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CPO Buying Experience

So my CPO purchase experience (P85+ loaded 80K), while not poor, has been less than enthusiastic so far.

I placed a deposit on Friday 1/29. So let's give them the weekend, say Monday they got the order. It's been close to two weeks, the only time my DS contacts me is if I email her first, and even then it's a 24-36 hour wait for a response. I admit, she was very pleasant when I called to confirm the deposit. I still don't know if it's being worked on/ refinished/ or if it's just sitting in the parking lot. I don't know if it's in transit...nothing. I guess on a 80K purchase I expected more communication, especially on the process. I secured financing 24 hours after the deposit and Alliant sent the check out Tuesday of last week.

Now I ordered it from the same state and checked pickup, so I wouldn't have to pay for delivery (faster pickup), I figured I could drive to where-ever need be (Florida). They're transiting the car from West Palm to Orlando...I'm hoping/assuming that I will not be charged.

Is this normal?? How has everyone else's been? How long was the wait time from deposit to pickup?


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    my cpo took 4 weeks to arrive from texas but they were not responding to my ds very timely. my sales rep was in constant contact with me as I was with him.

    the reason they may be taking a long time is because the car may have damage they need to repair. ask for pictures of the car, it's in the system. the actual pictures taken when the car was being inspected for trade-in.

    be patient, you're going to get a car in absolute mint condition and they make sure it is to your satisfaction
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    Well I called, impossible to ever get anyone on the phone. No idea who my sales rep is, all I have is the DS name.
    I asked for pics of when traded in...doubtful I'll be given them, but we'll see.
    I'm glad they take their time inspecting and repairing if needed. I just wished there was a little more communication instead of just sitting in the dark.
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    @sal, unfortunately, this is the Achilles Heel of the Tesla organization.
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    also ask for the Carfax. very important!
    after the car is delivered, ask for service records. you can't have them before registering your vehicle because the prior owners name is on the record
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    sorry for second post in a row, but you have a pre-owned adviser there somewhere. The pre-owned advisor hands off the car to the DS who then contacts you to inform you your vehicle is ready for delivery or pickup.This is what I went through just a month ago.

    make sure you go through the vehicle closely and if you find anything more than 10mm wide or long it has to be taken care of.

    I have a hit list for my SC that they will be very happy to take care of. trust when I tell you, they are very nice people to deal with, just the timelines are screwed up a bit.
  • Thanks!!
    Will ask for carfax and the service records, at this point though if something bad is on the car fax....not much can be done except refuse it and loose the deposit?
    Should I be contacting (aka pestering) the DS or the CPO adviser (whom I don't know who)
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    if something comes up you can refuse the car and buy another one with that deposit.
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    contact the cpo advisor

    just call the main number and ask for your cpo advisor.
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    perfect i'll do that if i don't hear back from her in the next 30 minutes.
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    if she doesn't get back to you, call her and explain that you're not happy with the lack of communication. nicely explain you're paying xxxxx amount of money for a car site unseen. You would appreciate her forwarding photos that are in the system so you can see your actual car, not studio photos of a new car.

    I said that to my CPO advisor nicely and he did it for me.

    Remember you're the customer, they're not doing you a favor.
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    I've called multiple times today. I'm very upset. I can't get anyone on the phone. This is very disappointing. Now I call and it goes to voicemail and transfers to Tesla Headquarters. Meaning, she didn't bother to respond to either my email or voicemail left on her phone.
    Very very bad customer service.
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    I would go there and see what's up if they're not too far away
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    @sal.pezzella--what APR did you get from Alliant on a preowned MS?
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    To reserve a CPO one pays a $1K deposit with. Credit card. Then must yor pay for the car in full before you take delivery?
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    you put a deposit down, they get the car ready, you inspect and then hand them the check.
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    cquail, it is no different than ordering/buying any car.
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    Very different experience for me, My DS called and introduced himself the very next day after I put down my deposit. Someone else called to confirm the receipt of the deposit. DS called again to schedule inspection of my trade in. All within a week. My car is coming cross country so it won't be here till the end of the month.
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    I had an overall positive experience, although there were delays. I paid deposit on Dec 22nd and picked up my car on Feb 2nd. Initial communication was very prompt, but in the middle it was some what spotty. They were waiting for a part and there parts dept was going through audit early part of Jan, so everything was closed.
    I can tell you that although the wait is tough but you will be very pleased with the delivery, Tesla does a very good job in insuring that the car is in the best shape and replace/service parts which are not upto the par. Make sure that you go over the car thoroughly, in my case the armrest had a big scratch which Tesla had no problem in replacing. I love the car and its so much better than the BMW. The car i got had only 9.5K miles.
    I had sold my previous car (BMW X5) and was driving a rental, so the wait was even tough.
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