2017 Supercharger Map Speculation

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As I won't be an owner for a few years (looking forward to March), and seeing as Tesla has not yet published a 2017 map of their supercharger rollout, I thought some harmless speculation was in order. Based on the current map on their website, I put together some additional sites that may show up before the Model III arrives. Chime in with any other sites you're looking forward to showing up in the next few years.

(11) Europe- A Coruna(Spain), Minsk(Belarus), Warsaw, Lublin(Poland), Kosice(Slovakia) , Cluj-Napoca(Romania), Are, Lycksele, Arvidsjaur(Sweden), Debrecen(Hungary), Vinnytsia(Ukraine)

(5) Australia- Adelaide, Mildura, Mt Gambier, Keith, Horsham

(5) Mexico- Mexico City, Morelia, Guadalajara, San Luis Potosi, Leon

(25) Canada- Lloydminster, Saskatoon, Yorkton, Medicine Hat, Swift Current, Regina, Brandon, Gladstone, Thunder Bay, Nipigon, White River, Sault Ste. Marie, Pembroke, Stonecliffe, Edmundston, Fredericton, Moncton, Truro, Halifax, Yarmouth, Bridgewater, Port Hawkesbury, Weyburn, Kenora, Ignace

(7) Oregon- Klamath Falls, Burns, Lakeview, Coos Bay, Astoria, Roseburg, Lincoln City
(6) Montana- West Yellowstone, Forsyth, Fort Peck, Havre, Broadus, Glendive
(6) California- Fort Bragg, Visalia, Redding, Burney, Temecula, Susanville
(5) Washington- Forks, Port Angeles, Wenatchee, Colville, Walla Walla
(4) Texas- Van Horn, Lubbock, Laredo, McAllen
(3) Kansas- Dodge City, Liberal, Garden City
(3) Colorado- Aspen, Alamosa, Durango
(2) Idaho- Riggins, Lewiston
(2) South Dakota- Mobridge, Watertown
(2) Wisconsin- Escanaba, Munising
(2) Missouri- Maryville, Poplar Bluff
(1) Utah- Vernal
(1) Nevada- Ely
(1) North Dakota- Williston
(1) Nebraska- Valentine
(1) Iowa- Sioux City
(1) Illinois- Quincy
(1) Arkansas- Jonesboro
(1) South Carolina- Charleston
(1) North Carolina- Wilmington
(1) New York- Elmira
(1) Minnesota- Grand Marais
(1) Maine- Jackman


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    It all depends on the distance between the superchargers that Tesla wants to get down to. I know that Arkansas has long been ignored, for whatever reason.
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    My personal opinion is 150 mi. between sites is a decent minimum.(90% of 200 mile range minus a further 10-15% for bad weather or elevation changes)

    Arkansas looks like it will be getting sites in Clarksville, Little Rock and Arkadelphia (or somewhere close by) this year.

    Looking at the 2016 map again, I think adding sites near Popular Bluff in Missouri and Jackman in Maine would help the fill.
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    The Oregon locations are sill Roseberg 69 miles from the Tesla SUPERCHARGER on I-5

    Burns, the seven folks in town and the coyote populations thank-you

    Oregon coast Tillamook or north maybe.

    K-Falls to see Crater Lake ? Could be a tourist location.

    Susanville, CA would be nice.

    From Oregon South I-5 to Mt.Shasta to Susanville, then Reno...

    Looks like there is a dot in Bend, OR on map. That is a populated area with folks actually living and visiting year around.

    But, Tesla will do as Tesla does....
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    Walla Walla Washington should get one. Since the area became a destination for wine lovers, coming from Portland or Spokane would be difficult. I know there is a Supercharger in Portland to the southwest and one west/northwest in Kennewick, but there are only a couple of hotels in the Walla Walla area with any charging at all.
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    @ernie- Walla Walla would be nice if you wanted to head into Montana without diverting north thru Kennewick and Ritzville. Coupled with Lewiston, you have another viable route to the east.

    @vperl- Roseburg may not be necessary, but I've seen some other folks wanting it in other forum threads.
    I hope they add in Burns so you don't need to go all the way to the Dalles in order to get into Idaho from Bend.
    I totally agree with adding in susanville.
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    2017 -18 should also start to see a massive rollout of DC charging stations for other brands. Likely pay to use .. but having options is good! Hope they don't site them in the same location as Tesla.
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    Sandy, OR has a Supercharger at Sandy Fred Meyers, 12 miles from PORTLAND to go over My. Hood. Bend, OR has dot on Tesla map for Supercharger.

    Woodburn, OR has a Supercharger 30 or so miles in Portland. Then from there on I-5 Springfield, Or a Supercharger (across the I-5 Springfield is Eugene)

    The south Grants Pass, OR Supercharger is thirty miles from Roseburg. From Grants Pass to Mt. Shasta Supercharger is under 160 miles.

    A Supercharger on Oregon coast around Newport, OR would cover each end of THE Oregon Coast. However there are ten Areoenviroment Charge stations about every 30 miles ... Called the as I remember, " West coast electric HiWay"
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    The first Mexican Superchargers will cater to Mexican owners not American tourist.

    First there will be several Superchargers in Mexico City Metro Area.

    Mexico City Metro Area accounts for 22% of the country's GDP or an economy about the same size as all of Peru.

    Mexico City proper has ~139k USD millionaires. Los Angeles has ~165k millionaires.

    Then a leg will connect Mexico City and Guadelajara.

    Another between Mexico City and Monterey.

    And then Guadelajara to Monterey.

    Then the Center and Northern parts of country begin to fill in.
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    I think the priority should be to fill in I-80.
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    @AA_4_Tesla, Quote: "I hope they add in Burns so you don't need to go all the way to the Dalles in order to get into Idaho from Bend."

    No no. You don't have to go up to the Dalles and then all the way around to get to Boise. I've been looking at those routes for quite a while when I was waiting for I-84 to get done. Check it out on EVtripplanner. An 85kwh can do Bend to the Baker City Supercharger in one shot. It's about a 40 mile longer route than the shortest one through Burns.
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    Mt. Shasta to Reno........ Byway Susanville, CA
    or to Reno by other faster, doable way?
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    @dee- Oh! Good information. My thought was that Tesla would build out from the current network and wind their way down to Mexico City in the 2018 timeframe. (Instead of creating another supercharger island.) But maybe they'll go the other way.

    @Rocky- True true. Although it would still be easier to go through Burns to Boise. (317 miles vs. 357 miles thru Baker) That's about 30-40 minutes of saved driving time, which is about how long you'd need to supercharge for in Baker.

    @tal- I think most of I-80 will receive chargers in 2016.
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    @vperl I love these routing challenges. I have found EVTripplanner to be so good that I usually can go with its recommendations, and I also do not have a problem staying under the speed limit a little if I need to to make it work. That gave me the gumption to depart my garage in Boise, saying that I would arrive in Elko with -2% charge remaining, but I trusted the planner, and it worked fine, with about 25 miles left. Mt. Shasta to Reno is a tough one, because Superchargers are so out of the way, and it's a borderline distance.

    Looking at some basic variables for Mt. Shasta to Reno directly through Susanville:
    S85kwh, 19" tires, speed multiplier 1, interior 72 degrees, exterior 30 degrees, 400 lb payload
    That yields consuming 256 rated miles.
    That would be a lot easier in warm weather, but is tight at 30 degrees. I would drive slowly to bank up energy, so it might be doable non-stop but probably plan for a charging/meal break along the way. There are 14-50 options South of Hat Creek and in Susanville. With about 45 minutes to an hour charging break at one of those, I think it would work out pretty well.

    Careful what numbers you're using for your estimates, because there's a lot of elevation getting over the mountain range. It's 317 miles on a map, but much more rated miles. Plotting it straight through Burns on EVTripplanner shows about 364 rated miles. That's 100 more rated miles over a 100% full charge. You're not going to get that in 45 minutes in burns. Best case, if you have dual chargers (I don't), you can use the 80A charger on the Chamber of Commerce building. That's probably on 208V, so it will be about 50 mph charging speed. That would be 2 hours of charging. With my single charger, that's 4 hours. In burns. My wife would kill me.

    So if you have dual chargers, it will be 2 hours waiting/eating/reading a book there. A half hour or so I would be OK with, but 2 hours would be a little tough. However, driving from Bend to Baker City is doable straight through in one shot (248 rated miles). Then, you can Supercharge while eating something (not really waiting) and then get to Boise. So yeah, it's another 40 miles of semi-scenic driving time, versus 2 hours waiting in Burns for charging. I still think the Baker City route will end up faster.
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    The basis of my speculation is what I was told by a Tesla Rep at the popup store in Mexico City.

    The purpose of the Supercharger Network is to limit or end range anxiety to promote sales.

    Connecting the Northern Mexican cities to the American Supercharger Network does not increase sales by nearly as much as starting with Mexico City then moving North and outward.

    IMO if Tesla was going with your plan they would have their first popup store and stationary store in Monterey and second Tijuana.

    For now it seems all Tesla Mexico' hiring is in Mexico City.
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    @Rocky- Totally see your point. But that only works if you have a larger battery. Burns might be necessary if you're using an S60 or III. (topping out around 200 miles)
    Complete agreement on spending more than half an hour in Burns. Probably there are some lovely people there. But its not my kind of town.

    @dee- You're right. So 2-5 charging stations in Mexico City, then start adding to the network in Morelia, Guadalajara, Leon, San Luis Potosi, etc.
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