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At the June 2014 Tesla shareholder meeting, Elon indicated that the next generation roadster should be out in 2019. Since then I haven't heard any more about it. Now there is talk of a truck after the Model 3. What gives?


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    The truck is to carry the roadster.
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    He spoke about several cars based on the 3rd Generation skateboard.

    Since the Model 3 is 20% smaller than the Model S, you can imagine the base is closer to a Roadster size. If memory serves the original talk was the Model 3, then a roadster on the same Gen3 skateboard. But I think the Model Y (CUV?) has taken that not-so-clear spot for now.

    As much as many people talk about having Ludicrous mode on a Model 3, I think there's a certain elegance in offering a more expensive sports car on the same base.
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    Elon Musk has said that he really wants Tesla Motors to be a full line producer of vehicles. He would release a new car every year if possible. My guess is that once Capacity has increased, announcements of new vehicle configurations will likely take place as early as once every 18 months or so. But in the meantime he notes that certain vehicle types cannot be ignored, due to their extreme popularity. this means that some of the cars we may want, a Cabriolet, Coupe, and Two Seater, may have to wait until other needs are fulfilled. I expect a Pickup Truck may not be unveiled until 2020 or so, then released around 2022, at the earliest.
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    I just read an article today from Business Inside that says Elon has reserved a special category of speed for the new Roadster: "Maximum Plaid" mode.
    Slated for 2019/20 release.
    Article was very complimentary to Elon for keeping the Roadster alive and well.
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    David - you read a really old article, that info's from nearly a year ago :)
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    I'd definitely buy a re-designed Roadster. I would use it as my daily driver and unfortunately think the current one is too small. Right now I drive a Porsche Boxster and would definitely encourage Tesla to base their future Roadster on those proportions.
  • You guys think, considering the number of Model 3 reservations, that those who haven't received Model 3s by the time reservations are being taken for the next car will be given an opportunity to convert their reservation with a priority spot on the list for the next car? I definitely want to get the next version of the Roadster and am thinking that reserving a Model 3 this late might help me to get higher on that list.
  • blairkhartman, M3 pre orders are approaching ½ million and the demand has gone beyond Ludicrous. Once manufacture/sales starts and if it lives up to the pre hype (which it probably will) you could see orders build up for years before Tesla begin to start catching up. The M3 could easily be 'sold out' for 5 or more years after it goes on sale. Tesla will have to devote full resources for the foreseeable future desperately trying to meet the demand (what a GREAT problem to have).

    While Tesla/Musk (and me, you and many more) wants to build a 'halo' Roadster/Sports car it may have to wait 5 to 10 years before Tesla can get to it.

    Remember a Roadster/Sports is more about building brand image than making a profit (examples: Acura/Honda NSX/Ford GT) and Tesla doesn't NEED that brand image to bolster sales at this time.
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    I kept my Cayman S for two years after I got my S but I rarely drive it. I finally traded it in when I took delivery of the X a month ago. I think it is the perfect size for the Roadster II. The original Roadster is just too small and sits too low. It will get harder and harder for me to get in or out as I grew even older.


    Elon said 2020 but he's now talking about entry level gen4 after 3 now. He's probably replotting the strategy after saw demand of the M3. I think we'd be extremely lucky if we can get our hands on a Roadster II before 2022~23, if ever. That's why I'm going to just get a ludicrous M3 and call it the day. I'll take another look when it actually does come out.
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    Once M3 ramps up production, I think bringing out another body style, like a Roadster, will be much easier and faster for Tesla, especially if they plan to share platforms.
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    I would love too see a convertible that can carry four. Currently have AWD A5 but have been coveting Tesla for years. Someday...
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