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  • > @NKYTA said:
    > “ So WiFi signal strength apps are not so "fake" afterall.”
    > Where did I say I disagreed with your entire post?

    You didn't specify which aspect(s) of my "...recent two posts" it was that caused you to get your flag on and the part(s) of them that (I'm guessing) you're disagreeing with even (at the very least) said that they 'understood my concern'.

    Perhaps you could try to be a bit more considerate of others concerns/reservations?
  • @""

    It's not that I'm trying to be "negative", only that I am critical of others' critique of matters that strike me as peculiar, like your disparagement of the WiFi app prop used in the movie you mentioned.

    I now understand the motivation behind your deprecative opinion of the movie's use of the WiFi app/prop since you've subsequently let us know that it sparked a remembrance of a similar app you, yourself, once wrote (just needed some context for a comment that seemed to have come wholly out of left field...Excuse me for undermining your brag).
  • @"" and @NKYTA

    The offer is still open, now the both of you, for either of you to login to your TT site/app and then copy-pasta the link here so that I might review the site for any potential unwanted tag-a-longs...

  • @"blue adept"
    “Perhaps you could try to be a bit more considerate of others concerns/reservations?”

    I thought I addressed those.

    TT bashing is just silly, considering how many owners he has helped here, on his own dime.
  • @NKYTA

    I'm not "bashing" TT, they've been pretty much well enough on the up and up since I've been around the way as far as I can tell.

    I was just expressing some concerns and questioning the motivation behind a comment that they had made, you know, so that I could be sure that I was on the same page...

    Just trying to understand really.
  • up 10% since split
  • > @jimglas_98269389 said:
    > up 10% since split

    I know right?!

    Tesla Motors is now worth over $430 billion!!

    Clearly the sky is NOT the limit!
  • <font color="red">test</font>
  • To infinity... and beyond!
  • > @"" said:
    > > @"blue adept" said:> is a whole other entity entirely with whom I am unfamiliar with who has not only set up their own, competing Tesla site, but has now also written an app "extension" that interacts with Tesla's mother site!
    > 1) If you are so unfamiliar with my site, why do you then turn around and state it's competition for Tesla? That's comical :) Let's see, Tesla has about $25 billion a year in revenue. I don't make a profit from my meager book sales over the cost of running my site. That doesn't bother me, as I'm not in it for the money, but enjoy helping fellow Tesla owners.
    > 2) Please read a little more carefully. I suggested the app used in the movie was fake. I never stated there were no other WiFi meters or they were fake apps. Looking at the display in the movie (about 1/2 second of screen time) it looked wildly enlarged likely to make it visible to the audience. Nothing wrong with that either, as they are trying to make it understandable in a fraction of a second and it wasn't necessary that they had a working app. I expect it is a prop as are most "apps" shown in a movie. They have to get across a concept - it isn't important that it is real when making a movie.
    > A good WiFi meter app shows far more details. A 5-bar phone indicator that is slow to react is quite different than a 0-100% indicator that responds quickly. For example, if you are in a Starbucks, you might want to find the location for the strongest WiFi. The 5-bar phone indicator is quite crude but could be used. A WiFi meter makes it a lot easier to find the best location. I'm not trying to sell you or anyone on a WiFi meter, but just pointing out an interesting aspect of a movie I watched and funny that I had made such an app myself years ago.
    > I still don't understand why you twist everything into the super negative. Very strange. Must be sad to always be so upset with everyone and everything. Enjoy life and try to see the positives.

  • @Maximueller

    Clearly someone was feeling a bit melodramatic....
  • As of this time I have purchased over 20 new cars in my life and nothing matches the stress and aggravation that I experienced purchasing my Tesla. Everybody you talk to wants to talk to a "team", returning a phone call in non-existent, your time is of no importance to them, and the "Manager" is too busy to speak to me or return my call. I actually purchased 2 model 3's and am currently trying to purchase my third. The first time I arrived early for my 7:00pm delivery appointment only to find a showroom of angry customers waiting on their new car. I finally received mine around midnight with a scrape on the front of the hood. I was told that I would be contacted to repair it. This never happened. When my tires were bald as a cucumber at 22,000 miles and I told the service person this he simply said "that's just a salesperson being a salesperson". I had skidded off the road because of this. When I asked for a manager he refused to come out. He was too busy. In getting my third Model 3 I accidentally pressed the wrong final payment button online and nobody at Tesla could help me. The next day when I spoke to the dealership I was told they would "look into it". This now Thursday and my Tesla was scheduled to be delivered on Sunday. When I called back later I was told by the person in delivery that she spoke to her manager and now was able to take care of it herself. On Friday when I called her she told me not to worry and that she was taking care of it. I returned the rental car that I had based on my conversation with her. Today (Saturday) she is telling me that it would be 3-7 days to resolve this. She then told me that her Manager would "do me a favor" and hold the car for me and not sell it to someone else. Boy am I lucky. This Manager as of now has yet to call me as requested. The Rep who spoke to me said that he was overloaded by Tesla and she would reach out to him again to ask him to call me. WHAT A DISASTER DEALING WITH TESLA EMPLOYEES. THE CAR IS NICE BUT DEFINATELY NOT WORTH THE AGGRAVATION AND HEARTACHE YOU WILL GO THRU TO GET IT. SERVICE IS ALSO TERRIBLE.
  • I would like to possibly purchase a Model Y this year and trade it in to Tesla for my Cybertruck when it becomes available.If I get FSD,does it count on the trade in value of the trade? If so,how much of the $8000. should I expect to receive?I have seen conflicting answers on the blog and in the showroom.
  • You will get whatever the market value is for the car and features at the time of the trade in. FSD will increase the value but well short of the $8k. It’s really the same as any other car.
  • Exactly!

    While they might be the most technologically advanced, innovatively engineered automobiles on the road today, they are still just cars and both should be and are treated as such.

    You can buy, sell, trade, modify, customize...whatever you like...them just as you would any other car/automobile.

    They are just the next iteration of the automobile, the finally realized, long awaited evolution of the car, version 2.0 if you will.

  • Oh blue, you are so poetic:))))) ;;;)))
  • @Ross1

    Eh, I try...

    ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯
  • I am super like my model 3, the huge screen pretty good for navigating, but the only shortcoming is that the prompt subtitles of the navigation map are too small, the color is very light, which is very inconvenient for elderly people with dizzy eyes. it is particularly difficult to be read out the street name or the number of exit. You must know that it is impossible to drive wearing reading glasses. I hope that the Tesla technical team can improve as soon as possible , and the elderly all over the world will thank you for it.
  • Larger fonts are a common request by those of us with aging eyes. I have bifocals and don’t have any issues reading the screen.
  • @Sharkjeans - You might consider getting progressive lenses or bifocals. Seems scary if you can't see anything near to you in the car unless you have reading glasses. Also, you can zoom in on the map to make items more legible. Use the "+" button or even easier, use two fingers on the map, and spread the fingers apart to do zoom. Still, Tesla could make improvements or options such as high-contrast for those that could benefit from it.
  • @Sharkjeans

    In addition to the advice provided by on how to increase the size of your screen's imagery/'map subtitle prompts' here is a video providing a general overview of Model 3 screen settings adjustments and how to access them:

  • Not sure if these forums will help me with my issue, but here goes:

    My Android phone crashed and had to be reset. In doing so, I lost many of my apps, including the Tesla app. I downloaded it again, and it will let me enter only my email address to log in. It will not let me enter my password. Now I have no access to my Powerwalls. Is it my phone, or is there a problem with the app?
  • Strange. Do you mean it doesn't allow you to enter a password or it doesn't accept the password?

    When you installed the app, Android requires you to give the app several permissions. If you didn't give the app those permissions, it's not going to work.
  • I have yet to hear of Elon Musk championing or pursuing development of the non-polluting alternative to hydrocarbon fuel: hydrosilicons, or silanes. Does he have an opinion?
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