Model X out in the wild at DIA

edited February 2016 in Colorado
Saw an X an DIA last week! Which one of you has been holding out on us??

I'd post a pic if I knew how!


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    Model X's are like unicorns...people THINK they see them but they really don't exist.
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    Cld have been Elons brother
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    I'd love to tell you that it was mine... But all I have is a VIN # and no car to go with it...
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    I saw a sig red X today in Glendale. I saw another a few weeks ago on South Colorado. Same color. So there's at least one in town.
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    Think I saw that red sig X in Silverthorne few weeks ago. Kimbal's, Elon's brothers is white.
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    Saw one in DTC last week. Very friendly / excited wave came from the back seat :)
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