mateo: Easily accessible from Hwy 101. If coming southbound, exit Hillsdale and take your first right into the Whole Foods parking lot. Immediately take a right and the 8 stall SC is just before the multi-level parking structure. From northbound 101, exit Hillsdale, cross over the Hwy and take your second right onto Saratoga, then your first right onto Franklin Pkwy, followed by your first left into said parking lot, with an immediate right turn. Whole Foods, Peets Coffee, burger joint, salon, and various other places to hang out.(NKYTA 7/10/15)
-If you've gone into the underground parking garage, you're in the wrong place; the chargers are right next to the exit of the garage.
This may sound really stupid to you, but I was misled by the fact that I googled "san mateo supercharger" and found posts on the TMC forums showing pictures of an underground supercharger. Don't be misled like I was!
Also, there's a sushi place next to the supercharger that is really good and open relatively late. I will go there again next time I'm passing through. (alex 8/20/15)
-Around 3:30 to 5:30PM Pacific, it is quite busy with most stalls taken. Likely that is after-workers picking up Whole Foods, or restaurant food for dinner.(NKYTA 9/10/15)
-San Mateo supercharger now has an attendant who coordinates the queue and informs people to move their car when they are done charging. It's never been more than a 15 minute wait for me before now but I'm glad they are trying something to alleviate the congestion. (seansplee 1/24/16)
-My wife chatted up the valet at San Mateo, here are the pertinent facts (as related by the valet):
many of the folks Charging are commuters
slightly less than that are locals (gym members, Whole Food shoppers, etc)
most of the rest are Livery drivers (pick you're poison)
The valet enforces a 45min limit. If you overstay, the valet moves your car. So I imagine if you have your charge limit set high enough, this SC probably won't have owners incurring idle fees.
Speculation of a couple larger installations coming --perhaps-- in Daly City or another Hillsdale SC. (NKYTA 7/20/17)

Santa Ana:confusing approach from I-5 South. 12 or so stalls located at end of mall outside of parking structure. Mall restrooms not found, and not open til 11 on Sunday. Restaurants: Dog Haus, Blaze Pizza, Olive Garden, Applebee's and others.(sbeggs 4/30/17)

Tejon Ranch (Lebec): Occasionally busy and/or ICEed. Several restaurants in walking distance including all night truck stop (wildcatzoo 2/14/14)
-The Tejon Ranch superchargers are really in Lebec. "Tejon Ranch" and Lebec cover many miles and about 5 freeway exits, which can be confusing. If you enter Tejon Ranch or Lebec in the Nav system, it will not get you to the Supercharger. It's at I5 exit 219, and correctly has a supercharger icon (if using in-car Nav). This site also has a solar canopy.( 3/24/14)
- Yogurtland was surprisingly good and a great refresher on a road trip.(golftoday 3/30/14)
- I stopped at the Tejon charger and the stall on the far left (1A) was only delivering about 70A even though 1B,2A,2B were all empty. I moved to 1B after about 10 minutes and was getting about 250A.(Chunky Jr. 11/2/15)
-The Yogurtland is no longer in business (tk1325 11/17/16)
-Tejon Ranch (Lebec) is now 10 stalls, with the addition of two add-on units that each have two connections. Also, the old original pedestal units have been replace with the current style. (CEYA GAS 3/7/17)
-had to move T from stall one position to right of the left end only charging at 36 kW. Moved to 3A and received 116 kW of power. Chipotle's bowls of rice, black beans, meats,4 salsas, guacamole are filling, and of good quality. Music is very strange! Thank God for their restrooms, although they were in poor repair.(sbeggs 4/30/17)

Temecula Supercharger:Superchargers located in difficult to find 3rd level of parking structure at Promenade Mall off Winchester Rd/79 in Temecula at east side of I-15 freeway.
After exiting freeway, turn east on Winchester then right on Ynez Rd. After 2 lights, left onto Promenade South. Right on Regional Mall Loop Rd to parking structure on left. Stop at end of parking structure, then left and left again into parking structure. Third floor at far corner, 10 units. Car detail operation on ground floor at left of entry.
Restaurants: CA Pizza Kitchen, Yard House, Lazy Dog Restaurant/Bar, Lucille's Smokehouse, Burgers & Beer, Shogun, D&K Cafe, Vallee d'Brume, Tony's Mexican, Romano's Macaroni Grill. Additional restaurants across Ynez Rd. Restrooms in mall, not sure when they are unlocked. (sbeggs 6/7/16)
-Traveling from San Bernardo to LA and needing to charge in Temecula ( took the scenic route) it was very dificult to locate this one and the navigation isnt much help. Finally found it on the third floor and while backing in, using the cameras....I hit a bolt that was supposed to be holding a missing sign, that punctured a hole in my trunk lid. after looking at the bolt I could see that it protruded out further than my bumper and at the top of the trunk lid way above the radar detection systems. I looked around at the other stations and could see thet others had hit these spots too but were probably protected by the sign that was missing from my station and two others.Im not sure how to attach photos here or I would.
Has anyone else noticed this problem at other chargers, Im very upset and its a 6000.00 repair.
and it happened in a Tesla Supercharging Station.(planetmj 9/19/16)

<a href=


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    I'm looking forward to contributing to your resources.
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    Was at the Hawthorne, CA supercharger site on 1 Nov 2014, and specifically looked for wheel-destroying potholes in the right lane just after making the left turn from Northrop to Crenshaw, as mentioned in the comment by (brycelisah 4/12/14). No potholes were seen, but I did notice a squarish patch of repaved asphalt at that spot, so it looks like this got fixed.
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    Salisbury, MD
    6 charging bays, the Tesla nav directions are accurate and the chargers are located around the back of The Centre at Salisbury Mall, closest to Boscov's but also within sight of Sears. Typical mall fare on the inside.
    After-hours charging could be interesting as it would be a hike to any of the outside restaurants for either food or bio breaks.
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    What an awesome thread! Thanks to PBEndo and all others who contributed to this wonderful post.
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    Heading for Indio, CA Supercharger manana. Will report!
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    Tips and reviews - this must be good!
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    As promised:

    The Tesla Indio, CA Supercharger is accessed via the Jackson exit off I-10. It is located in a new shopping mall, the first right hand turn into the mall off Jackson , north of I-10. After turning right, then you will turn left to the superchargers. There are 2 pull-forward charging units next to the equipment fence on the left, then 6 back-in Superchargers to the right.

    Number 4A was delivering 275 amps and 373 volts at 301 miles per hour charged. We started with 110 miles and charged almost full to 261. Met an Arizonan from Phoenix, with his black P85+. There was one white Tesla parked but not hooked up, and one Buick ICEing another stall.

    In the area (spread out widely) are: Starbucks, IHOP (no Wi-Fi, can’t check charging status), Charli Marrone’s Italian, la Casita Mexican Grill, Panda Express, Subway, and Waba Grill. There may be others that weren’t visible (like McDonalds). The Superchargers are a short stroll from the irresistible Home Depot.
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