JdeMO now for the Tesla Roadster (3rd party CHAdeMO for Roadster)

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I'm surprised that no one else has posted this...

The guys at have adapted their JdeMO (CHAdeMO for Toyota RAV4EV 2nd Gen (the Tesla Model S in a Toyota body)) for use with Tesla Roadsters.

Quick charger power site -

They have been discussing this on and and I realized that it's not here. -


If you look through those threads, they have posted pictures of a Roadster charging on CHAdeMO from earlier in the week.

(either here - from TMC - JdeMO article or

from - CHAdeMO for Tesla Roadster, Quick Charge Power JdeMO deposits

The QCP guys are gathering interested parties and are building 10-20 of these units as the response has been lukewarm at best...

Check it out.


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    If a 3rd party can pull this one off, why couldn't Tesla make a Supercharger compatible charging unit? Even if not as fast as MS/MX, like 1-2 hour charging @ 40kW - same power rating as regen ?

    At least we'd be able to leverage the Supercharger infrastructure. Would be wonderful.
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    Here are some videos of the Roadster charging on CHAdeMO yesterday:

    <a href=" of charging session.</a> This is on a combo CCS/CHAdeMO station in Irvine.

    <a href=" video of the same charging session.</a>

    <a href=" one shows the X, but I check in on the Roadster</a> a few minutes later.
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    Well that's interesting...

    First link worked,

    Here's the second link:

    Here's the X link -
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    It's good news that DC fast charging is possible on the Roadster. I might be interested when I do the battery upgrade, if the Tesla service center can install it at the same time. This would bring a lot of convenience.

    Unless Tesla somehow made Supercharger access possible on the Roadster.
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    @eric.zucker The JdeMO is a 3rd party product, not sure if the SC will install it for you. Contact the Quick Charger Power guys.
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