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  • No idea what hydrosilcons are, but why pursue another possible non-polluting alternative? He's already solved the problem and offers a great non-polluting solution today. So no, he's not trying to come up with more solutions when he's already solved it.
  • Good point, TeslaTap. On the other hand, why not?
  • @Harmon

    Please explain what hydro silicons (a form of fertilizer base used in hydroponics and coco plant filtration as a means of increasing nutrient enrichment and plant's cell wall hardiness) and/or silanes (a polymer and composite substrate that improves mechanical and adhesive and pliability properties of a variety of laminates, finishes and resins) relates to or has anything to do with 'non-polluting fuel alternatives'.

    As for the question you put to TT ("why not?"), because it isn't relevant to EV manufacture, powering or propulsion and/or the evolution of the automobile.

    p.s. Don't be spamming the forum with non-relevant, extraneous inconsequentialities or acting the troll. (◣_◢)
  • @jscharf59_98746761

    In case you were unaware there is a lot going on right now, what with this COVID-19 crap disrupting industries and businesses the world over across the entire spectrum of the employment market including in our own little corner of the world.

    As such your consideration and understanding would be and is appreciated at this time of global hardship.

    Thank you.
  • Tesla cares...❤
  • Innovative solution requested: For any Tesla to access Superchargers in my hotel garage, I need an automatic gate to open. My 1st thought was for the parker to enter the 1st 6 digits of their vin# on a key pad, but too easy to beat that system. Another option could be to place a barcode at the garage entrance, have the parker "capture" it on his phone. The parker would be sent a text message asking him/her to enter the 1st six vin digits. If they matched the barcode programming, he'd get a text with an entry code. Just adding a step, but one step harder to gain entry. Can you help with any other approaches?
  • If you're parking at a particular garage couldn't they merely supply you with a dongle that you'd keep in the car that the gate could sense when you were in range (like when you pulled up to the gate)?

    It would work for both arriving and departing the parking garage and the driver wouldn't have to indiscriminately part with part of their VIN number every time they needed to enter or exit the parking garage.
  • I placed an order for my first Telsa.. a model 3 back in September. Visited the center and placed an order with the agent. He informed me that all Tesla cars are made TO ORDER. With that being said, since 2021 model 3 came out already, this model 3 I'll be placing an order for WILL BE a 2021 model (obviously). I tell him that my current lease is up on 11/10 so I will need the car by 11/8 latest. He informs me that though Tesla cannot guarantee a specific date for a delivery, he will try his best for me to get a car by then or closest to that date! Which I was really thankful for. He also informed me that if there is a delay in the shipment process and I can't get a car by 11/8, then he will lend me a test drive vehicle from their center for me to drive in the meantime. He put that in the notes system as well. I obviously thought everything was set and was honestly excited for a new car. We are a BMW family and this was the first time I was getting a different brand car! November comes around and on 11/6, I contact Tesla to ask on the status. They say they have a car in stock! So they forward me the lease agreement to review once more & sign and to make my first payment prior to pick up. I notice.. that it says 2020 Model 3. I call to ask what had happened and they say 2021 model 3 won't arrive until mid December. Now.. I am already pretty upset because this was not the agreement I had agreed to when placing an order. If Tesla builds all vehicles TO order then... why'd I get a 2020 model? Why'd I need to pay $100 when they were going to give me a previous model that was just sitting around anyways? I tell the rep that since you promised to provide me with a test drive vehicle if there is a delay in the shipment process, give me that test drive car in the meantime and I will obviously wait for 2021 model. Then he goes, "well.. we currently only have 3 test drive vehicles at our center. And they have different specs from what you ordered. So I can't.." So now I am over here with two choices. Either just take the model 3 2020 version that I did not agree to OR wait until mid-December for 2021 model 3 and be car-less until then. Definitely a horrible experience... I was warned about Tesla's customer service but didn't think I'd become a victim! For all those debating on if you should get a Tesla.. if you are.. please double, triple check your agreement prior to making your first payment. Because I'm so thankful I didn't just trust them and proceed on signing on that agreement.
    Back to BMW family!
  • They should make A 2021 just for you because you’re special, BMW is a good car good luck, let us know how you’re first service goes
  • I found a really great detail shop: in Cranberry, NJ. I had a clear ceramic paint applied and found the service to be top notch. I literally made the appointment, dropped off my Model S, got a ride home and picked it up in exactly 24 hours. Clean. Professional. Punctual. What else do you need to know?
  • > @"" said:
    > @mike - I believe you are referring to the number of miles range added (+63) since charging began. Rought it sounds like you have been charging for 14 minutes when you jotted these numbers down if the rate remained the same during that time. Note that the rare often does not stay the same, especially when using Superchargers. It tapers down to a lower rate as you fill-up. This is done to maintain battery longevity.

    First time charging at Tesla supercharge station 25 minutes charged 48 miles. As you said charging rate drops above the 80% charge state (Trip level).
    Thanks to Tesla for honoring me by granting 1000 miles free supercharge in Loot Box account; event i missed to add referral when I ordered my Y model.
    Tesla Inc. has a good heart in generating American jobs for millennial in the worst economy crisis, screwed up by corrupted White House in downplaying covid 19 pandemics.
  • I ordered new tesla model x and told delivery would take 6 weeks. I was then told that car would be delivered later at 14 weeks .After waiting my car came needing significant body work due to damage during delivery. They offered to do body work which would take another 7-10 days. I explained that I would not accept a damaged car and asked for loaner while they found a new car. They rejected my offer and returned my payment minus deposit.
    Meanwhile somebody bought a Tesla model x with vin # 5yjxcde21lf297552 as new ,not knowing that it required body work before delivery
    Probably illegal and certainly deceitful
  • So they alerted you of the needed body work and gave you options. But somehow you determined that a future buyer that you don’t know will not be notified. Must be nice to be clairvoyant.
  • Love the car (model 3) but the service is just terrible. Cannot get anyone on the phone. They really need to fix this issue. Very frustrated, tried 5 times and couldn't get through and went to another general service center for the annual inspection etc. very disappointing.
  • Annual inspection is no longer needed.

    All you have to do is schedule for service via the app. Couldn’t be easier.
  • Okay, Software Geeks......if you can make the car fart, how about something really easy? Add an altimeter to the dash next to the compass. The always present GPS should be able to provide that information easily. If using a regular GPS device can do this, Tesla should be able to do it even better.
  • > @IndiGo_Girl1952 said:
    > Okay, Software Geeks......if you can make the car fart, how about something really easy? Add an altimeter to the dash next to the compass. The always present GPS should be able to provide that information easily. If using a regular GPS device can do this, Tesla should be able to do it even better.

    Are you flying? :) Just for the technicality, it would be more appropriate to ask for "elevation".
  • Well, from movies filmed in San Francisco, if you go 60 mph over some hills you can go flying. I suspect it's hard to get more than a few feet of air through. I doubt the landing is covered under warranty.
  • There is an option to see your range on the map in the car and how much % the car will be on arrival when you select a destination but this option is not available in the app. Would it not be an easy task to make this available in the app also?
  • I have a 2016 Model S which runs fine.I however have concern about the service experience with Tesla.I am not posting out of one bad experience with the service.It appears to be a pattern.The last experience was the worst.I was told that I could pick up the car after service had closed ,using my phone app.The codes were messed up after the service and the car would not open with the phone app.I had to stand there in the cold for an hr till some one from show room showed up and arranged for help with a loaner.It was a waste of 2 hrs of my time.At the sign up for prepaid service I clearly noted that coolant change was recommended after 4 years which I paid for .When I requested that coolant change be done at the time of 4 th annual service ,I was told that it is no longer needed.Does the company keep the money and not offer to cover the cost later when the coolant change needs to occur?
    I ask Tesla to pay attention to these issues .Other EV makers are nipping at your heels .This pattern of service experience is not going to be acceptable when the real competition gets going.Take care of your customers who had faith in you!
  • Vincent2016,

    Representatives from Tesla do not monitor or respond on this forum. The only participants here are owners and enthusiasts. You need to speak to Tesla to address your concern.
  • Project abandoned! My project advisor Richard Smith doesn’t respond to emails, voicemail nor does he answer his phone. Why would Tesla actually pay someone like this anyway? My project is stuck, seemingly abandoned at the moment. If someone from Tesla doesn’t call me soon, I’m contacting/ shopping for a lawyer because I was clearly mislead and going to miss out on tax breaks this year.
  • Right on, go for it, good luck
  • @AJGee - Sorry about your problems. It looks like spam when you post identical posts in multiple threads. See my suggestions where you posted in the Energy Products forum.
  • Once again I encourage normal members to write email to [email protected] about FiSHEV misinformation campaign against Tesla. If enough people bring this to their attention we might get rid off him forever. Thank you
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